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Coffee Break.


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
LOL.. ehh.. I'm sure you all know the score... but here's the deal - I'm finding some of my preexisting EW/FW commitments hard to scale down because my characters are involved in major angles and such, so running FMLL keeps getting pushed to the backburner. That said, I'm gonna press the pause button until that stuff is straightened out. Let me make one thing clear though... I am NOT closing it down. We're still gonna get this lucha out there, but until my schedule clears up and my helpers step up, it's not fair to you guys to try and do anything when there's no time to do it. So we're gonna put a little hold on things here and, with any luck, we'll be able to do this in a month or two. Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns and I hope to see you all when we get it goin'.



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