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CSWA World: Joey Melton vs. Shane Southern


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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of a CSWA backdrop...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Deja'vu? Eh' Melton? Not really when ya' think ah'bout it. Tha' two names are tha' same ... but there's a whole new set of sh<BLEEP>t ta' deal with. "

" Here, yer tha' big fish, n' I'm tha' guy ever'body ignores. When ya' talk ah'bout tha' CSWA n' what it's meant to tha' wrestlin' world, a few names come ta' mind. Hornet, Guns, Randalls, Flair, Deacon, Windam....n' yes, Melton. It's who ever'body thinks of ... n' even though, most of those guys abandoned ship months, if not YEARS ago, it's STILL tha' names this place stakes its reputation on. N' it's why tha' CSWA is goin' down faster than fifteen year old tart on Troy Windam's <BLEEP>. "

" Sammy Benson, god luv tha' stupid SOB, seems ta' have more of ah' hard-on fer tha' guys that ain't here no more than tha' guys that are. N' that's tha' way management feels too. Thomas givin' you that title was just par fer tha' course 'round here. Nobody cares about those of us who ain't been ah'round fer more than ten years. Screw us. "

" N' that's tha' way most of tha' fans are too. "

" They'd rather stare longingly at a Hornet poster from 1988 than watch a classic match between a guy like me n' any number of other guys who've tried ta' break tha' glass ceilin' here. As long as somebody that's appeared in all nine copies of tha' CSWA Who's who of tha' wrestlin' world, tha' CSWA Universe is grinnin' like a kid inna' candy store. "

" They couldn't take Dan Ryan as champion, so they stripped him. They can't take Shane Southern as champion, so they've been screwin' me since I stepped through tha' door. "

" Well it's time ta' stop takin' it, n' start dishin' it out. Primetime, I take CENTER stage, n' THIS time, Joseph Melton, tha' CSWA is gonna' have ta' KILL me ta' keep me from takin' that belt from you. "

" You know that you can't beat me straight up Joey. You KNOW I'm better than you. I fully expect tha' closet of ol' tricks ta' be cleaned out at Primetime, but you can bet that I'm not gonna' be fooled ah'gain. "

" Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me TWICE, shame on ME. Fool me a third time, .... "

" You get your F<BLEEP>in' head knocked off. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(FADEIN: Joey Melton in front of an CSWA backdrop.)

MELTON: Wow, Shawn...and I thought IVY was a bi*ch.

I'm the World Heavyweight Champion Southern because I took the old-fashioned route. I EARNED it. The blood, the sweat, the tears, the Pooljams...it all finally paid off, and I defeated Dan Ryan to become World Champion! And it feels darn good!

You can say I'm partying like it's 1989, you can throw stones at the glass ceiling all you want, but that doesn't change one simple fact...

More backissues of the Tribune are flying off shelves than ever before! (Name Censored) and Thomas have tried to move Southern merchandise, they've tried to put Miles, and Mayfield, and BALCO Ryan on magazine covers, and squeeze them into guest spots on the UPN Saturday night lineup, but they were shut down at every corner!

My man Bono once said, "you glorify the past when the future dries up." And because of the lot of you, Shawn, it's bone dry!

But let's not make the mistake of thinking we're all stuck in the Matrix here.

I'm Tag Team Wrestler of the year.

And I've been places baby! I've seen things that most men can't see, and it's happened in 2004!

I'm the "IT" wrestler for the 10th time in my career!

If you want Center Stage Southern, please, come and take it. I'm sure Thomas would love nothing more! You've had the Invitation for far too long.

Greatness doesn't bite, Shawn. It's okay.

At PRIMETIME 500 you have to decide whether to watch the legend, or become one.

The Party was over, before it'd even begun. As Cam would say, THAT's a reality check you just don't like!


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