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CSWA Promo: Machine (Part 1)


League Member
Feb 19, 2004
North Shore, MA
Promo Type: Prepared Media Presentation
Handler: Aidan Campbell
Character: Machine
Subject: Review On-Time San Jose, Prep Primetime San Diego

The camera opens to a ground level shot of pavement. The edge of a double-yellow line can be made out at a high degree of angle as the camera fades in from black. Heat rises from the road and distorts ever so slightly the view as the sound of a highly-revved performance engine slowly makes itself audible and increases in decibel level.

The profile of a roadster-style vehicle comes into view from the same camera angle. As it approaches, the familiar checkered symbol of Berlin Motor Works or BMW comes into view and is clearly visible just before the shot suddenly pans....

sudden cut..
sound: downshifting of gears, and the vehicle responds with a warm, strong sound of power.

The camera opens to reveal much of the same shot, though it is immediatly apparent that the shot has spun 180 degrees to reveal the same vehicle now departing its vantage point. Exhaust rises and the wake of the roadster moves a light dusting of sand in circles which cross the lens.

camera angle seamlessly rises and pans to an above view of the roadster.

Sunlight reflects off chrome and in the driver seat we find a man known only as Machine. Dressed in black from head to toe, his blond crew-cut strikes a high contrast against the dark interior of the vehicle.

camera suddenly cuts to a side view of Machine from inside the vehicle. All sound of the outside world cuts and a freeze frame occurs. Color bleeds to black and white.

Black and White shot of Machine, his well-toned arms protruding from a black Hanes T-shirt and directing the car. The sinew of his right arm is indicative of upshifting on the transmission. Chrome reflective "mirror" diesel shades wrap around his face. There is no indication of the facepaint or Nordic imagery that surrounds the man in the ring, but his frame is ominous enough.

Voice Over: "Wenn es gibt, ist eine Sache in dieser Welt, der ich sie erlernt habe, die Wirklichkeit der Ursache und des Effektes."
{Subtitled: If there is one thing in this world I have learned it is the reality of cause and effect.}

camera cuts from this image to a taped feed from the last CSWA On-Time.

Camera shot reveals Machine, standing in a sharp silhouette against the dark scan lines of the TV Wall. Without music or entrance video the crowd remained silent as if stunned by the appearance of someone who didn't care about presentation.

camera cuts to a rearward view of Machine as he stared down JJ DeVille in the ring.

Machine's wide muscular frame reflected the arena lights off the oil and water pressed into him prior to the match. After a brief moment to raise his fists into the air, Machine strode with a purpose..and what presentation he did make, with face painted in the traditional Norse runes for strength and victory was all too effective.

camera cuts to freezeframe and color bleeds to black and white.

Voice Over: Ich kenne nicht den Namen des Mannes, den ich an "On Time" besiegte, noch I Obacht. Der Effekt unserer Sitzung ist eine, die er bald nicht vergißt.
{Subtitles:I know not the name of the man I defeated at "On Time", nor do I care. The effect of our meeting will be one he will soon not forget.}

Sound cuts and echoes the words .. He will soon not forget...soon not forget... not forget..... actually "die er bald nicht vergißt"

CSWA logo on White.. The Man known as Machine... will be back, after these commercial announcements...


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