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Crossing out Rabesque



HAX29: Dude, you missed it!

43OR34: What happened at the show?!

HAX29: It was awesome! NO ONE seen this one coming!

43OR34: Seen what?

HAX29: It was a solid show anyway when...


“Where do I start?” Nathan Cross said from behind the curtain. Immediately, his CROSSovers, the few in attendance, leapt to their feet. Several others followed suit, not sure who this was but figuring he was a ‘face’ to get cheered so rabidly by these people. ‘Learn to Crawl’ by Black played as Nathan stepped out of the curtain. The crowd recognized him, those cheers from the ‘sheep’ changing to match the boos of the general populace in attendance.

“The beginning?” He said “How about that I came in with NO pomp and circumstance... the heir apparent to wrestling gods like Steve Lombardi, Barry Horowitz, Randy Mulkey, and Carl Brigsby. But something happened on the way...” Nathan stopped for a moment, the crowd overwhelmingly booing him as he scanned to find - -

“YOU happened,” he said while pointing at a sign waving, homemade t-shirt wearing CROSSover nearby. The CROSSover screamed that much louder as several people around him began booing him, only garnering more cheers from this fan. “You watched the matches... you heard the mantra... YOU answered the call. And the CSWA didn’t know what to do... with... YOU.”

“So they did what they always do... they buried the person they couldn’t control - like Alex Wylde, I got ‘over’ on my own. No promotional buildup. No ‘new blood’ mantra. Nothing. Just myself, a ring, and a string of half-witted opponents. So I built to a well-deserved Greensboro title shot, a chance to be what I already am... a champion. And Kin Hiroshi gave a great match on MY show, On Time. The match was inconclusive, but the end result screamed one thing - this had to have a finish.”

“But that just couldn’t happen. I had no build up, no corporate funded fan base... I was dangerous. So during the obvious rematch, Jeannie Rabesque- -“ Nate had to stop as the fans cheered Rabesque’s name. Nate’s face contorted slightly before he rolled his eyes and put the mic back to his mouth. “Jeannie had to interfere... and take my shot from US. Jeannie ran in with a chair and attacked the then champion.”

“So ISN’T IT IRONIC... that the same thing happens to him when HE is the champion. And ISN’T it a wonder that the rest of the sheep have forgotten what I did, what I gave in that ring to YOU. Of course you forgot when Merritt dropped me from PT, and Showtime, and even ON TIME! To those of you with an attention span the size of the common 1 year old that still plays peek-a-boo and REALLY thinks someone disappears when they hide their eyes, of course you forget.

“But YOU didn’t forget,” he said, again gesturing to a CROSSover. “And I didn’t forget. I didn’t forget what Jeannie did. I didn’t forget what Merritt did. And I WON’T forget what these fans have done - turning on me, and more importantly... on my CROSSovers.”

“My mamma always said that I held a grudge from the point I was born, and maybe she’s right... then again, maybe she was drunk with her 15th boyfriend... whatever - I remember. And after Showtime, you’ll all remember Jeannie Rabies...”

He paused for several long moments, scanning the crowd and pointing to several more CROSSovers in the crowd.

“He’ll be Greensboro’s FORMER champion. I will succeed... cause from the very beginning - I HAVE to succeed!”

As the crowd booed, Nate walked back to the curtain. He turned, and raised his arms one final time to his CROSSovers and then disappeared behind the curtain.


43OR34: And?

HAX29: that was what happened.

43OR34: That’s it?

HAX29: Hey, he wasn’t even supposed to be there. As a CROSSover, it was awesome to just SEE him gunning for Rabesque this early in the game.

43OR34: He’ll never get it.

HAX29: Never say never... ever.

43OR34: You’re so stupid

HAX29: and you’ll never get ‘it’.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(The screen comes in on a CSWA backdrop, and then the CSWA Greensboro Championship, the camera slowly then backs away, and we see the image of Jean Rabesque, wearing his normal gear, but instead of the normal cocky smile, we get a look of bewilderment this time, as Rabesque looks into the camera and speaks)

“Can someone please explain this to me? What the hell did I just see? This guy has hopes of becoming the Greensboro Champion, but instead of him actually trying to tell us anything, we instead get some kind of computer conversation between two nerds who have probably never seen a girl in their life, and some random backstage conversation. And this is from a man that wants to be a champion? Is the CSWA going to possibly allow this?

“Let’s get one thing very clear right now Nathan, I don’t think you deserve this shot. What have you done to earn it? Who have you beaten? You got this shot solely because you have been the biggest pain in my ass for the past few months. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not an honorable way to make it to the top. But here’s the thin, now it’s time for you to step up. None of your little tactics can work for you anymore. You need to simply step up, and beat me 1-2-3 inside of the wrestling ring. Think you got it? Let’s be real here Nathan. You might have the slick moves, you might be able to get it done when it comes to GETTING a match you want, but when it comes down to what happens INSIDE the ropes, you simply don’t cut it! Don’t believe me? You’ll find out soon enough.

“Of course you’re probably right now thinking of my involvement with your match with Kin Hiroshi, and that whole saga. Well, Kin had decided that he wanted to start something with me, so I took matters into my own hands, and you know what? (Raises belt) It worked! But here’s a couple fundamental differences we need to get out of the way right now before we can go on. First off, your match with Kin Hiroshi.... simply dreadful! Don’t flatter yourself into thinking you’re something you’re not, and quite frankly, you’re not a very good wrestler. I was coming out simply to put an end to the misery of most of the fans in attendance. Now, I know your few brainwashed followers might think differently, but it really is the truth.

“Secondly, you had no shot then and you have no shot now. Don’t flatter yourself, you’re really not that good. Third, the fans actually got some watchable matches out of the entire ordeal. Whether it was the On Time main event of the kick-off to 15, Kin and I were able to actually wrestle some, and the best man won.

“Finally, Nathan, the major difference is that I actually EARNED my shot. I had taken out GUNS, Hornet, whomever else was handed to me, and I had stepped into the #1 contenders spot. Let’s just say that I exacerbated the process somewhat at your expense. It really wasn’t anything personal Nathan, it was just a matter of me doing what I needed to do, and not really caring who was in my way at the time.

“But hey, it’s all evened out for you right? Instead of getting beat cleanly in the middle of the ring all those months ago, you get the opportunity to be the next person on the list to tap out cleanly in the middle of the ring to the Figure 4. So I guess I’m not understanding where the drama comes in then Nathan. You’re not good enough to win, you weren’t good enough to win, so everything evens out, and you can go back to the midcard where you belong, spending your time with Suicide and Christian Sands, got it?”

(Rabesque pauses for a moment, and then continues)

“Nathan, you’re not the first, and you most definitely won’t be the last. A many number of ‘legends’ have thought they had what it took to take me down. You can ask them yourselves about how successful most of them were.

“But at least you can take solace that you can be added to one hell of a list, the list known as the people unable to get the job done against Jean Rabesque.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am and will continue to be the Greensboro Champion........ you know EXACTLY who I am.”

(Fade out)

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