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Christian Light


League Member
Jun 1, 2007
Handler Information

Real Name: Brian P
AIM: BrianP027
E-mail: flyinbrian27 at Yahoo
Best way to contact me: Board PM

Wrestler information:


Real Name Christian Light
Alias(es) The Last Nighthawk, The Master of Wrestling
Hometown Garden City, New York by way of Millersburg, Pennsylvania
Birthday January 12, 1978
Height 6'7"
Weight 271 lbs
Handedness Right



Other Fed Titles DEFIANCE Master of Wrestling, NeWA World Champion, WfWA World Champion, CAL World Champion, NeWA World Tag Team Champion (with Adam Knight), WfWA World Tag Team Champion (with Joey Tesauro), various regional titles

Other Fed Awards : NeWA Hall of Famer, WfWA Hall of Famer, WfWA Summer Games VII winner, NWF Hall of Famer, NWF Grand Slam Champion

Gimmick Pure hand-slappin' free-autograph-signin' babyface.

1. All-around athleticism - While Light is still a massive powerhouse, he's shed a few pounds in order to add some speed and lateral quickness to his game. Combine that with an unparalleled endurance that has been well documented over the years and we have as close to a perfect athletic specimen as one can get in a lifetime.

2. Experience - Light wrestled for many major wrestling organizations from age 18 to today. He's seen it all and done it all, and there's little left that would surprise him.

3. "Enter Sandman" - With a deadly combination of power and technique, Christian Light has been an effective match closer all his career. Even after 15 years, you can still count the number of kickouts out of Realizing The Dream on one hand. And no one has ever gotten up from The Sledgehammer. Above and beyond those two, Light's trademark moves are all devastating enough to end matches for unprepared and/or unaware opponents. Some have even succumbed to Light's brutal spear on occasion.

1. Speed/quickness - While Christian is no longer a statue in the ring, he's still a massive man at 6'7" and 271 lbs. He will never gain the kind of speed or quickness that smaller wrestlers possess, and some of them can take advantage by staying out of his clutches.

2. Injuries - As of the open of 2013, Christian has taken a hellacious beating in sustaining a constant, top-level presence in DEFIANCE and getting his foot in the door in EPW. His injuries aren't severe enough to cause him to stop competing, but his neck has become a sore point over the years and he's awfully tired of people taking liberties with his forehead.

3. Family - Christians history with his first fiancee Sara is well-documented in the lore of the NeWA; to sum it up, she faked her own death and backstabbed him after suffering wrestling-related injuries. In response to that he is extremely protective of his current family (wife, 2 kids). But he's also proud to be a father, to the point that he named two of his trademark moves after his children. While Christian can usually maintain a calm demeanor in an interview/promo setting, in the ring Christian can be sent into a rage if the opponent says something particularly heinous about his family.

Wrestling Info

Entrance Music "Indestructible" by Disturbed

Physical Description Christian is a tall, well built Caucasian male with a closely-cut blonde flattop, blue eyes, and a neatly-kept blonde goatee. His body is well-cut from years of working out, with only one major scar (a burn wound across his chest) adorning his skin. He typically wears jeans and Timberland boots with a shirt or jersey promoting one of his sports teams (Penguins, Pirates, Steelers, Cavaliers, Crew, Liverpool).

Ring Attire: Christian wrestles shirtless, wearing plain white wrestling boots and blue wrestling trunks with white trim. Adorning the outside of each leg are the letters "RTD" with the R just below the hip trim and the rest of the letters vertically down the outside of the leg. Walking to the ring he'll typically wear his own T-shirt which he will take off and throw to the crowd prior to match time. The only exception to this is Hardcore matches, where Christian will leave the shirt on to protect his upper body from small lacerations.

Wrestling Style All-Rounder with Power. Focus on suplexes

Finisher Move Realizing The Dream
Finisher Description Gorilla Press pickup into Implant DDT

MDK Finisher Sledgehammer
MDK Description Psycho Driver I - Torture Rack lift into Piledriver

3-5 Signature Moves
1. Light Leg-Lock - Elevated Texas Cloverleaf (primary submission finisher)
2. Danger Strike - Press Style Ace Crusher
3. Long Way Down - Elbow drop from the top rope
4. The Joey Buster - Northern Lights Bomb
5. The Marissa Buster - Brainbuster

10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
1. NO PUNCHES! Instead use knife-edge chops, elbow smashes, or forearm shots
2. All suplexes - no I'm not kidding. Light once got bored with an opponent's lack of resistance and performed about 40 different suplexes to the same opponent in the same match. Of all the suplexes in his repitoire he loves the Sambo, Head and Arm, Basket, and Leg Capture suplex the most.
3. Spear - common momentum-changing move
4. Running high knee to the face
5. Running bulldog
6. Back body drop (BIG air for small opponents)
7. Spinebuster - setup to the Light Leg-Lock
8. Hawk's Talon - single leg Boston Crab
9. Running powerslam (can be performed Oklahoma Stampede style as well)
10. Elevated powerbomb


< Commentator Prompt >

[Fans roar in anticipation. Lighters come on. Cell phones come out for the nonsmokers. Those by the entrance turn their attention to the ramp way, hoping for an early peak at the entrance. But aside from slight movement, there's nothing.]

[Nothing that is, but air raid sirens.]

[Sirens and the flash of blue spotlights panning around the audience in a quick, nervous motion.]

[Sirens, spotlights, and the sounds of machine guns firing off rounds.]

[And its at this point that a tall man steps onto the top of the ramp way.]

[A tall man with a blonde flat top haircut.]

[And at that moment, simultaneously with the guitar riff of Disturbed's "Indestructible" blaring from the speakers, all four or five of the small blue spotlights make one sudden motion to the man standing on the ramp way, hands on his hips and a smile adorning his face.]

< Fan Reaction/Commentator Prompt >

[Christian starts to make his way down the aisle extending his hands as far out as he could on either side. Dressed in a short-sleeve black Last Nighthawk T-shirt and blue wrestling trunks, Christian doesn't have to worry about shirt pull as most of the fans on the aisle reach out and slap hands with him.]

[As he reaches the ring from the aisle, Christian hops up to the apron of the squared circle and climbs in. Immediately Christian hits the nearest middle turnbuckle and raises both fists in the air.]

< Fan Reaction/Commentator Prompt >

[The music dies down. Christian takes off his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd. Hopping down from the second rope, Christian stretches out in the corner awaiting the match to begin.]

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