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Crazy isn't the word.


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Dec 28, 2014
Knoxville, TN
[In the Stastias apartment building, which was perfect to hold a party in, Emevlas had bought a stool to sit in.

"Think of it more as 'pleasantly unstable,' sweetie."

[The suddenness(?) of how Emevlas stated that would normally throw people off. Painted up and ready to go to DePaul, Emevlas looked and felt dangerously ready to drive her mechanized opponent through all the tables.]

"Go-Go, fear is yo' only God, and I will guide you to Him, just like I did to my last federation's rising star."

[Emevlas got up and was about to turn the camera off, but remembered...]

"Oh, by the way, Harley Quinn was only crazy 'cause of The Joker's horrible influence and horribly unfunny jokes. I'm like I am because I've made such a negative mental and physical impact on people and've been proud of it, still am to this day."

[Quite the smirk crosses Mevy's lips.]

"I am the creator, and there's no shelter from the creator, fo' she is the FRONT LINE, and she is everywhere. I AM FEAR EMBODIED! Therefore, I am yo' only God, Go-Go!"

[Emevlas takes a breath, and remembers that she has an opponent tonight, so she gets up to turn the camera off, thus ending the scene with a cut to black.]

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