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Dahaka v Reynolds


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
(The scene opens backstage inside the Greenfield Stadium in Trelawny, Jamaica where NEW ERA's next live edition of Raucous is preparing to hit the airwaves in just a few short hours from now. NEW ERA backstage interviewer, Sam Baxter is standing in front of a RAUCOUS backdrop layout with a microphone in his hand.)

Sam Baxter: Sam Baxter here with NEW ERA here live inside the Greenfield Stadium as thousands of native Jamaican fans begin piling into the arena for Raucous. I am standing alongside one of NEW ERA's latest aquisitions as "Harbenger Of Fate and Death Incarnate", "The Mother Of Mendacity", "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka is all set for singles action tonight when she takes on "The Future" Rex Reynolds.

(The camera fades out as "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka steps into view standing along side Sam Baxter. The physically impressive, but enigmatically dark and mysterious Dahaka towers slightly over Baxter slightly for a female. She is wearing her trademark all-red leather attire with her matching leather hat on her head. Her long firey-red hair falls freely over the hat and down past the middle of her back. Her round John Lennon style mirrorshade sunglasses reflect outward as she stares quietly patiently awaiting to speak.)

Baxter: Nakita, last week on Raucous, you made your NEW ERA debut in not only a tag team match, but the opening round of the World Tag Team Title Tournament when you and John Doe teamed up to take on The Saviors Of Wrestling. They advanced despite the impressive showing that you had in the your match especially given the fact that you are not known for being a tag team wrestler yourself. But more people are talking about the break down that transpired between you and Doe. What happened, and is this the end or the beginning of things to come?

(Nakita Dahaka raises her head, turns her head slightly over to Baxter looking at him. His reflection bounces off of her glasses. She then smiles as she turns her attention back toward the camera. Baxter gulps with anixiety and lets out a sigh of relief as he nervously holds the mic in front of her.)

Nakita Dahaka: Last week, NEW ERA feasted their eyes on The Dark Phenom. I didn't even have to win, and look what happened. Everybody's talking about me. That's all people have been talking about ever since I came back and started kicking ass, taking names all over this circuit of professional wrestling. Now here I am in NEW ERA. Even if I happen to lose, I still win. I may not be a team player, but I saw potential when I saw it in the form of John Doe, but his ego wouldn't have it wouldn't he. I did exactly what I said I would. I carried that match, but when it came right down to it, FATE intervened and Doe became the sacrificial lamb of my slaughter. I set it up, and if anything the so-called Saviors of Wrestling should be kissing my pretty white ass for helping them to advance. As far as this being over between Doe and Me? I'm just...GOING WITH THE FLOW...If he wants to make up for his shattered little ego he knows how and where to find me. I am never hard to find. But remember this Doe, Dahaka means Fate and you will...like everybody else ultimately will meet yours.

Baxter: Moving on from Doe. Also, on Rapture, The new tag team, Kaira Hastings
and Faye "Wildcat" Walker of The Cat's Meow also took notice on you Nakita as they called you out and said some rather brash comments directed toward you. What are your thoughts on them?

Nakita: So two little p*ssy...(She looks down at Baxter and lets out a sigh like she almost sounded dejected that she has to correct herself before moving on without skipping a beat.) CATS...think that they wanna talk a little trash with Harbenger of Fate and Death Incarnate? Well you know what they say...MEOWWWWW....Here kittie cat...I'm always where the money's at. Well not everybody, so it came from me. Oh well. Still these two little foolish girls think the same thing that everybody who has ever set foot in the ring with me before them, John Doe, or Rex Reynolds is just another girl with some goth complex. They think that I'm all talk. They have no idea what is really coming their way. I am more than anything that they could possibly imagine. I am The Harbenger of Fate and Death Incarnate. I am The Mother Of Mendacity. I am The Dark Phenom Nakita Dahaka. I'm the very woman, that can and will walk up to you where you stand. Smile sweetly, gut your ass like a fish. watch you bleed all over my shoes. I'll wipe the knife off, and disappear without a trace. You will never find me. There is an old saying, everyone in the world will encounter The Devil sometime in their lifetimes. So my little bit of gospel truth to you Hastings and Walker. When do you want to come face to face with the Devil? I'll give you two some time to think about that.

Baxter: Moving onto your oponant for Raucous as you take on Rex Reynolds in singles actions.

Nakita: Awe yes Rex Reynolds. So you call yourself The Future. That's such a trite word. You think that your The Future. What makes you think that you this? Or better yet, what makes you think that you even have one beyond tonight after our match? Like I told the two little girls with an itch to scratch. I'll tell you the same thing. The Devil's coming for you. She's paying you a visit. You will meet your fate. You will bleed. You will suffer. You will dwell in hell and agony, but know this. I will not be taking you to hell because...

(Nakita removes her glasses and motions for the camera to zoom in for an extreme close on her face. Her green eyes peer hauntingly into the the camera.)

I AM HELL! I am suffering. I am pain. I am agony. I am the Dark Harbenger that will bring you into the light of your fate. So prepare for Oblivion Mr Future because in the end. The Omega is coming for you.

And on that note. I say that unto you...

So it is said...

Let it be known...

So it shall come to pass...

It is written....

Another chapter according to MY GOSPEL...

(Nakita puts her sunglasses on and walks off away from Baxter. He shudders with fear as he brings the mic back up to his mouth.)

Baxter: Cold, truthful declaring words from The Dark Phenom. Will they come to pass or will Rex Reynolds see the Future and live to fight another day. Stay tuned to NEW ERA RAUCOUS right here tonight. This is Sam Baxter reporting to you live from Trelawny, Jamaica. Good night, and stay tuned.

(The scene fades out.)

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