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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-02 AT 11:06 PM (EDT)](CUT TO: A sly looking Mike Plett sits within a bus stop, in front of a poster of a collection of Disney movies… clad in leather jacket, but with no t-shirt representing a band. Rather, a GXW Onslaught t-shirt adorns his body and his shredded jeans have been turned in for a pair of lightly colored jeans.)

MP: There’s definitely something Mike Plett needs to address, and I want to make ABSOLUTELY sure the CSWA hears it… I need to make sure you all here this…

I’m at home all the time, listening to the ENTIRE CSWA complain about me… from GUNS and the rest of the Male Intrusion to Shane-O Southern and Lawrence Stanley… and I wonder how guys like Shane and Larry can blame me for this. You had faith, and you LOST IT. YOU turned on ME. And now that I stuck a knife in your backs, reciprocated the feeling… you blame this on me?

You… and these sickening fans of the CSWA… all of you are almost as bad as Troy Windham, all of what you’ve done is ALMOST as bad as what Troy Windham has done to me.

I don’t know whether these fans want to cheer Troy, or boo him… (quoting the air) FACT! He slack knifed his brother, thus continuing As The Windham’s Turn… (again, with quotes) FACT! His brother got a huge pop… BUT… FACT! He claims he is still Mr. CSWA. Well… big… deal… Troy, you come out and talk about me, like you had some sort of belief in me, like you thought something of me? You’re almost as two-faced as Hornet.

Like I said, who knows if you’re a “good guy” or a “bad guy”… it doesn’t matter. Each one of us GXW guys has an agenda, and mine is to PISS on each and every CSWA wrestler that has wronged me… but ESPECIALLY you, Troy2k, especially you, King of Media… ESPECIALLY you… what you did is far worse than losing the faith…

Troy, you NEVER HAD faith in me. I offered help, you turned it down. FACT! Cardigo Mysterian and I were tight, I was there for him on Thanksgiving Weekend 1999, and you let him help, but not me… you acted as if it was a GODSEND for TROY WINDHAM to appear in Paducah to fight me… and even though I kept up with you hold for hold, even though I walked out with a pinfall victory… you had no faith in me. FACT! Now you’re going to claim that you gave a damn… so you can hop on the hottest swerve in CSWA history, and make yourself look good by beating down Mikey Plett.

Well… guess what. Despite what anyone wants you to think… you don’t just walk over Mike Plett. I’m not happy it all came to this… but you started pushing me a LONG time ago, Troy. FACT! I used to want the prestige of CSWA gold because I wanted to go down forever in what I felt was the greatest company on Earth… I made the Greensboro worth a damn, even though it isn’t anymore… I held the Presidential title against the fiercest competition it has EVER seen… and I’m most certainly going to head straight toward Shane Southern and Mark Windham for those prizes… but now, it’s not because I want to be a part of that belt, a part of that tradition… it’s because I want to SPITE it, Troy… I want to SPITE and PISS ALL OVER each and every wrestler, commentator, and promoter that turned me this way…

And what better way to start, than with a guy that calls himself MR. CSWA…

Let me show you something… let me prove a point real quick. Troy… you say you believed in Plett? You didn’t even know my name the last time we talked! Hit the footage up… I’m pretty sure you’ll remember this…

(CUT TO: A piece of footage, with the date January 15, 2001 on it. Standing in an airport in Minnesota, a healthier looking “Wicked Sight” Mike Plett is responding to Troy Windham’s words.)

WS: PrimeTime in Paducah is graced with the presence of the epitome… diggiddy… nursery rhymes don’t mean #### to me! It’s time to unleash the Freak… Mr. CSWA? Hey… I liked Troy Windham, the King Of Slackers, the son of the greatest wrestling family ever… Working the bottom barrel circuits, trying to scratch at a living… Hell, even in high school, Mike Plett was digging Troy Windham. But you can’t even say my name? Is it that you hate what the sport is becoming, is that it Troy? Why is it you can’t utter the words ‘Wicked Sight’? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

If you were Mr. CSWA, you would care about more than just your little clique of friends… I’ve dealt with little cliques of friends all my life, from childhood to guys like Havoc and Blade… If you were Mr. CSWA, you would care more than just about them and YOURSELF, you would know who the Hell I am! But you know… I’m above thinking that you’re stupid… You might still be the slacker I know you are but you aren’t an idiot, and you KNOW who I am. Just like Hornet… you pretend to shun me but you CANNOT DENY ME. The games are over. I CAN NOT take anymore. Do you know the pain I felt in Little Rock, being ONE SECOND AWAY from showing that damned crowd of my childhood exactly what I’m about?

(CUT TO: The same out-of-arena setting as before.)

MP: And… Troy… you claim to have given a damn about Mike Plett? You don’t, these bandwagon hopping CSWA fans don’t, and for damn sure this COMPANY doesn’t… so… Troy… eventually we will come to terms. You and I will face off, in the center of the ring, and Mike Plett is going to start the territorial urinating… with you.

The Intruders? The distraction is over, as far as I’m concerned. Shane Southern… he can bring whoever he wants to Charleston, South Carolina… me and the “CAREER ENDER” are sure to have him taken care of… and eventually, the United States title will come into the possession of the GXW.

But Troy Windham…

It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow… but we will tango, and my victories over you… will be sweeter than any prize I could have ever imagined before, because now they mean so much more than pride… they mean REVENGE.

If you want that day to arrive sooner… I’m not a hard guy to find. I’ve got matches lined up for months, just like every other wrestler who isn’t too busy filming movies and making a pompous ass of himself… you can find me if you want, Troy.

But I PROMISE … you’ll regret it.



Jan 1, 2000
Everyone's Right, You Suck

(CUT TO: TROY WINDHAM, in front of a CSWA banner.)

TROY: Well, well, well... look at what the cat dragged in! If it isn't the posterboy for abortion himself, Mike Plett, Wicked Sight. Just the MAN I've been hoping to hear from for WEEKS now.

Why have you been silent, Sight? My guess is that you've been too busy writing lame-ass poetry, trying to impress some fat chicks down at the local coffeeshop. That's too bad, tho, because while you've been away, Big Daddy T has been the one who's (impersonating Ice Cube) Gonna Git Wick-ed.

Plett, my man, your mic-spot alone is proof positive why you're who you are and why I am who I am. It's proof positive alone why you're a second-rate wanna be and why I am FACT! the biggest star in this sport today. But since you're as slow as a GXW fan in math class, lemme break it down for you.

FACT! I was once like you, Sight. I was young and impressionable. I kept my mouth shut and sat back and let other people dictate my career. But that wasn't what I wanted. I knew I could do better. FACT! So I decided to TAKE my own career into my hands. My bro won't give me the time of day? I'll run him down in an interview to get his attention. The promoters of leagues won't sign me to lucrative contract deals? I'll get my handsome features shown on the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards and create such a public demand for *MY* presence that they'll HAVE to sign me to terms that I dictate. I have a chance to win the CSWA World Title and I maneuver myself to ensure that I will win the title. FACT! I didn't sit back and let others dictate my career, Sight. When I see opportunities, I take them. And when I don't have opportunities, I create them.

Check thiz out, my man. You wanna know why we didn't call on you to help us out, Sight? Back when me and Eddy Love (Troy pounds his chest with his fist and raises it up in the air) were busy fighting The ClaimStakers, we didn't *ASK* anyone for help. Cardigo Mysterio? You may have hung out with him, but you didn't serve him a purpose. He saw a chance to make a dent in this sport-- a REAL dent-- and he took it. He came out of the crowd in Mobile, Alabama and hit Hornet with the Piledrvier Heard Around The World that gave the Playboys the win in the 2000 Match of the Year. Lawrence Stanley saw a chance to make a dent in this sport-- a REAL dent-- and he showed me and Eddy Love that he belonged when he pinned Mike Randalls after 45 minutes in the 2001 Match of the Year, again giving the Playboys the win. Evan Aho didn't shy away from his match against Steve Radder-- he TOOK the bull by the horns and became a World Champion because of it.

Why didn't we ASK you to be a part of the team? Because we didn't ask ANYBODY to be a part of the team. People stepped up to the plate with us. And instead of doing that, Sight, you shied away and decided that you would rather fight Shamon or whoever for the umpteenth time in your career.

I will give you this, Sight. You do have game in the ring. Earlier this year, you did something very few people in this sport can say. You pinned my shoulders to the mat, after Eli Flair came from behind and knocked me out in our game of oneupmanship. But I'm not Guns. I'm not Tom Adler. I'm Mr. CSWA. You walked out with your hand raised. When I was rehabbing my injuries, Sight, I saw what you had. You went toe-to-toe with everyone in your way. And you didn't back down. But you did give in.

Sight, I'm not Hornet. I'm not Mark. I'm not Melton. But I do acknowledge the fact that this league was BUILT on those guys shoulders. And me? Heh. I took this league in a new direction. I dressed the way I wanted to dress. I wore band T-Shirts when the other guys were wearing singlets. Plett, you wouldn't be able to make a dime in this sport if it wasn't for what *I* did. You wouldn't be able to step foot in any league on this planet if it wasn't for the ground that *I* broke. You wouldn't be a professional wrestler if it wasn't for me and if it wasn't for the CSWA. And you spit on the legacy of the league that made you... all because you couldn't make an opportunity for yourself.

Sight, you want me to know your name? I know it now, chump. And guess what? Everyone is going to know your name after I make you famous. FACT! Everyone is going to know your name after I end your career before it even got started. I'm taking you to school, Plett... and you're going to be recieving some failing marks that will forever be placed on your permanent record. (FTB)

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