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Davis v Doe

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
DOE:(Voice Over) “Seek vengeance, one will arise, the seeker to victory, the finder to glory.”


An old scene, the old DREDD war room, empty, abandoned, John Doe is sitting on the leather couch a Marlboro Red on his lips as he turns towards the camera.

DOE: “A long time coming, a long time wasted, match after match into a seeking vortex of demise and loss, no more. Not a damn person to reach out to grab my hand and lead me to victory, no one to guide a lost soul, thus all shall suffer.”

“New Era of Wrestling is the only one to blame for my poor efforts lately. I have to admit, I haven’t done anything wrong, but this management has. They have made me unmotivated to achieve my ultimate goal. Will my dreams survive? No, they are already dead and tarnished by the layer of filth that lies in this roster.”

“I am disgusted by this management’s decision to make me go one on one with a female, a women. Women wrestling men? Is that a joke? Then again, New Era has supplied us with the greatest of entertainments such as faggots shoving dildos up each others 'exit only'.”

“I assume that the management has a very legit reason to putting this girl in the ring, to make me a women beater? Well let me assure you, I have no issue with slapping a b*tch back into place, telling her where her real place belongs”

(The word flashes quickly)The kitchen.”

“Not like there is anything wrong with creating dinners, or cleaning dishes, it just seems more female like tasks, unlike wrestling men. If you want me to grope your breasts I will be more than happy to do so after the show Tina, but in front of a live audience will scream sexual harassment.”

“I don’t like being accused of sexual harassment, even when it is true”

“Yes I know, I am a filthy pig, it’s alright, I understand where you are coming from, if I was you and you were me, I’d just do what is in the best interest of my well being…”

(The word flashes on the screen briefly and faint)Suck

“Not like it would help you in any long term efforts, I mean, unless your name is Shawn Hart…

(The word glimmers slowly down the screen for all to see)Faggot

“I would never talk bad about the man in reality, I mean I am sure he is good at what he does, ring wise as well as backstage wise, how ever he can con the fed head to give him that push up to the top and not in the rear of the roster.”

(He grins)

“Oh well, we all can’t give into the demands of the higher ups now can we. As for this woman they have set me in a match with, god bless you. I pray you come out to the ring and put on one hell of a show, because if now, I am sure that dyke Foxx will be more than happy to take you out to eat, you know, the shocker, two in the pink one in the stink…”

“She would love to make sweet woman love to you, Jonathan Marx would like to watch, as for me, the only real shocker will come when I pin you to the ring, maybe dry hump you like the perverted man I am, and then cream victory goo all over the place.”

“Disgusting is it not?”

“Almost as disgusting as women wrestling.”


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