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Contract Signing



( Frankie Scott walks into the TEAM offices to pick up an envelope from the secretary. Frankie clad in an black EPW t-shirt and blue jeans opens up the envelope and reads the cotract that was placed inside. His eyes grow wider with every word that he scans over.)

Frankie: " What the...??? Tag Team match... Kin Hiroshi...fine... Cameron Cruise... fine... But, MR. ENTERTAINMENT as my partner!?!?!!!! Who set this up? "

( Frankie reads a single sheet of paper from TEAM executives that was tagged along with the contract. Scott shakes his head in disbelief.)

Mr. Scott,

Due to overwhelming demand by the fans of TEAM and proven by the tremendous display that the two of you had shown in your match in Calgary in the TEAM Tournament. We are adding you to the final Supershow as a tag team. If you can show such excellent fortitude in a singles match. We here at TEAM are sure that you two would make an incredible tag team for our company. Thank you for your time.


ps.. There's an extra incentive for your future endeavors here at TEAM if you do decide to sign the contract.

Scott: (shaking his head even more) " I really can't believe that I'm doing this."

(Frankie pulls a pen from inside the envelope and looks at the contract again. After five minutes of deep consideration... Frankie signs the contract... folds it and inserts back into the envelope and then hands it to the secretary as he walks away.)

Scott: " That incentive better be good.......... I really can't believe I did it..."


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