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CR 11 Post-RP Predictions


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Chain Reaction 11 features a handful of "Dastardly Duos":

Leyenda de Ocho/Spooky Doom vs. Retour des Centres (pain GRILLE and Rendre Singe)
Derrick Allen/Jake Evans vs. Cecilworth Farthington/Johnny Niles
Mary Lynn Mayweather/The Minstrel vs. Kerry Kuroyama/Perfection (c)

Which teams win round 1?

The winning teams face off in a triple threat tag team match at the end of the night, winners facing Perfection for a shot at the Emerald City Championship at Chain Reaction 12 (if Kuroyama/Perfection win at the end of the night, the third opponent is chosen by Perfection). Who will be in that match?

Also, what's next for the Era of Fear?

Predictions, thoughts, etc. go here.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Okay well I have Doom and Ocho, Niles and Cecil, and I am staying out of my match prediction.

As far as RPs go I really enjoyed what Colin put up enjoyed reading it. And if him and Niles get the win I will fist pump the air cause I been waiting to see Niles go over so he can get some momentum. Evans had a solid RP as well it was a good read.

Spooky and Ochos thread was a great back and forth fight between the two and I can't wait for them to expand on this feud. Especially in a tag team math and after Ocho made his Air Time post when Spooky was injured this should be a good match to read. Both had great RPs, good to see Doom pop in after he was beaten with a Ban Stick. As for Ocho I like the character enough that I read the RPs 2/3 times.

My match. Oh lord! Minstrel! I told Brian after he booked this that I couldn't wait to jump in this thread cause I love reading his work and the story progression. And it was a good RP. I never do the half storyline half promo. But I always enjoy reading. And Straws Kerry Kuroyama is just the baby face you expect. So it was all great stuff.

As far as in IWF Fear and Paz and that, I really think the push for the Washington State Title is gonna come down and the first move to begin touring will happen. I like the regime change and I could see way in the future Paz trying to take full control.

Out of character. More handlers please! Haha.

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