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Damn, I feel old today


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
Wow, is it the 27th of October already? Damn and I do mean DAMN! like Ron Simmons used to say. I'm saying this mostly because today I'm now officially 26 years old as of two hours ago.

Weird huh?


League Member
Sep 18, 2004
Two things...

First off happy birthday.

Second, as I too am in the 7th month of my 26th year, I want you to know that the year doesn't go by that badly. Actually this year has flown by without much incident. I hope the same happens for you. If by chance things don't go the way you plan this year, remember if it's gonna go down in flames...make it a ****ing inferno....

Cheers and don't do anyone...I mean anything I wouldn't...

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