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FAQ Connecting Discord and Forum Accounts


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To connect your FW Central username to your existing Discord account:

1) Go to your "Account" area by clicking your username in the top menu bar.
2) In the dropdown, choose "Connected Accounts."
3) An "Associate with Discord" button will be visible. Click it.
4) If you're logged into Discord, you will taken to a Discord page to confirm you want to associate your account.
5) Once you confirm, you'll be brought back to the forums and asked to enter your password to confirm the connection.
6) A notification of the connection will be posted in the #general channel on FW Discord.

Why should you associate your account with Discord?
--Well, we chat there and stuff.
--By associating accounts, it will give you roles on the server (and eventually more as you figure it out).
--You'll get a notification in Discord when you get a reply to a conversation (formerly known as a private message).
--Certain forums will cross-post content to Discord.

You can choose to have a different username on Discord and can change it for each server you're involved with. You can also disassociate the accounts at any time.
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