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CR9 Is Up! WE did it!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Pat yourselves on the back... then praise me... Then read it... Then tread lightly lol

1 Week and 55 Minute turn around!

There maybe some mistakes as, admittedly ... portions were rushed due to IRL factors as well as a need to bolster confidence in all you wonderful handlers who helped make this happen!

IWF is officially back! Let's keep it moving!

Great deal of thanks to all the RPers, and to: Colde, Hopper, Colin, Strawsma, John, Ford, Patrick, Joe and brusch!

and Justin of course... for starting this whole thing!

Line ups will be up sometime tomorrow after everyone gets a chance to read! Hope it isn't too terrible.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Let me fire this off.

Match of the Night: I have to vote for Niles vs Ministrel, it was a well put together match up.

Face of the Night: Kerry has to get the note here, overcoming Paz's attempt to break him apart.

Heel of the Night: I am not gonna vote for my own character, even if he did ruin certain events for you all, so I will pick Ivan Dalkichev for his disgusting attack on Kerry.

Segment of the Night: Mary Lynn is back baby! Glad to see Ford back in the mix and to see where he is going to take direction with his character.

Overall: Show was a good fire off from Surge! I enjoyed the way the cage match was broken up a spits to give a general idea of what happened that night. I know that certain situations forced Brian to write that match but it was good, the recap intro was awesome! I know how frantic and odd mystery style can end up, but over all I did enjoy the card. Few typos, but other than that it was a good relaunch.

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Several mistakes here and there, but then again that's to be expected when you put a show up so quickly. Good job.

Now, on to my analysis:

Vizier ta Seti vs Perfection - I've never heard of a taped match being "chopped up" and broadcast piece by piece, however it did add some suspense (and a bit of momentum-killing) to it. Good match, and the ending casted a veil of mystery over the outcome. Did Perfection really win? Or did he lose and attack Seti after the match, then posed as the new champ? Hoping the answers are answered at the next Chain Reaction.

Show Introduction - Nicely put together highlights from Surge.

Cecil Fathington vs Dusty Rogers - Nice debut for Farthington, completely dominating Dusty. Wonder what'll he do next time.

Jake Evans vs Stephan Waltz - Interesting promo by Evans before the match. Makes him seem like a real badass. Another dominant debut here, Waltz didn't stand a chance. Not sure what to make of Creed trying to make Jake come off as some kind of serial murderer, though.

Leyenda de Ocho vs Spooky Doom - Fast pace, high risk match here. I knew there wouldn't be a clear winner, and the post-match brawl was good. Hope they continue the feud.

Johnny Niles vs The Minstrel - And Niles' slump continues! Just kidding, it doesn't really bother me that much, assuming that the losing streak will lead to something good. Anyways, good back-and-forth match between these two. Mary-Lynn's return was was a welcome surprise.

Kerry Kuroyama vs RAGING RUSSIAN - Decent match. Kerry winning was a surprise, as I expected Ivan to destroy him. Well he did afterwards, so I doubt this is over.

Overall: A great show following Surge. Hope to see more Mystery Style events in the future.
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