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Hex Angel

"So we've got something in common, Windham. I lost my parents, I lost Alicia, I lost M.... you lost your parents, you lost your wife and daughter, and somewhere in the mess that is Timmy and Troy, I'm fairly sure you lost a brother. Or cousin. Or whatever."

"But at the same time, you found someone to walk through the fire with you. So have I. I've just learned better than to expose her to the realities of professional wrestling."

"You're surprised I made it this far, Windham? Don't be. It's not in my nature to quit when things get tough. Too damn stubborn for my own good, I suppose. I'm still here because I'm not ready to leave yet."

"There was a time, Mark, that I was told I'd never be an important figure in this business. There was a time that I was told I'd never measure up to the stars of the moment."

"You and GUNS are the last two stars of that moment that I haven't wrestled. I hate loose ends. You want to know my motivation? Why I'm getting in the ring with you this weekend? Because I want to beat Mark Windham. So you can say, when you look back on your career, that you wrestled Eli Flair. So someday Thelma can ask you what the toughest challenge of your career was and you'll have a definite answer instead of a slew of 'runners up.'"

"All of the above? None of the above? Take your pick."

"Am I alone? I've always been alone. But it's for the best.... because I've done what I've needed to do for years now, and that's cut the distractions out. There's nobody in my corner that I need to worry about.... and that's how it should be."

"Which Eli is going to show, Windham? What year do you think this is? Do you think that because I didn't fight my demons on as grand and public a scale as you that I haven't? Do you think that because I didn't have a handy little 'go- to' phrase like THE AWAKENING that I decided to run from my ghosts?"

"Know this, Windham.... I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. This is one match, where you get to pound all your aggression at me out, where I get to bitchslap you for f**kin' with me after Anniversary. You want to make more of it? Be my guest. It won't change the finish, it won't change the inevitable."

"Don't blame me for how things are.... just accept it and you'll be a lot better off."

"At SHOWTIME, Windham.... we're going to dance. But there's one thing you don't seem to realize...."

"I'm going to lead."


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-02 AT 03:28 PM (EDT)]"I prefer you lead, Eli...take me to the brink and give me that fish story to tell my kid one day when she's old enough to understand why her Daddy took the path rarely taken."

"Tell me Flair what is the inevitable? That I'll crawl out with a broken neck, shredded fingers, or a respect for what you've accomplished? If GUNS and I stand between you and complete self-worth, well honestly I'm tickled to be the first one off the list."

"You're leading because you need this dance far more than I do. I see you're knocking on GUNS' door as well, happy hunting Flair I guess we'll find out soon enough whether you've silenced the critics. You're a poster boy for self-doubt Flair, and now that I've had the pleasure of hearing your voice speaking directly to me, it's even more annoying than I imagined.

"One day I'll be the best...One day I'll face GUNS and Windham to complete the set...One day Mark will sit Thelma on his knee and spin a grand tale..."

"Yeah and one day Eli you'll climb that big mountain you promised yourself you'd climb years ago."

"I think I can, I think I can..."

"Do us both a favor and shut up. If you seriously consider stepping in the ring with me an honor you're sick. I'm nobody Eli, a forever 1st place loser who smiled as Hornet held the trophy. But this is important to you for historical reasons? Right, right...the last Windham you haven't nailed to a cross yet, or the thrill of pinning the first man to cash one of Merritt's bad checks. So you're man enough to dance, come Eli...come put me out of my misery. Troy never said I quit...but it'd sound sweeter if the older brother did. I'll say it Flair, and if it will break you of the annoying habit of measuring yourself against the era of the Lost Soul, I'll give a twenty minute speech with my foot on the center of your chest. Then Eli...then will you shut the heck up?"

"Sorry for the lack of color, but I've been warned by S&P to watch the language. Mark Windham a company boy? It's inevitable I guess, that I'd sell out."

"You've lost a lot, Flair, but learned nothing. Don't ever compare your past with mine, not when the realities of the business so clearly define who you are."

"I care nothing about the reality of what happens at Showtime. I've returned for one man, breaking you of your annoying habits it turns out will be a bonus."

"Lead me to the ring Flair, and show me the legend you've become. The chances are, I've faced better."

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