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Commentary Writing Guide


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
IWF Commentary Writing Guide

Via "The Staff!"
Face Commentator: Aaron Creed
Heel Commentator: Terry 'The Idol' Anderson
Match Analyst Commentator: Brian McGinnis
Ring announcer: Donald Bell
Backstage Reporter: Gail Martin
Assistant to IWF Commish: Courtney Paz
Head Referee: Tony Daniels
Auxiliary Referee: Paul Tyler

  • Aaron Creed
    • Aaron is the anchor of the show. He takes lead, makes the announcements, introduces the segments and isn't a bad commentator what so ever. He is a professional and other then sometimes losing himself in the antics of Terry Anderson; he shows it. He is your go to guy while writing commentary.

  • Terry "The Idol" Anderson
    • Terry is ... well, Terry. He is the cut up, the heel, the dissenter, the anti-Creed. Most everyone should be familiar with the classic roles of professional wrestling commentary. He's Heenan, 90's Lawler, etc...
    • Things to remember:
      • Normally doesn't care about the match in front of him. It's all waste of time for him until the main event, or a match that features someone he is in favor or someone he hates.
        • Cheers: Perfection, Waltz, Mateo, Allen, most any heel.
        • Hates: Vizier ta Seti, Scott Douglas, most any face.
        • Calls: Creed; Creed or Creedy-Boy. McGinnis; Guinness. Seti; Yellow Guy, any derogatory name involving yellow or being a foreigner. Douglas; Sub Mop, Moppy, El Moppito, anything to do with mops, and Douglas' short tenure in Mexico.

    • For further information, or back story defer to Strawsma.

  • Brian McGinnis
    • Technical commentary. He won't normally allow himself to be tied up in Terry's nonsense, but may from time to time bring Creed back to the action once he has last himself in said nonsense. For a detailed bio on McGinnis, check his original letter of interest.

This maybe fleshed out a little more later.

Questions? Comments? Corrections? Let me know, below. Thanks.
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