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Deacon vs. Stanley


Apr 1, 1998
Urbana, OH
(From static, we cut to Lawrence Stanley cutting a recent promo.)

LS: But in the end, the fight I speak of is more valid and more worthwhile a campaign than a futile scrap with my good self. Look inside yourself Mr Adler, do not follow the selfish path, choose the road which benefits yourself and your fellow wrestlers and CSWA fans. Join me in the fight against evil.

(Back to static for a second, followed by Deacon sitting in the middle of an old ring on a rusted steel chair. The chair has seen better days. By the look of Deacon, he probably has also. He is wearing a crimson sweat shirt, the arms cut out and the hood dangling down his back. Tear away pants, like you see with basketball warmup gear, adorns his legs. Addidas tennis shoes are on his feet. He doesn’t look holy, or righteous, he looks tired, sweaty.)

D: My how t’ings change. When I left, you up and coming, dashing up ‘CSWA ladder’. Now, you there. When I left, you put down CSWA, their fans, the people that pay your salary. Now, you willing to bleed for us, for them.

(Deacon looks down for a moment, pondering his next thought.)

D: Now, you sound more like preacher than I. (He smiles) “Do not follow selfish path.” (Smiles again, looks down, semi-laughing to himself in a quiet way.) And with this, it leave me with not sure where to go. If you CSWA, and I CSWA, then why we do this? If GXW hate you, and they certainly not on my favorite list after On Time, then why we do this? Why we step in ring?

(Deacon intently stares into the camera with that practiced intensity.)

D: Not to be a preacher, but the world most famous book say, “Iron sharpens Iron, so a man sharpen the countenance of his friend.” Simplified – friend make friend stronger same way blacksmith take iron to make iron sharper. Blacksmith take iron hammer and pound on iron sliver. That sliver become sword, and in time, that sword become sharp. At On Time, we are black smith and we are sword.

(Deacon stands from the chair. It creaks from the release in weight.)

Even if we not truly friend, in that ring, we ally against GXW. They think we weaken one another. I know, in truth, we only make other ally stronger. You will take me one step closer to learning how to deal with my… limitations. You will test me, much like Hornet did. You will show me where I need work, and I will work it like blacksmith, forming my body from not’ing to sharpened two-edge sword. And in the end, the CSWA be better for match happening.

(Deacon begins to leave the ring)

I’m not what I was… neither are you. T’ings change. After On Time, we change again. It will hurt, but when GXW step in that ring against you or I, they will feel sharpest pain imaginable. I not have proof, but I know it true. That called faith. Now lets give CSWA fans… the evidence.

(Deacon slips out of the ring and out of the solitary overhead light as we fade.)

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