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True Life

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Jun 23, 2005
~The scene opens only mere moments after MCW’s Zero Hour. For weeks, even months, the MCW has been building up to this event. The moment where there would finally be a MCW World Champion crowned. With four men vying for the North American Championship, the next true MCW legend, Insurgent, could be born on this very battlefield - or not? However, for one man, Zero Hour was simply a punch in the face, Justin Sane. Shortly after Zero Hour slated to go off the air, MCW backstage interviewer Dirk McCormick is outside in the parking lot awaiting MCW superstars to leave. As usual, he’s annoying the hell out of everyone for interviews. While some have obliged him, many have just shrugged him off as they focus on their next task at hand. As he waits, a black stretch limo slowly pulls in the parking lot. As the limo stops, Dirk walks up and tries to get a look through the tinted windows. Suddenly, the window rolls halfway down, revealing someone sitting inside. Although we can only see from his eyes up, the man is obviously Justin Sane.~

Justin: „What the hell are you doing trying to peek into my limo, Dick? You trying to get a free show or something? Well, too bad, because I don’t have any ladies with me tonight.”

Dirk: „Actually, Justin, I was just wondering if I could get a quick interview after the show.”

Justin: „Umm…NO! Now, get outta here.”

Dirk: „But, this is my job. If I don’t meet my quota on interviews, they might fire me. And this is my last chance!”

Justin: „And you think I actually give a rat’s ass?”

Dirk: „Umm..well…no…*sniff* I guess I’ll go ahead and pack my bags. I’ll be out of a job tomorrow anyway.”

~As Dirk turns to walk off, Justin calls him back over.~

Justin: „Hang on a second, Dick. Not that I care if you lose your job, because quite honestly, this place would probably be better off without you anyway, but I’ve got a few things I need to say anyway, so get your ass back over here.”

~McCormick excitedly hurries back over to the limo.~

Dirk: „Thanks, Justin. You don’t know how much this means to me!”

Justin: „And I don’t wanna know either. Just start the damn interview.”

Dirk: „Aren’t you gonna get outta the car?”

Justin: „Ummm…NO!”

Dirk: „Oh…okay. Well, will you at least roll the window all the way down so we can get your face on camera?”

Justin: „Damn it, Dick! I don’t want you getting my entire face on camera! These aren’t exactly the kind of questions I thought you’d be asking!”

Dirk: „It’s gonna be kinda hard for me to interview you without being able to see you.”

Justin: „Well, I’m not getting out of the car! Especially not with that damn camera there!

Dirk: „Why not?”

Justin: „Because that damn DDT broke my damn nose! That’s why! Are you happy now? Justin Sane’s face is horribly disfigured! Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Dirk: „Uhhh…well…”

Justin: „So, if you want your interview, you’re gonna have to just ask the questions while I sit in the car.”

Dirk: „Uhh…okay then. Well, first of all, how did the DDT break your nose?”

Justin: „That’s none of your damn business, Dick! What the hell’s that got to do with anything anyway?”

Dirk: „Nothing, I guess. So…umm…exactly how bad does your nose look?”

~Dirk tries to lean over to get a better look, but he is pushed back by Starr.~

Justin: „It doesn’t f*ckin’ matter! What the hell are you now? A damn gossip columnist? Ask me some damn questions about tonight!”

Dirk: „Okay. Sorry. Let’s start over. Umm… Justin, how do you feel about being pinned on the biggest stage of them all?”

Justin: „How do I feel about it? Hell, I’m Justin Sane. Remember? And tonight it was the peak of a big conspiracy against me. I’m MC-Dub’s greatest attraction ever, but other than the US goverment MC-Dub failed to plane crush their own towers. I’m still standin’, b*tches!”

Dirk: „So, what made you...”

Justin: „Dick, just shut the hell up. I’m taking over from here. So, let’s start from the beginning. I always felt MC-Dub’s hate for me and how the fans boycotted me from the start. True you dazzled me by putting me in the ring with a has-been like John Doe. You wanted to give me the feeling that everything is going on legal terms - but at Zero Hour I found out that I was played by everyone in and outside of this ******* company. I’m sure as hell when you watch the end of my match over and over again, you can see that the referee saw the legs on the rope. But still he counted to 3 - why? Order from above! Why did noone from the staff cancel the decision and resumed the match? Conspiracy from above! Dick, leave alone me not standing in the main event. That’s what I would have deserved, standing in the ring with people who convince with wrestling at least instead of cheap style. Honestly there’s no point in even having another Pay-Per-View or even WRESTLING show, when you leave me outside the main event. Dakota you’re just a cheap bastard and needed the help of this whole company to put me out of the way. Remember when I wanted to tell you, what could hinder me to get my hands on the North American belt? Me getting booked out of the match - matter fact exactly that’s what happened tonight and you know it. Is that what a second generation wrestler brings to the game? Is that what your father taught you? Lying and cheating? Playing with fake dices? Listen up, you MC-Dub punks upstairs only signing papers allday, you just signed the war declaration with your strongest force - the infamous Justin Sane. What really pisses me off, that you made money off me all the time. You just booked me, because I’m a gurantee of great buyrates and the North American champion had to get the 3-count over at least 1 wrestler with in-ring skills to be approved by the watchers and critics. And that’s what exactly you made, you’re using me like a dirty towel to establish this company. What made you think of this evil plan? Anyway, I’m not demanding a re-match, leave alone a fight for the number one contender spot. What I want is an apology for this mess and MY North American Belt givin’ me live at Center Stage infront of thousands of the fans. Just hand it over to me and I’ll think a second time about putting my name on the dotted line under the war declaration as well. You’re not gettin’ any of that sentimental, boo-hoo sh*t outta me. All I say is the naked truth!”

Dirk: „You don’t seem…”

~Before Dirk can finish his sentence, Justin abruptly rolls the window back up. Dirk stands there for a moment then knocks on the window.~

Dirk: „Justin… umm… Justin? Hello? You in there? Wait, what the hell am I saying? Of course he’s in there. I was just talking to him. Anyway, Justin! Mr. Sane? Hello?”

~After trying for several seconds to get Justin to roll the window back down, Dirk has no luck. He finally turns back toward the camera.~

Dirk: „Umm…so…uhh…I guess this interview is over, albeit kind of abruptly. This has been Dirk McCormick backstage after MCW’s Zero Hour.”

~Dirk stands there and occasionally glances back at Justin’s limo hoping that he’s going to roll the window back down as the scene fades out.~
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