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Daymon vs. Black


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
No Fear...No doubt...no defeat in me!

*{Fade In}

*{Cleveland, Ohio}

*{The scene opens backstage inside the Gund Arena in Cleveland in the early hours before GWE Revolution is scheduled to hit the air waves. Stage screws have already made it to the arena and begin to assemble the ring and the set, arranging the light and sounds, etc. Some wrestlers have made it to the arena ahead of others. The camera pans around looking for life as it goes down the hallway and shows numous familer faces scatterered about as they prepare for the show. The camera comes to the locker room door and quietly opens it to step inside. Inside, the camera finds, sitting alone on a bench in a corner is David Allen Black. He is already dressed in his ring attire. His long jet black hair hovering down over his face. You can see bandages all over his body and throw the hair bandages all over his face from the Spin The Wheel/Make A Deal Hardcore I Quit match against Clapper and Troy Douglas at Battlefield Brittain. David Black rocks back and forth on the bench incessantly muttering and talking to himself outloud.}

{Please make the following note that the only signs of life in this locker room at this time is Black and the cameraman holding the camera. Nobody is seen or heard at this time. The camera moves in for a close up, let's listen in.}

David Allen Black: "No fear...no defeat...no Doubt...

"What? Whattyamean no doubt? You mean no Gwen Stefani in here? What's a matter with you guys. We need some hot female action here."

Not that kind of No Doubt dumb ass. He means not even a shadow of doubt will enter into his mind anymore. Not letting fear become the deciding factor in this match. Sheesh man what's the matter with you?"

"Sorry guys, I guess my mind is elsewhere."

"Well get it in the right mind and right focus as we get ready to face Rocko Daymon tonight on Revolution. David already killed Fear, Doubt, and Disbelief because of what they did to poor David at Battlefield Brittian, don't make David kill you too. Because David won't hesitate to waste your ass."

"Nothing but total...absolute...perfection here. Imperfection will be laid to rest here. "

"David will waste you in a heartbeat."

"Yeah David is crazy."

"Yeah David's one crazy, f(beep)ked up son of a *****."

"So if you know what's good for David, you will keep your mouth shut and help David focus on tonight."

"Yeah because David got embarressed at Battlefield Brittain."

"Hey one more screw up from you and David will wipe you out to. "

"What happened at Battlefield Brittain was in the past. It's come and gone. It's nothing but a memory. Time to look to the future. Do not bring that up again."

"Sorry David guys, I don't know what came over me."

"Don't me sorry, be quiet."

"I'm sorr............................

{Long silence}

"Well that takes care of Lust and Self Gradification."

"It's not like David didn't warn'em."

"Because David did...david did...david did."

"Now what does David do with Daymon tonight?"

"Simple, hold nothing back."

"The pain that David inflicts on Rocko knows no bounds, and David never stops."

"Yeah but guys, this isn't a hardcore style match, this is a standard match only. There are no weapons."

"Dude, David is a weapon. David just hasn't released the full force of his power. All this time, even now, David has held back. Even last week at Battlefield Brittain, David held back. David showed mercy and compassion and look where it got David."

"Utter humilations galore?"


"Go David, David rules!"

"Exactly, David ruled once, David will rule again and again and again."

"It's time to get nasty guys. It's time that David opens up the Pandora box inside of David and let loose all of the demons. Spare nothing, waste everything, detroy all who enter our path. Let evil take on a whole new form in David Allen Black."

"It begins again and tonight Rocko Daymon will be the first to suffer THE NEW WRATH!"

"The New Wrath"

"The New Wrath"

"The New Wrath"

{David Black throws his head back tosses all of his jet black hair out of his face as he looks directly at the camera with a very evil grin on his face and rage in his eyes. The camera shows all of the bandages and scars all over his face from what he underwent at Battlefield Brittain. He then walks over to a mirror and begins RIPPING off each and every single bandage off of his face one right after the other.}

"That's right David, don't hide behind those bandages. They are scars. They will make you stronger. Let you become...no EMBRACE the man that you truly are. Even in your defeats you will become stronger. With each and every wound you gained, it doesn't destroy you, it makes you stronger. Even in your defeat, you didn't not lose, you became stronger...mightier...greater than all who is in the world....


{Finally Black rips off the final bandages from his body, some of them because Black ripped them off so hard actually started to bleed again, but Black continues to grin incessantly at himself in the mirror. Drops of blood begin to seep and pour from his wounds that would be almost healed right now but Black reopened himself again. After a few moments Black walks over to the door and cracks the door open to peek outside again.}

{Outside of the locker room, walking down the hallway, GWE freelance journalist Jim "The Hoss" Hosselhoff is walking down the hallway passed the locker room as Black watches on with an evil grin, he mutters to himself but outloud so the camera can hear him.}

Black: "Who's wallowing now...who's wallowing now....who's wallowing now...WHO'S WALLOWING NOW *****!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

{Black shuts the door and begins laughing hysterically to himself at first it starts as a giggle but then turns into a deep, rich, evil rolling laughter that is so loud that it gets the attention of the passing Hosselhoff. At first he is a little concerns, but then waves it off with a roll of his eyes and a shrugging of his shoulders as he continues on with his business disregarding the disturbing laugh with ignorance.}


{The camera slowly fades out on Black's loud, incessant laughter.}

*{Fade Out}


Jan 1, 2000
Press Conference Heard Round the World


(Fade in to the hustle and bustle of a large room filled with many people. Many notable faces in the sports journalism world have gathered here, seating themselves in a squared section of folding chairs set up before a long table bearing three microphones. We fade in as we wait for a press conference to take place. The reporters are talking amongst themselves.)

(From the right, three people enter. The first is Rocko Daymon in casual wear, followed by his wife, Caitlyn, and a man in a white coat, presumably a doctor. The din dies down as the three come behind the table and take their seats, Rocko in the middle, flanked by the wife and doc. He leans in close to the microphone.)

Rocko Daymon
Ladies and gentlemen... I'd like to thank you all for coming here tonight. It's good to see that people still care about me.

(He smirks a bit.)

Rocko Daymon
Anyways, the reason I called you all down here today is not for a standard Q and A session. I had an announcement to make for everybody in the world of professional wrestling...

First, I think I should discuss something. There have been a few rumors flying around about my recent behavior... suggesting that I might have a few screws loose up in the head. I admit, I have been behaving erratically... but my wife Caitlyn quickly discovered why. For more information, I'm going to hand this off to Dr. Henry, my physician...

(The other man leans over his mic.)

Dr. Henry
Thank you, Mr. Daymon.

As many of you know, Mr. Daymon's career was almost cut short about a year ago in a physically challenging match in which he suffered a herniated disk in his neck. He got lucky; it could have easily been broken, leaving him crippled for life, or dead.

Over a year, I have overseen Mr. Daymon's recovery. During that time, he was on medication to help his neck injury heal.

Amazingly enough, around the time Mr. Daymon decided to return to professional wrestling, an ordering mishap occured in the shipment of this prescription drug. What Mr. Daymon received instead of his recouperative medication was a psychoactive drug used for patients of extreme cases of schizophrenia. This drug has been known to have some side effects...

(Daymon nods.)

Rocko Daymon
And unfortunately, I got to experience them first hand. But, everything's been sorted out... I'm back on my original medication... and I've spent the past few days in a clinic having everything flushed out of my system.

But while I was out... away from the gyms, without having to worry about who I would be fighting next, or what would be on the line... I had some quality time to reflect on myself. I've come to the realization... that no matter how hard I try, and no matter how much I want it... the times have changed. Professional wrestling isn't like what it was in my hey-day; it's surpassed that.

I feel I don't belong...

(He pauses for a moment, licking his lips.)

Rocko Daymon
So when I'm done with my match at Revolution... I'm done for good, people. I'm announcing my retirement.

(The crowd becomes abuzz at this news, reacting with surprise. A reporter in the front row raises his hand. It's Jim Hosselhoff, of the Hoss Report. Jim Hosselhoff appears with the permission of handler Jeff Bolichowski. Handlers appreciate it when you ASK to use their characters before writing them in.)

Rocko Daymon

Jim "The Hoss" Hosselhoff
Wait wait, Rocko... can I be hearing this right? You mean, after five years of professional wrestling... you're throwing in the towel? Hanging up the boots? That's it? Finito?

Rocko Daymon
...I wouldn't call it "throwing in the towel". Quite simply, I think I've done this federation a service, and my time has gone on. It's time for me to stop dreaming about reclaiming my lost fame, and handing it over to someone else.

Jim "The Hoss" Hosselhoff
Okay, then, let me get this right... you're scheduled to go against David Allen Black at Revolution. Are you saying that as soon as that match is over, so is your career, or are you retiring as of this moment?

Rocko Daymon
No, when I'm done with David Allen Black, my career is done. And don't think I haven't been thinking about him over the past week. I tried researching his career, but I didn't get any further than Battleground Britain. Did I hear it right when someone reported that he sh*t himself while Clapper threatened him with an axe?

Let's put this into perspective... a year ago, Clapper was the man who put me on the shelf. He nearly broke my neck. When Clapper goes all the way, then expect to be beaten within an inch of your life. You look at the performance of Troy Douglas at Battleground Britain... he never gave up against Clapper. I didn't either. Black, on the other hand... he's a coward. He was reduced to nothing more than a blubbering fool, pleading for his life...

Because of that fact, you could easily argue that I'm more willing to go all the way in this match. I know... this is going to be my final match in professional wrestling. I want it to be my greatest victory ever, and I will be giving it my all. More than what I put up against Clapper... or against Maelstrom, for any of you who have been watching my performance in Empire Pro.

This is it, ladies and gentlemen... my azimuth, at Revolution, against David Allen Black. My final moment to shine. I can't promise that it will be my golden moment in the spotlight, as though everything will go my way... but I can garuntee that I will do everything in my power to see it come out that way. I, personally, haven't heard anything from David Allen Black lately, but I suppose that's irrelevant. I don't care about what he has to say, or what he thinks he's getting into...

What I'm going to do to him at Revolution is going to make Clapper's work look like a slap on the wrist. I couldn't beat Maelstrom, or Christian Sands, or Adam Benjamin... but I sure as hell won't let myself lose to David Allen Black. Expect total revenge.

Any more questions?

(Another reporter stands up, and Rocko nods to him. It's Pete Penzler, from FW Torch--yet another character of Jeff Bolichowski's, used expressly with his permission.)

Pete Penzler
What about your match against Troy Douglas, Cameron Cruise, and Jonathan Marx at Empire Pro, scheduled at Black Dawn?

Rocko Daymon
Yeah, well... I considered going out that way, but then again, title shots are on the line in that kind of match. I honestly didn't want to interfere with the plans of any of the other wrestlers. If I won, what use would a title shot do to me, considering I'd have left the business?

I sent my letter of resignation to Freeman the other night. He was sad to see me go, but he understood. As I understand it, he's looking for a substitute for that match... but I really don't know the details.

(He looks around for more questions, and nods when he sees that he was successful in getting the main point across.)

Rocko Daymon
If that's it, then... I'll be on my merry way.

(He nods, and the three people at the table come to their feet. As they exit to the right, the members of the press applaud. We fade to black.)


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