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[DEF] Defiance realeases S01E01 Preview Podcast!


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Jun 26, 2009
Source: defiancefanz.tk

Eric Dane's Defiance has released their first podcast, according to defiance fansite defiancefanz.tk. Don't miss a second of one of the most anticipated new wrestling podcasts of the year! Details were provided as follows:

Defiance TV S01E01
Sunday December 13, 2009
Hosted @ The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA

D1 Champions Carnival Round 1
Jimmy Kort vs Sam Skull [Block A]
Aaron Vasquez vs Josias Solaine [Block B]
D.R. Kongo vs Joe Drago [Block A]
Johnny Lightning vs Leon Booth [Block B]

Also on the show
-Who else will join Defiance?
-Will Jack Amethyst answer Eric Dane's challenge?

Viewers can see the podcast in all its glory here.

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