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Coming "Home"....


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Jan 1, 2000
Coming Home: Part I (Reasons)

Fade In…

August 25th, 2002…

Atlanta, Georgia…

(scene: we find ourselves in the apartment of none other than Kendall Codine…this 610 square foot apartment, located in Cobb County, Atlanta, Georgia has served as the home of Kendall Codine for a little over a year now…although it is an extreme downsize from his one time luxurious mansion, it still serves the purpose of offering a peaceful place of homage for a frequent traveler who lives out of his suitcase, more so than his own home)

(it has been a little over a year since Kendall Codine literally lost all the had worked for in an attempt to win custody of his only child…upon the death of his son’s mother, Codine promptly attempted to bring home the son that he had never met…nonetheless, after a lengthy court battle with his son’s maternal grandparents, Codine was left with basically nothing to his name and even more importantly, he was once again denied the opportunity to meet the son that he has never seen…in one aspect, that lost year could be viewed as an omen, as it prompted Codine to return to the ring, but in another aspect, it could be viewed as the greatest tragedy of Codine’s life, as not only did he lose the women which he once loved, but he once again lost his son)

(cut to the inside of Kendall Codine’s apartment, where we see him in the living room, partaking in an Atlanta Braves’ baseball game…Codine is sporting casual wear, as he enjoys a rare day at home and away from the road…panning around the room, the camera picks up images that vividly display Codine’s prolonged absence from home…his wrestling bags remained packed at the side of a small love seat, while evidence of his latest road endeavors, the GXW Continental Championship belt, is strewn over the arm of the chair)

(the camera slowly zooms in on Codine, as he continues to watch the baseball game, while at the same time, contemplating his thoughts aloud)

“I am a tired man.”

(Codine uttered, followed by a sigh of relief)

“I am tired of so many things. I grow weary of the men who choose to carelessly run their mouth, without considering the results of their initial words.”

“I grow tiresome of what could have and should have been. Ultimately, everything happens for a reason, no matter who or how much they complain about it.”

(Codine pauses for a moment as he quenches his thirst with a bottle of water, which resides on the coffee table before him)

“However, there are also several things that I will never grow tired of…”

“I will always be pleased to see true champions, such as Deacon, return to the squared circle.”

“I will never regret the lifestyle that I have chosen for myself. The road, the ring, the blood, the sweat, the tears…it all happened for a reason.”

“And most importantly, I will never grow tired of friendship for it is the only reason that some men manage to survive in our business of sports entertainment.”

(upon his last sentence, one can only recollect about the true friends that Codine has in wrestling…from Mason Xavier, more commonly known as Havoc to Gabriel Poe, the Apocalypse…and although it has been in question most recently, one must also take Sean Stevens into deep consideration)

“All things in life happen for a specific reason. People question why the GXW chose the CSWA of all of the federations in the world, yet the answer should be evident.”

“There are those who question where Poison Ivy stands when it comes to Hornet and Sean, yet the writing is on the wall.”

“One must question the validity of my friendship with Sean, yet those of importance know what will soon happen.”

“It all happens for a reason.”

(suddenly, Codine is interrupted by a knocking upon his door…pausing for a moment, Codine makes his way to the door…standing opposite of Codine on the other side of the door is a UPS delivery man, who hands Codine an envelope which displays a return address to the CSWA head offices…Codine offers a slight smirk and then accepts the envelope, before ultimately returning to his position on the couch in the living room)

“Fate can work in mysterious ways. However, if one chooses to pre-plan their intentions before embarking upon the big picture, then that fate can be controlled to a certain point.”

(Codine hesitates once again, as he opens the envelope and pulls the contents out onto the coffee table before him…capturing an image of the documents, the camera picks up on the fact that the documents are none other than the contract for Kendall Codine and Lawrence Stanley’s upcoming match in Charleston, South Carolina)

(Codine pauses for a moment, contemplating his actions, before ultimately reaching for a pen…nevertheless, before signing the documents, Codine offers one last thought)

“And as I said from the start, everything that I do in the CSWA is premeditated.”

“Because ultimately, all things happen for a reason.”

“Consider this reason number one…”

(Codine refrains from speaking as he prepares to sign the documents, while the image gradually fades out)

(fade to black)

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