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Duke Williams

League Member
Feb 2, 2007
Chicago, IL

I want you to join my federation and help build this thing from the ground up. I'm looking for 12-16 players who are a bit insane, and can put that insanity on paper.

This federation is going to take place in the current day and age but have a very 70's to 80's wrestling feel. Everybody will have a feud partner every cycle unless asked to just go at it alone. We are going to treat the federation as a small promotion and let it grow organically.

What this fed will offer.

-Weekly shows
Right now I'm looking at one show a week with a light work load. Matches will be short and too the point and segs will be encouraged to help sell your wrestlers personality.

-Bi weekly radio show
If you've ever heard my radio shows they are fun and professional. I'd like to do one of these every few weeks and hope players add to them and help add another aspect of creative to our game. I think this will be a major selling point to give our federation exposure and help it grow in popularity.

-Complete Realism
We are going to treat this federation and the story's with in it as wrestling. I'm looking for guys who write characters who get they are wrestlers and work toward wrestling goals. I don't mind a character who is a vampire as long as it can be acknowledged as a gimmick in some capacity (understandably not by the character).

-A compelling federation story
We are going to start small and grow. For the first 6 months we probably won't ever do shows anywhere but Chicago. We do have a TV deal with WGN which is a local network that happens to be picked up by most cable providers. So we are lucky in that way but that dosn't mean much as far as budget.

-Competitive role play environment
I love watching writers show off their talents and PPV (major cards) matches will be determined by roleplay. While much of the shows will be used to build toward the major match at the ppv. This gives guys a break from busting their asses contently putting up new material. The weekly shows will have rping and guys whom choice to do so will be rewarded by card placement.

-Creative freedom and direction
I've worked in the entertainment industry my entire adult life. I've been stifled by stiff suit wearing jagoff's and bean pushers. I will not do that to anybody as long as they are not sucking the fun out of others in the process. All I ask is to stay in the realism of the world we create. Anything else run by me is going to be oked and supported. If you and somebody else want to do some wild complex angle I will support it.

-Fun Out of Character atmosphere
I've always been crazy but its kept me from going insane as the bearded man once sang. I like to have fun and be goofy. I'm hoping our OOC boards will be a local bar where you can say what you want and everybody can joke around and get along. It was that activity that made the great feds I was a part of appealing. PCW had it and so did the early PRIME. I hope to bring that to our fed as well.

IF you would like to join please PM me or e-mail chicagolaw79@hotmail.com your:
Short Bio:

....and we'll take it from there.


Cousin Brucie

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'Cause I wasn't really feelin' well
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His ol' buddy Pat Small
Two old hairy ass hillbillies
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And afterwards you got no where to go
You're just a hairy ass hillbilly
Still up and hangin' on

Duke Williams

League Member
Feb 2, 2007
Chicago, IL
3 of 12 roster spots filled.

Come join the Duke! Join now and I'll give you a back rub and a 2 liter of cherry 7-up.




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