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Dave Rydell


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Feb 21, 2015
- Handler Name: Dave
- Contact Info: Twitter @redfusion_ugwc
- Current EFed (if any): UGWC - Unified Global Wrestling Coalition
- Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Yes, Eden Morgan

Character Name: Dave Rydell
Appearance: Ken Kennedy (For picture purposes)
Height: 70"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: McLean, Virginia (Residing in Austin, TX)
Theme Song: "Thunderkiss '65" by White Zombie

Entrance: The lights in the arena drop down, and begin to flash red, white, and blue as "Thunderkiss '65" blares over the pa system. Once the song picks up, Dave Rydell steps out onto the stage, sporting his multi cam shorts, black "Dave "The Virus" Rydell" t shirt, and his multi cam ball cap, reading "Infidel" on the front. He saunters down the ramp, soaking in the cheers from the crowd, shaking a few hands as he approaches the ring. Dave Rydell walks about to the steps and enters the ring. He heads to the furthest turnbuckle, climbing up, removing his shirt and tossing it into the crowd. He stares out at the thousands in attendance, soaking in the cheers and adulation. Rydell then hops down off the turnbuckle and stretches in place awaiting the opening bell.

Alignment: Face
Wrestling Style: Brawler, High Flyer, Technician
10 Favorite Move(s):

1. Superkick
2. Spear
3. Sharpshooter
4. Shooting Star Press
5. Jabs to the head (ala Bubba Dudley, including the crotch grabbing taunt)
6. Military Press Spinebuster (ala Goldberg)
7. Full Nelson Slam
8. Sleeper Slam
9. Belly to Belly Suplex
10. Shining Wizard

5 Signature Move(s):

1. Fire Mission (Clothesline From Hell)
2. Damage Plan (Anaconda Vise)
3. Highlight of the Night (5 Star Frog Splash)
4. Lights Out (Code Breaker)
5. The After Shock (Wade Barrett's, Wasteland)

Set-up Move: Whatever makes it happen out of nowhere.
Finishing Move: The Virus of Life
Finishing Maneuver Description: Randy Orton's, RKO. Can be hit out of nowhere, and at any point in time.
Character Details:

Gimmick: An Army Veteran, solid supporter of the troops. He dedicates all of his accomplishments and earnings to the troops. He will spend a lot of his free time doing things for them, i.e.: events and such to boost morale, possible trips overseas for USO shows, etc. He is a true patriot and will never do anything to compromise his integrity and love of America.

History/Details: Dave Rydell is a highly accomplished professional wrestler. He has won over 30 Championships across four federations, most of which came from the Lock Wrestling Federation, where he finally found his niche. He made the transition when the LWF was "bought out" by the UGWC and entered as the LWF World Champion. Failing to walk out as the new UGWC Undisputed Champion, he went on a downward spiral of losses, substance abuse, and was only able to capture the UGWC Chaos Championship. He lost the title a week later, and then severed the ties between any of his allies, and soon left the company. A few years later, he resurfaced for a short lived return to action, and went back into obscurity. Finally, in early 2014, he made a final comeback. He set his sights on the UGWC Cross Hemisphere Championship. He was a former 3 time holder of the Title, and set out to become the first ever 4 time Champion. After 6 months of grueling battles with the then Champion, KvK, he was able to defeat his nemesis in a TLC Match, achieving his dream. Dave Rydell held on to the Championship until an event called, the Run of the Mill, where he lost his coveted title to Alan Wallace.

He is now attempting to gain some bit of revenge on Wallace and the Syndicate for the events of days gone past. And for the time being, he wants to improve his in ring abilities and become the absolute best, ever. He is entering the Battle Mania event, to hone in on his skills and face the best competition in the world, to truly see if he is the top dog in the wrestling game.

Anything else you think we’d need to know about a character in order to write them into the Battlemania event?

Formerly known as Red Fusion across a few other e-Feds. UWF, LWF, XHF, and part of his tenure in UGWC.

Dave Rydell is a patriot. He sports multi cam pants, sometimes cut off into shorts, with desert tan, Nike brand boots. He will wear a self made shirt, with his image (Ken Kennedy) printed on the front. He is fueled by anger and performs better under extreme situations of pressure. Due to his extensive military background he is skilled in hand to hand combat, and is a brawler by nature. His finisher, the Virus of Life, has always been his match ender. Many have fallen to the move, and he has modified it on certain occasions to get devastating results. Dave Rydell will do whatever it takes to win, and is one of the most persistent professional wrestlers of this day. Don't believe me? Just ask Eden Morgan. ;)
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