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Dark Match: Ice v Hayze



Darkness-thats all ive seen in my lifeUntil Now! Destrucity is the right place, the right time for the Iceman to finally come back to the new era of wrestling, in a dark match. being in a dark match does not bother me, because it is going to be the start of something epic!ive been left out to rot and get old by the new era of wrestling but my time has finally come. i thought my career was over when the tag team division was cancelled here in the new era. i came here with my tag team partner Esco to dominate the tag team divison and get oyr hands on the gold; but the men in the suits upstairs, the very men who decide out futures decided to cancel the tag team division
My tag team partner Esco found another federation but i wanted to make it here, to prove all my doubters that i could be the best. you may not still believe me but im like a ticking time bomb ready to set off and when i face Hayze at the pay per view, i will show all the other wrestlers what i am about- and after i have beaten Hayze till he can no longer utter a breath or flinch his eyelids that will tell all the other wrestlers in the back what is going to happen to each and everyone of them.
i see the people in the back who are making a career on their gimmicks with varely any wrestling skills, well im not one of them, i am what you see- im a BEAST!pissed off with the way i have been treated, i grew up in the backstreets of sacramento california with only me and my 2 brothers only getting food by fighting for it, i have been a fighter all of my life and im not going to stop now- im going to wreak even more havoc!i grew up with no parental figures in my life, no guidance, that was until i surprised even myself by winning a backyard wrestling tournament. im used to winning, but im always winning as a team- ITS TIME TO MAKE IT BY MYSELF!
i will KILL Hayze, that wrestler who i have never heard of!i will come to the ring and i will be nothing but serious!i will rip him apart till teh ICEBOMB EXPLODES!

Jive: whats eating him up?

Gheorghe: well the owners of the f4ed have put him on the shelf for months, he just wants to prove something to them by descimating Hayze-but will he?wait till to Destrucity to see!

Jive: I cant wait Gheorghe!


League Member
Apr 8, 2004
On The Road Again

We open with a battered old VW van, heading up a back roads highway. It’s red with flecks off white bird feces and brown-gold rust covering the entire frame. The front window is filthy; it’s a wonder that the driver can see where he’s going at all. The camera does a slow fade into the back area of the van. It’s cluttered with milk crates, paper bags, McDonald’s wrappers, assorted clothes, and cassette cases. This is obviously someone’s home.

The camera pulls forward to the front cab. The passenger’s side is littered in a manner quite like that of the back of the van. On top of all the other junk, though, is a pair of red wrestling tights with gold trim. The lay neatly folded on top of an empty two-liter bottle and a dirty rag or two. The driver’s side is filled by one man: Alister Hayze. He’s let his blond hair grow back out to his shoulders; he likes it better that way. It makes him feel like he belongs on the road again. He’s bulked up a little. He can tell because the 901 T-shirt that used to fit him so well is now really tight. He makes a mental note to have some more made. He stares ahead at the road, humming a tune to himself since the tape deck got stolen back in Memphis.

ALISTER HAYZE: You know, I really missed this. I missed it all, I mean, but this here. Driving to the show, thinking about what you’re going to do, who you’re going to face. It’s all very calming. Very Zen. It takes you someplace inside…I don’t know if I can describe it well enough. It’s anticipation, and that’s oftentimes better than actually being there. You know it’s going to be good. Hell, you know you’re going to be good. You can see them cheering, you can hear the pop with mat gets slapped 1, 2, 3...it’s a little scary that way. It doesn’t matter who wins, you know there will be a pop. And you know, no matter who you are, there’ll be someone in that crowd who loves you. There will be someone who says, “Damn, that guy is AWESOME!” Even if it’s one person…it’s still a fan.

There was a time when I would rant and rave about being placed in a dark match. Alister Hayze is Pay-Per-View material, my friends, make no mistake about that. I’ve main evented, and I’ve had some frickin’ great matches. That’s just what ol’ Al does, my friend. He wows you when he gets on the mat. Yeah, I would totally have gone off on some huge diatribe about how I’m being misused, or something to that effect. But not now…Now is a New Era…And all that I’ve done before needs to get forgotten. What matters now is who I face today, and then tomorrow, and then the next day. What matters now is what happens in the ring marked “N-E-W.” The slate is wiped clean, and it’s as if I’ve never done anything at all. Whether it’s televised or not, the match is the whole world from now on.

Don’t get me wrong; Al is not taking a sabbatical. There is no new me. I haven’t “found my smile” or anything. If you’re nothing compared to me -- and, let’s be honest with ourselves, not a lot of people can live up to my ability -- then you’re going to hear about it. A LOT. Especially after I beat you. And I will. Ice, pay attention to this bit, because it involves you. I will beat you. Period. There is no doubt about that. This may be a dark match now…but keep in my mind what I told you earlier…Alister Hayze is Pay-Per-View material.

Which brings us to Mr. Iceshon. Now, Ice, I’m sure you’re so cool you’re chilly, or else you’re liable enough to kill a man in COLD blood…There’s all sorts of clever things you can do with that. Judging from what I’ve heard from you, you’re more of the “stone cold killer” type. You’ve been a fighter all your life, you like beating people up, and, most importantly, it seems you plan to kill me in the ring. You’ve never heard of me, either, which doesn’t say much, considering I’ve never heard of you. What matters is ability, and I got that in spades, man. You can bring your A-game, you can promise to go for my blood. It doesn’t matter which you decide to do, you poor confused soul. I can brawl with the best of them, and I can out-wrestle just about anybody. You’re on that list, too.

Listen, Ice…I never thought I’d say this, but it’s not about the gab. It’s about how good you are. Now, I’m good at gabbin’, but I’m absolutely fantastic at wrestling. And I am going to flatten you. It’s not because you’ve ticked me off, because, frankly, I was laughing through all of your threats. It’s because Alister Hayze is a Pay-Per-View kinda guy, and it’s time to show the New ERA of wrestling just what they’re missing by leaving me in the dark.

Fade out as Hayze guns the accelerator, his blue eyes pointed at Chicago.


League Member
Apr 8, 2004
Silence in the Dark

<i>We open on that familiar, battered, VW van, parked in a vacant lot in front of a White Castle. It's late, almost two in the morning, and everyone has closed up shop and gone home. There are still lights on in the restaurant, but the van is parked several spaces away from that haven of onion-cooked burgers. No one passes by on the streets, and everything is so still that you can just tell this isn't the nicest part of town. You just wait for the noise of glass breaking or the sound of screaming. You know it's coming.

Inside the van, we find one <b>Alister Hayze</b> seated in the front seat, his feet on the dash. There is a fresh paper bag in the seat next to him. He crams a last little burger into his mouth, licks his fingers, and then turns to the camera.</i>

ALISTER HAYZE: As you can all very plainly see, I am here. I've been here, actually, for quite awhile. It's not that big a trip up from Memphis. So I'm sitting here, in the dark, hearing not a single solitary peep. And I'm just curious why.

Maybe Mr. Iceshon thinks that his serious attitude alone will win the day. Maybe he knows something I don't, something about a drive deep inside himself not readily apparent to those of us looking in. Maybe he has that spark, that fire, that passion that is going to make it possible for the quite simply amazing Alister Hayze to be rung limb from limb. But maybe...and this is a big maybe, don't get me wrong...just maybe, I got to him.

Don't think that it makes you less of a man, Ice. We can't all have witty rejoinders or a library of comebacks that never fails us. Some of us, quite frankly, have to be the straight man. There is nothing wrong with being the second best in this contest. There always has to be a second best. It's just the way it works. I just think that you're having trouble adjusting to your role. I mean, for someone that calls himself "Ice," you're awfully hot-tempered. Perhaps -- and again, this is all hypothetical, mind you -- perhaps you don't want to be second best. I'm sorry, Ice, but when you step into the ring with yours truly, you don't really have much of a choice.

There is a solution to your dilemma, Ice, though you may not want to hear it. No matter how long the anger and denial phases are, everyone eventually gets to acceptance. The right thing to do -- the healthy thing -- is to <i>NOT</i> bottle it up inside. That just leads to all sorts of problems, believe you me. If you use silence to make yourself angrier, then you're not only making yourself mute, you're making yourself blind. It is the only way it could possibly be. I know, you want to prove yourself after being shelved by management. I understand that completely. I'm just the same way, man. This is a New ERA. Nothing that came before matters. I'm looking to prove myself too. So it's the epic struggle for dominance, all over again. You and me, Ice, best...and second best. It is the way of the world, and no amount of silent sulking will change that.

You and me, Ice...you and me...

<i>Fade to black as Hayze leans back, reclining in the darkness, waiting for the silence to break.</i>

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