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Coda: Putting the Pieces Together

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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
"I made the coffee," said Ivy, as she typed away on her laptop at the table by the window, "and it looks like there's plenty for breakfast if you and Eli and the kids are hungry."

Angel nodded and poured herself a cup. It was her idea for Ivy to spend the night, instead of going all the way back to Queens at three in the morning, just to come back to the Bronx again. And Eli had insisted that Randall Knox and Rosalyn Callasantos spend the night as well, since Cally's mom was out of town and Knox... well...

"They're all still sound asleep," replied Angel, "and I don't think Randy's let go'a that little girl all night. It's too f**kin' cute."

That guy in the pit had it coming.

"So how's the review?" continued Angel, noting the computer still open on the table, "The crowd was really into the show, and we sold a lotta CDs."

Ivy drained her coffee cup and drew her bare legs up to her chest. "The forum's gone nuts over it all night."

"What about Connors?"

Silence. Harry Connors was a music journalist, based in the Tri-State area, who had a certain fondness for ripping bands a new one.

"Forget Connors," advised Ivy, "you guys played for two hours, and the fans hung out for another two. Does it matter what some hack says?"

"Yes," replied Angel, as she looked directly at the screen. Her pale face turned slightly red as she saw the first window on the screen, and it was certainly not for her eyes.

psych0b1tchIVY: Someone's awake, I think I'm gonna have t'go to work soon. I'll talk to you later today?
Trip-X-Show: Most definitely. If it's Eli, tell that rat bastard I still owe him a few knocks.
psych0b1tchIVY: Hah, sure. I love you. I'll call you when I get home this afternoon.
Trip-X-Show: love you too, pooh-bear. Miss you.

"Sorry," said Angel, "didn't mean t'get in the way."

Ivy smiled. "You didn't. It's just been a really long time."

"When are you gonna actually get t'see Sean again?"

"This weekend, I think," said Ivy, "I've gotta do some promo work for the NFW and for the CSWA but there should be plenty'a time."

Angel took a package of English Muffins out of the refrigerator, and went straight to the toaster. "You guys with your wrestling never made a lotta sense t'me."

"Please... you 'n the boys deal with just as much."

"No, I don't think so," countered Angel, "I have t'deal with asshole promoters and hostile crowds, but I can do that by just being... you guys have t'do the show, and then all this other stuff."

"You do a lotta other stuff--"

"But I don't have to do it," reminded Angel, "I go out there - with my boys - and we play our asses off. Hostile crowds be damned, we're inching ever closer to the promised land with Fire Water and if we have a hostile crowd I play harder, but get t'put it behind me that night. I don't have t'listen to someone who talks about everything that I don't believe in, and have t'respond in a respectful manner."

"Oh, it's harder than it sounds. I told Eli, with this CSWA thing, if he really wants t'make a splash he needs t'wait until Stephen Thomas figures out who's in what ring."

Angel smiled. She hated the wrestling business for the way it had chewed her husband up, time and time again. She hated the wrestling business for the fans who still, after three years of semi - mainstream success and eight years of blatant existence, still looked at her livelihood, Valerian's Garden, as some kind of gimmick.

"So what you're saying," said Angel," is that I've got at least one more day at home with my husband before his business catches back up?"

"Something like that."

A wicked smile formed on Angel's face, as she reached into the bag by her feet and handed Ivy some cash. "Do me two favors, darlin... first, you need t'take the kids - and my little angel - out for some breakfast."

"Solid," replied Ivy, "and what else can I do?"

"You need to tell Sean."

That ended the moment, as Ivy clammed up. Angel had known this woman for five years, and she knew when Ivy was getting pissed off.

"Just do me two favors," replied Ivy, "don't wear my boy out too much, he's gotta do TV tonite."

"Deal," laughed Angel, "and what else?"

"Don't you f**kin' say a word to Sean," warned Ivy, "lemmee talk t'him myself."

For five years, these two women had had an understanding between them. Between the complicated mess that Ivy McGinnis and Sean Stevens had built into a relationship, and the cleaned - up mess that Angel and Eli's relationship used to be, it simply made sense to these two women to just let it be.

"Just give us some time," said Angel," you know I'd never talk to Sean about your issues without your permission."

Ivy nodded her agreement.

"But," added Angel, "you really need t'talk to him, yourself."

That was also true.

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