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DEFCON 2020 Feedback!


Jan 17, 2013
DEFCON Feedback

General: I think that having so many tag matches on a card can be a bad thing, but the show flowed well because they were all executed with a high degree of detail. Also, this contains spoilers and was completed as it happened, after I read each part.

Rundown: I really like these type of preview segments where everyone gets a moment to shine as it also builds show cohesiveness.

Triple Threat Match: The action was good here and I really felt Dex was booked rather powerfully, which isn't a bad thing. I know he's been on a win streak as of late, so I naturally thought that he would end up winning in the end. I was a bit disheartened to see him lose, especially in the fashion of Scrow essentially gifting the pin to Carny even though they are allies. My main gripe with this is that it is supposed to be the Mania level show and if any Arc should have a true ending, it should be at DEFCON. I'm not against having these three fight in some capacity in the future but I just think the finish could have been a bit better but the match was solid overall.

Trumping The Fist: The arrogance from Stevens that he would even be considered to have a FIST shot when Burns is already booked against Unlikely provided instant heat. It was annoying but storyline-perfect annoying. It got me riled up to the point where I literally said "Ummm no" out loud. Good segment.

Comments Section vs. T4H: No comment. Lol.

Jack Valentine vs. Jack Harmen: I just really hate squash matches even if one handler flakes. I'm fine with Harmen obliterating Valentine but I would have preferred more than one move. I think, if anything, a legendary character like Harmen deserved a bit more of a showing than that.

Fuse Bros 360 vs. GCC: A pretty epic hardcore match with tornado tag rules as the action came fast and furious. I really think Desire kind of stole the spotlight here and it only added to the match. Some crazy good spots here that elevated GCC as much as it did Fuse Bros 360. I genuinely cringed when the dried blood on Tyler's face was being described. I nearly forgot about the bag of tacks at the end too. I think this just scrapes the surface of what heel Fuse Bros 360 can look like.

Scott Stevens vs. Oscar Burns?: This was a thing that happened lol. I can totally get behind Stevens crusading to genuinely make the FIST 'great' again in his mind and the only way this can happen is by getting a title shot at some point. I think Stevens vs. Burns would be a DEFCON quality main event match.

PCP vs. Seattle's Best: This was a really solid tag team match. I can take pointers from this when writing tag team action in the future with ease. There was nearly nothing wrong with this match. Similar to Desire in the Red Ring Match, I feel Klein might've stolen the spotlight but again, I feel this only added to the match. I enjoyed the finish and I think this was one of the better matches of the entire show.

SOHER: I thought this was a good, hard-hitting match and was what it needed to be. Vacio cast a bit of doubt by evading Blackwood's finisher a few times and the match was thought to be his only for the intense Scot to pull out yet another victory at the end. I think Blackwood's title run is already one of legitimacy and I wonder just who will get the call to face off against him next.

Unified Tag Titles: Yet another solid tag team match with plenty of good action. With that, there are new unified tag team champions. It was an exciting finish and it felt like it could have gone either way.

FIST: This match was a great way to cap off the night. The action flowed and it always felt like Burns was playing catch up or just one step behind Unlikely, which ultimately did him in. I found myself rooting for Burns to turn it around, but it never came and I felt just like the Faithful, gobsmacked with the result. Big congratulations to Mikey on becoming the FIST alongside all his other accomplishments. For me, the two best parts actually came directly after the match. Angus throwing down his headset in a sort of 'rage quitting' manner made me mark out and then Lindsay Troy returns to DEFIANCE, literally raining on the parade of Unlikely winning creates an instant storyline.

Ross' Star of the Show: Mikey Unlikely


May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK


Great as always. It was brought up in the chat too but kudos to Seth for doing a DEFCON preview on UNCUT as well. It was all extremely well-detailed, which is appreciated.

I am really enjoying the Dex Joy character since his debut. That's not to say the other two aren't important, either. However, I thought it would be good to get Dex the victory here. I think he's a character that could eventually be in line to take, perhaps, a mid-card title??? Who knows
. His build-up has been really good. I wasn't that high on seeing Scrow being cool with watching Sinclair pick up the victory but I understand there is more to this story than what I was told, so watching it unfold is alright with me. While DEFCON should be used as closing the doors on many feuds there's no problem whatsoever with it opening doors, too.

Yeah, I enjoyed this. I loved the part where Teresa takes out her phone and starts recording for their Instagram page. I really enjoyed the initial incarnation of Tyler Breeze in WWE and thought they could put together this really twisted heel with all the selfies after a match, beating your opponent to a pulp and then posing for pictures after like it's all good. Kinda serial killer like. Mmmmm serial. I'm gonna go have some now-- AAAAnyway, if things like this are adapted in a real twisted way, The Comments Section have a fan in me. That was a DEFCON moment there, as was showing Cyrus Bates how to do a move through YouTube. My only gripe is the match could have gone on a little longer, given the stage but a great way to introduce a tag team I have no doubt will be around for a while, given the strange individual behind them.

Obviously I mean no disrespect in any of my feedback and I certainly understand the circumstances of why this happened but this wasn't on for me. A squash match on the biggest show of the year is always tough. I agree with Ross, while the plans had to change perhaps it could have been worked out a little better. Also having a legend like Harmen vs. a new character is a really awesome move for the future of DEFIANCE but a tough pill to swallow for booking the biggest show to begin with. Jack Harmen deserves better! :)

Not much to comment on since it's mine. I'm never against feedback so as Seth mentioned in his, noted on the Gulf Coast Connection dialog. Similar to when I began introducing Blackwood's accent, I think I found a happy-medium there so it wasn't over-kill. I'll look to do the same with Gulf Coast in the future. Otherwise, moving on...

First, I think Scott Stevens is a great character and I really enjoy the Make The FIST Great Again stuff and the ads that have been running on DEFtv. It intrigued me and I think it's clever. However, I really don't think this was a great use of Stevens on THE show of DEFIANCE. DEFIANCE Road, sure go crazy. Ascension, who the hell cares, lol. Obviously these are flawed ideas and would have needed other heel or face turns but something like Harmen/Stevens or Blackwood/Harmen or Stevens/Blackwood could have worked for me on this show. Any of those combinations or even something else. Hindsight is clearly 20/20. I just thought Harmen and Stevens deserved more.

Not a hell of a lot to add to this. Great to see PCP back. Ares, The D and Klein are 3 of my top characters in DEFIANCE. Brian has his own good thing with Douglas and Kerry, too. Great tag match, the sky's still the limit for Elise Ares and if PCP and Seattle's Best stick around as tag teams, I'd argue the tag division is the best division in the company by far with some potential dream matches available. For me, anyway.

I mean, eh, didn't do a hell of a lot for me if I'm being honest. This did not deserve a title of "one of the three main events" but thank you anyway
. I liked the build-up with the BRAZEN stuff I got to do. The beating of Titus Campbell made me very happy. I tried to capture Vacio as best I could but I don't think it was that successful. Fine for what it was. Bigger things to come? Who knows lol.

Rumor has it this might have been a 3-way with The Fuse's. This was the right call, though. It doesn't take away from the two teams and it builds another tag team in the Titans in a spotlight of their own. Maybe it's too much too fast but given who's behind the characters I'm sure it'll be just fine. While DEFCON should be about dream matches and this isn't a dream match given Sky High is new, DEFCON should also be about giving that 1-2 teams/wrestlers a huge stage to make a name for themselves and this was the match to do it.

First, congratulations Mikey. Long overdue for the character and the handler to win The FIST. Very long overdue. I'm not a huge fan of heels winning on THE show but it's fine. I'm also not a huge fan of a rematch from the past PPV, albeit it's a different dynamic but again, it's cool. Zero problems with the match, all very well put together, deserving of THE spotlight. The Lindsay Troy appearance at the ends gives similar vibes to when Kendrix came back but I have no issues leaving on a strong moment like that.

So overall it was a good show, I just don't know if it felt like THE show of shows. However, contemplating what's ahead... it should be an exciting time and lots of good stories to tell, many of them which will have me more excited than I was coming into DEFCON.
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