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CMarx v Hawke


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the match between CARLEE MARX and VICTORIA HAWKE at RAPTURE should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

** RAPTURE matches have a RP limit of 2 RP's per participant..

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, December 17th, 2006. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ...


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

The one place you can always find a female, the mall. And Carlee Marx shopping at The Express, she is looking at tops and shirts as she turns toward the camera, acknowledging it and wasting no time


“Oh my god…”

“Are you serious? Or is this a joke, Victoria Hawke again? Does New Era seriously know how to work a show, like, I mean I already faced her like in July, and she had nothing on me.”

“I assume they would allow me to at least see a shot at some sort of like contender ship, but oh well. What more can you expect from the people that run this place. Like seriously I believe it is time for them to look at real talent around this place.”

“Like me!”

“I mean I have the looks, I have the hair, natural blonde, not that fake stuff you buy at Walgreens, and I have the boobs. And breasts equals belts, unlike that flat chest man looking female Karla Starr. She is not even close to “Cosmo” expectations. It’s disgusting.”

“Then you have me in a match with Hawke who is in desperate need of a manicure. Just looking at her nails makes me want to lie on my back and like lose. She’s not camera worthy, unlike me (Poses with her arms spread a bit)”

“It’s not complications…..(thinks) Complicated? (Waves her hands) Anyways, it’s simple and real facts, I am the best here in New Era, but you people like to look past that and keep your little eyes on stars like Daymon and Foxx.”

“If that isn’t an oxymoron then I don’t know what is. Her name is Foxx, yet she looks like she was hit in the face way to many times with a chair. I at least believe in proper hygiene and make up to beautify myself more than I already am, she doesn’t!”

“Seriously, it’s like time you looked at well looks rather than what you call talent.”

“If that isn’t enough of a reason to make me in the title scene maybe we need to have a little chat in private (winks)



League Member
Jan 11, 2006
Cape Cod
(the camera shot is blurry)

you are worthless.

(the shot focuses. victoria hawke is standing in front of a rapture backdrop, her hair pulled back. she holds one hand on her hip, the other reaches back and straightens out the pony tail.)

you talk about the other women in this place and how they have no looks. no breasts. then you go paralyze the few people who accidently forgot to replace the batteries on their television remotes by letting the camera get a close up on your ugly mug.

(she now brings her other hand down to her waist as she stares into the camera. she pauses, just looking into the camera with an obviously disgusted look on her face.)

but you forget one thing, carlee. you forget that in this business it all boils down to talent. that's something you don't have. sure, you might be able to slut yourself around with the guys behind the scene to get yourself more air time. i'm sure you even do a good job at that. but you don't back it up in the ring. time and time again you have the chance to show the wrestling world what you have, and time and time again you go out there and are placed flat on your back.

(she rolls her eyes.)

carlee, lying on your back helps you get the title matches, not win them.

we've met before. we'll meet again. the results will be different. last time we met, you must have won. i honestly don't remember it. i'm sure you get that a lot, huh? you are forgettable. there's not one thing that defines you as a person or as a wrestler.

(she steps back and turns to look at the rapture banner. she studies it for a few moments letting her words sink in.)

rapture is just around the corner. it is time for you to stop behaving like a child running around the mall with her daddy's credit card, carlee. this time you have to make it by on your own credit.

(she turns back and looks into the camera.)

and i'm sorry, girl, but your card will be declined.

(she walks out of the shot, her hair bobbing behind her.)

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