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Cruise vs. Rage


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-02 AT 05:07 PM (EST)](Fade in to a light blue GXW backdrop.)

VOICE: This upcoming Pay Per View, Fallout, "November Reign", I get to step in the ring with 'The Truth' Tommy Rage.

Well, Tommy, the 'Truth' is....is that you don't really impress me that much. Strong words? Probably. But let's look at this for a moment. In the time that I've been able to find facts out....you've never really faced anyone *yet*.

(Cruise slowly walks in view, pausing every now and then to put thought to words.)

Hellfighter...he put his money on a JOBBER to get him a shot at the world.

Styles? Need I even say anything?

But you've got the audacity to train for a match with an opponent with alcohol and trips to 'Lala-Land'. Now, I'm not trying to defend the kid by saying you did that, but what I *am* saying is that what you did stood for disrespect, lack of integrity and lord knows what else.

I'm not a saint, not in the least, and I don't plan to be poster boy for such defense anytime soon.

(Camera zooms in a bit closer)

But for even someone like Styles, I'd at least give the benefit of the doubt and at least *TRAIN*, for the match and in doing so, drag myself OFF the couch...withOUT alcohol in hand....unless you're following the "Kevin Powers' "Five-Star work out system". If that's the case then nevermind.

But what I'm going to tell you right this second you've probably heard so many times, you hear it in your dreams, but irregardless, listen up.

You ain't SH*T yet. You haven't proven a damn to me yet, and thus far, at the assumption of your rate of Promos....you ain't gonna be.

Don't overlook me.

Get your @$$ out of bed, and put down the bottle.

Lastly, get your @$$ to the Gym....not "Jim's"....and prep yourself for the fight of your life. Our match may not be main event, and to tell "The Truth", it doesn't have to be.

But it's sure gonna feel like it when I'm through.

You don't like the sound of that? Too bad, because that's just a reality check that you can't cash.


(The scene opens up to the private gym of Tommy Rage. Tommy is on the bench pressed, looking like he’s ready to just start a rep. Token is in the back doing curls with a huge amount of weight. The camera stays on Rage, waiting for him to start doing his work out, but it becomes obvious that he’s not really paying attention. )

(Finally Rage sits up, still sitting on the bench and stares into the camera.)

“The Truth” Tommy Rage: OK, OK Token. You don’t have to yell about it, I see that the GXW camera has finally arrived. I wanted to invite the GXW crew here to see just how hard I’ve been working out for this match. I really don’t want some weeping puss to get their wet panties bunched up because I’m not taking things serious enough.

I can’t believe that someone is out here whining and crying that I took a nap and had a few drinks. I’ll give you a number for a good proctologist; he should be able to surgically remove the stick from your ass. Since you’ve been reviewing my match history, you’ve seen that I’ve completely dominated every person that I’ve faced here in the GXW. So exactly what extreme measures should I be taking? Pumping some extra iron? Why so I could win in one minute instead of two minutes.

You’re right, I should be more dedicated because I’ve struggled mightily since arriving here. I’m so sorry that my attitude, my work ethic and my preference of beverage has offended you. No really, this isn’t sarcasm. I came here just to make you happy. Winning matches is secondary to the acceptance of… of… oh whoever the hell you are.

I want to be cool just like you. With groovy catch phrases like “a reality check you can’t cash”. Damn that is just smoking stuff. I’ll overlook the fact that it’s a twenty year old line. You made it sound so fresh.

How about this, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll promise to try and stay awake and maybe even train a little for our match, if you don’t try to keep putting me to sleep with boring promos and decade old material.

(Camera slowly fades to black as The Truth lays back down on the bench press, but instead of lifting weights we see that he has a pillow on the bench. )

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