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[ChromDrags] Of Challengers Present And Future


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Jun 1, 2007

(Hard-cut to the still-freshly-minted EMT tag team champions, The Chromatic Dragons, standing in a typical alignment for them to cut a promo on their competition. ANCALAGON, in his golden robes and holding his dragon-headed walking stick, is front and center. Back and to the left of him is BLACK ZACK DRAGON, dressed in black jeans, a black T-shirt with the dragon on the front, and the EMT title belt around his waist. It is also noteworthy to mention that his forehead cut has nearly healed to the stage of being invisible. Back and to the right of ANCALAGON stands Omega Zero, in his usual full-body cloak. He wears the EMT title loosely around his neck, the front plate pointing downward.)

ANCALAGON: There's a pair of little birdies out there that seem to be doing a lot of chirping about the state of tag team wrestling. They seem to think it lacks the sizzle that they would like to see in their tag team division. They can't seem to get past the fact that we, and the other tag teams around us, dress and look different... heck, we are as different as it gets from them. We may be easy to pick out in a crowd of people due to the way we are...as are many of the other teams in our division. But if you want to look around at the lot of us and say that the tag team division is at an all-time low?

(The Father of Dragons shakes his head in disagreement.)

ANCALAGON: Clearly you haven't been watching much of our product.

Clearly you haven't seen the nearly year-long war that we've had with Legion and the Black Market. Clearly you weren't watching the debut of LOS OLVIDADOS, the newest tag team in the Frontier this past BRAWL. And say what you want about the antics of The Shadowrunners...don't be shy, many already have...but they can go in that ring.

Including you, Ill Fortune, we believe the Dragon Age of the New Frontier Tag Team division will be proof on display that Tag Team Wrestling is not only alive, but thriving on all of its fronts.

If you want to be a part of that? We welcome your addition to the scene, even if you are the ones different from all of us. We like to keep an open mind, after all. And we've made no secret of the fact that we back down from no one, and when the time has come for us to do battle we will face you with strength, courage, honor, and the effectiveness of True Champions.

If you don't want to be a part of that?

Kindly step aside and be quiet while we add another chapter to our storied rivalry with the Graverobbers.

(ANCALAGON dips his head, and with that the BLACK DRAGON gives him a pat on the back as he begins to speak.)

BLACK ZACK DRAGON: That's right, golden dragon. The next episode in the Dragons and Robbers war happens in Houston, Texas, when Omega Zero, the Ice Dragon himself, steps up to the big, bad Bandit, with an intriguing stipulation at play. If they win, they can call for an EMT Title rematch at the time and place that they so choose. And knowing Legion the way we do, he'll probably have us leave the arena in Houston, run over to the nearest Whataburger and throw down in the parking lot as he drags Chris Fusco kicking and screaming to the scene of the crime.

OMEGA ZERO: But we're not worrried.

BLACK ZACK DRAGON: Maybe he'll demand we have the match in the middle of a RAIN FOREST, surrounded by all manner of deadly animals and simulcast live on RELOADED DOUBLE DEUCE!

OMEGA ZERO: We're not worried.

BLACK ZACK DRAGON: Or maybe he'll build a rocket into space powered by the blood of virgin sacrifices, and, as the main event of RELOADED 23, we'll have the first wrestling match ever ON THE MOON!

OMEGA ZERO: We're still not worried.

BLACK ZACK DRAGON: And why is that, o Patron Saint of Winter?

(It’s here that Omega reaches up, unclasps the EMT title from around his neck, and throws it over his shoulder, revealing that he's in his wrestling gear, along with a black T-shirt that has an image on the front of the Everett Memorial Titles encased in ice and guarded by a pair of green eyes above and center of the iced titles.)

OMEGA ZERO: Because Bandit would have to beat me to do it.

Bandit, do you feel that? That familiar chill running up and down your spine? Do not adjust your thermostat; do not double-check the month on the calendar. That deep, unnatural cold feeling that makes you shiver down to your very black soul is but a precursor to our meeting in Houston, Texas. At BRAWL 74, you and I will come face to face one-on-one. You and I will do battle once again in the middle of the ring. And once more, you will be tasked with singlehandedly punching holes into the side of a glacier in order to survive.

I hope you have been training extra hard to resist the cold. After all, I would not want you to fall to the Frost's numbing bite before you find out our plans for the anticipated rematch between our two teams.

We already know when and where we wish to have our final battle.

All this is...is confirmation of the details.

At BRAWL, we find out how much cold you can survive on your own.


(And cut.)


League Member
Jun 5, 2007
You think I can't survive the cold on my own, boys?

[We see Bandit on the screen.]

I've been in this business for a very long time and if you think that one loss is going to phase the Graverobbers in getting our rematch - like Halford says - You've got another thing comin'. I've seen things in and out of this ring that would shock you to your core and hell the fights I've got involved in proved that whatever it takes to make sure the task at hand is done I shall make sure it's executed flawlessly.

All the high-flying won't save you Omega in Texas because this match is going to be physical and when I get the stipulation right for us - you Dragons are going to regret the day you won that cage match.

Forget about pissants that want to belittle us for a second and get ready for a lesson in learning why if you don't start shit, won't be no shit.

The Dead Man's Hand is going to grip you Omega... get ready.

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