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Davis vs. Johnson


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
Look Who's First...

(Fade in: "The Hero" Marcus Johnson, dressed in a red polo shirt and blue jeans, sits on the front porch of his home, a serious look on his face.)

Marcus: Well, look who decided to be the first in line to take me on after I have made my return to GXW...or GWE as the case may be. Eric Davis.

(A beat.)

Marcus: Let's take a good look at what happened the last time around... you beat me for the Unified World title only because you had Dan Ryan and company bailing your rear end out. A few months later, Dan Ryan defeats me for the title and does it on his own. And now, here you are, complaining about how Ryan and company have suddenly been holding you back and you're going to do your own Team Phenom to spite him.

(He shakes his head.)

Marcus: The way I see it, Eric, is Dan Ryan got tired of having to hold your hand and guide you through everything because you didn't have the ability to stand on your own. Granted, I do not see eye to eye with Ryan on everything, but he is one hell of a wrestler. You, on the other hand, fall into a different type of category.

Good... but not good enough.

(A slight smile.)

Marcus: But by all means, let's do the dance you want, Eric. I may have been gone for many months, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing and able to slap the taste out of a loud-mouthed punk like yourself. You're one of those guys who just can't accept that there are those who are better than him, so you blame it on others instead of trying to correct your faults. That's your loss, Davis. But I'll be more than happy to continuing making it your loss... by beating you in the ring.

(Another beat.)

Marcus: When I made my return, I said I would not be leaving any time soon. I also said anybody who wanted to face me in the ring could come and get it. Just because you've got a couple of people backing you up, complaining as much as you are about how they aren't getting enough attention to satisfy their egos, that's not going to stop me from showing up and handing you defeat... something you need to get used to having handed to you.

Think I'm wrong about you, Davis?

(His eyes narrow.)

Marcus: Then stop your complaining and prove yourself in the ring for once. You have your chance to do that against me, don't blow it.

Because if you blow it, your complaints will just continue falling on deaf ears.

(Fade out.)

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