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Decisions, Decisions


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: The home of the GXW superstar we still have yet to see make his return to the federation he once called home.

"The Hero" Marcus Johnson.

We find Marcus, dressed in a polo shirt and khakis, standing alongside a crib. No doubt he is looking over his recently-born daughter, Michelle. Marcus appears to be deep in thought as he stands alongside the crib.

His thoughts are interrupted by his wife, Tiffany, who enters the room and speaks.)

Tiffany: Are you OK?

(Marcus turns, obviously caught a bit off guard by his wife's words.)

Marcus: Oh... yeah, I'm fine. Just was thinking about a few things.

Tiffany: About what?

Marcus: Plenty of things... like how much my life has changed since Michelle entered our lives... how I may now understand where Dan Ryan was coming from on some of the things that affected him...

(He pauses, as if he's not sure what to say next.)

Tiffany: What about Ryan?

Marcus: (pausing briefly) I think I may be understanding in part why Ryan did what he did after what happened to his family. My guess, and it's just a guess, was that the reason he carried on with his GXW career like he did because he believed his family would want what was best for him. I'm not sure if I would have done what he had did, given my questions about my relationship with Mister Dupree.

(Another pause.)

Marcus: But perhaps Ryan saw what he did as doing what his family would want to see him do... do what makes him happy... what would make him a success...

(And yet another pause.)

Marcus: And continue with his wrestling career.

Tiffany: Does this mean you wish to go back to GXW?

(Now we get quite the long pause, as if Marcus is trying to find the right words.)

Marcus: I think... what I need to do... is do whatever it is that will make me happy. I still need to figure out, though, if going back to GXW... will truly make me happy.

(He turns to Tiffany.)

Marcus: If not, then it's time for me to move on with the next chapter in my life... much like I am doing now that Michelle has entered our lives.

Tiffany: Mark... if going back to GXW will make you happy, then do it. You know you'll have my support, no matter what decision you make.

Marcus: (slight smile) Thanks, Tiff.

(Another pause.)

Marcus: Perhaps I need to make a phone call.

(He then turns to leave the room as the shot fades out.)

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