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DEFCon ARC Feedback Thread


Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015

It’s been awhile, and I’m way out of the loop, but there’s no better time to start back than now!


The intro the show is spectacular. Looooooved the “Where’s the beef” line. Angus on par to be the best wrestling commentator of all the times. Would be interesting to see a show, where one of these guys is out for some reason. How would they react? Would there be a fill in or a one man show? WE MAY NEVA KNOW.

The Bruv Show!
What a coincidence! Stevie on the show! Apparently this is only show 3 out of 10 for the bruv show! Spectacular I’m looking forward to ...every...word. He has to say! Kendrix is mint, hilarious, rude and on point. 6 guys in the ring + Kendrix. Good stuff from the face side before the cheap shot knocks them into a big brawl. Oscar gets blindsided. Kendrix with the superkick, (I think in reality he slipped on a downed Recliner chair, and his foot accidentally clipped oscar in the face… but tomato/tomata) Then Kendrix slips again and this time it’s the bellend on Scott Stevens, WHOOPS! Kendrix is maybe back and ready to compete for the FIST? OH SNAP

(Sips Frappe)

Fastball Special
The fight continues backstage, this is good stuff, Fastball special. One guy benches the other and throws him into their opponents to get past security! HA! Genius! Love this. Both tag teams have been booted from the show by Wyatt. This is good continuation, would have liked to see a seg in between but likely can’t control that.

Gage Blackwood vs Flex Kruger
Very good opening match, it wasn’t long, it wasn’t convoluted, it was very straight forward, but good. Gage with the comeback win, and his first win on DEFTV in some time? The Walking Bandaid nice touch!

Greetings 2.0
Shooter Landell ends up face to face with gage blackwood, storytelling and building. Nice.

Crimson with a bit of a gimmick change since my last reading, but not one that I dislike. This is good stuff, I like that for every question this segment gave me, it also answered each and everyone. I don’t walk away confused, or bewildered, I walk away with “I see what you did there” this is a fun segment. Crimson and Kerry tonight!

Amathysta vs Titus Campbell.

Keeps calls it match one, but it’s not. That’s a flub. Good little match, nice cheap shot in the beginning. Having PCP on commentary is a way to “beef up” a newcomers match and make it mean a little bit more. I just realized this is Elis. HA! Love the obvious and obliviousness of this. Good stuff here, I loved this “match”

You’re Done!
Jay Harvey sees through the charade and wants none of it. He said he’s not wrestling Elise either, and yet she’s here under a mask according to Harvey. He says he’s not fighting anyone unless he deems them worthy.


Harmen wants to know who attacked him last week on DEFTV! He says a parable (a good one!) and we come to find out that he’s smarter than everyone in LA. HArmen says he knows who it was, he just wants the man to admit it. But the segment ends without any answer.

Oscar Burns vs TBA

Love me some TBA! Really well written match. Seth is the master of writing an underdog baby face. Burns gets HIS ASS KICKED in this one, handed to him 10 ways to sunday and still wins with the tap out. Some really cool spots in here. Flying Hossbody is still top 3 move names all time. Good stuff. Oscar Burns is a very good “Shawn Michaels’esq” character.

Cat Fight Continues
WynLyn and Gin fighting backstage. Not sure what all this entails but I’m sure Scott’s doing good stuff. Will continue to follow. *Note: No Scott, I don’t need you to fill me in ;) Security breaks up this “attack!”

Breath of the Wild
Fuse Brothers head to the ring. They have beaten everyone since they got here, al the trophies, achievements, game saves, and cut scenes! 100% complete! They make an open challenge for DEFCON and Jestal and Dandelion come out to accept and use their CHAMPIONSHIP COIN! Nice gimmick. The fuse brothers fight over whether or not they should fight these two or someone else, and in the end the schmoz ends up with Fuse vs Jestal and Dandi at DEFCON? Maybe? Idk. But one of the fuse’s is hurt!

Mushi vs Cole!
Match doesn’t happen thanks to Christian Caballero! What a dirty blindsided attack! Mushi is down! Can we get some help out here?

The Woman Behind The Mask
Amythsta is being interviewed by Christie Zane. The D is here to translate. My favorite part is when the D asks her “Where is the bathroom?” in spanish, and she replies: “I will not be insulted by the mutes” hahaha. Flex comes in and announces he has a title match with jay Harvey planned next week . if THEY won’t get revenge for Elise, He will. LOL good stuff!

New Chances
Levi Cole bumps into Oscar burns, and we find out Kendrix vs Oscar burns next week! YAS! Stoked for that one, We also find out Levi Cole needs a favor, so Oscar goes into Kelly Evans office with his buddy to help him get his favor granted.

Crimson Lord vs Kerry KALLURMAMA
“so now he has pay the price of loyalty!”” Like this line. Loved the bit about Crimson talking during the match, good heel vs face dynamic here, Crimsons new gimmick is more intriguing that past iterations, hopefully that lasts. Feels more mysterious. When is the last time a countout happened in DEF. Legit trivia question. We see a lot of fake count outs for a fed without a lot of count out finishes. Crimson Lord with a big win! Good stuff. Really liked the action in this one.

Choose the Right Path
Crimson Lord post match grabs a mic and begins to “instill his lesson” in us, the faithful. He has a fan clip on handcuffs on him behind his back, and then challenges Scott Douglas who came out for the save an to check on his friend, and opportunity to attack Crimson while he is “defenseless” Scott with some help from Iris, takes the high road. Good stuff. Would have preferred the handcuffs to be ringside already as it seemed too much like a dog and pony show, but it’s a really good piece.

Stevens vs TBA!
TBA making his SECOND appearance tonight. Jokes. But Levi Cole Is! Second match for mr Cole and second unsuccessful attempt. In what ammounted to one of the better Scott Stevens matches I’ve read, he beats Levi Cole, while building heat, only to have Oscar Burns make the save as the show goes off the air.

I like it. Good show, solid storyline building all the way around, and a Hollywood bruv. So yea it’s gold bay bay!



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Feb 4, 2005
No specific order of things, but I should be getting on this so here we go.

--I helped writed the Bruv Show and Fastball Special segments and I'm happy with how it came off with the Kendrix reveal and continuing the WrestleFriends/Stevens Dynasty feud. When Scott Stevens claps back, he's gonna do it hard. (yep, I said clap back wanna fight about it?)

--I am totally cool with Gage getting a big win under his belt as he does need these, but Flex is one-third of the Trios champs right now and my other issue with his usage will be later. But for all intents and purposes, this was great for Blackwood to get back in the saddle. The subsequent meetings with Shooter have been a good slow build so far. Looking forward to see where this goes.

--I love the new Crimson Lord now that he is still insane, but focused on a specific goal. Kerry came off great here and I like the use of Kerry to get to Scott Douglas. Kerry/CL was well-done with the right winner and I LOVED the post-match seg. The story of CL trying to expose Douglas as a monster has been a good direction so far. Great job to Scott and Brian here.

--Titus Campbell getting some love was fun as well as a nice win for Are... Sorry, Amathysta. Can't spell for shit, haha. But this was good stuff, as well as Harvey having a fit afterwards. I laughed my ass off at Flex Kruger wanting to avenge Elise by fighting THE Jay Harvey for the title, but he just lost earlier then gets a shot. I don't normally like that, but small gripe to an otherwise really fun story so far.

--I know where the Harmen story is going and I just want to say I'm eager for the reveal. Good continuation of what happened to Harmen last week.

--Looks like WynLyn and Quell aren't done. Short and to the point!

--...And neither are ToyBox and The Fuse Bros! They've been good foils for one another and with an ankle injury, stuff isn't looking so good for The Fuse Bros. I laughed at Angus' utter contempt for The Fuse Bros.

--No match for Cole! Instead, Cristiano Caballero attacks Mushi! A BRAZEN guy looking to make a mark. I love it.

--The "mystery opponent" gimmick worked really well I think and Justin did a good job with this match, putting over Cole's toughness while doing the same for Stevens being pissed as hell over the start of the show.

I'll follow up with this UNCUT later today, but I feel overall this show did a great job setting up some good stories for DEFCON.

Nice work all!


Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
Good stuff, recapping the possible triple threat DEFCON storyline, covered tonight's matches, and other angles including Levi Cole’s. Good stuff here, can tell the person writing had trouble with sign ideas lol.

Gage Blackwood vs TBA… (Wait didn’t they just announce it?)
Reinhardt Hoffman looks gold in this one. Gage looks tough, but it FEELS like Reinhardt is in firm control for most of this. Hope that was on purpose, but he feels good. Angus’s take on Gage is quite fantastic and thoroughly entertaining. Really liked the Multiple powerslam spot. Nice finish, way to babyface Gage up.

Greetings 3.0
Shooter ends up in the ring with Gage Blackwood, He does nothing however, adding more intrigue to an already intriguing situation.

Battle Lines
How was this not the League of Extraordinary Grapplemen? That’s my first inquiry! Good Rah Rah baby face promo from the Burns gang. Loved this from a character perspective, “He’s NOT going to win” Good shit. Loved the closing line too! WrestleFriends... Organize in an orderly fashion!

Breath of the Wild: Coin Rush

Good beginning section, The “Game on” bit is good, and SHOULD elicit a good pop from the crowd. I have a hard time believing Angus would be a fa of Jestal. A weird Clown person doesn’t seem to fit the mold, but maybe it’s more of a “Hate Fuse’s vs Liking Toybox” Good bit, A gold coin shower. A Golden shower of coins…. Hmmmm not sure how to describe it ;) . I like this a lot. Would have been cooler if maybe Dandellion drops the coin, and they both go for it, but Jestal drops a ton of coins from the ceiling to hide it amoungst them…. Ok but then how would dandelion find it….? I didn’t think this theory through, disregard. GOOD STUFF

Bo vs Bantz
Good match, lots of fun stuff with the guys at ring side and them “trying to get involved” early on. I like the fake lock up taunts, that’s good heel stuff. Suplex City exit now! Back and forth action is good. I’m a fan of simple. I like simple moves, I like simple angles, I like simple. So when someone hits a “Big Time Missle Dropkick” I appreciate that much more than 985 degree senton splash press flip! Mini HOss! Is that a Moss? Stevens is a fan of lariats. BATTS WINS! Good finish on this, it seems out of nowhere Batts gets the win, but the Stevens get the heat back when they attack post match.

Hollywood Maybe?
There’s plenty of Lake Placid ideas we haven’t even explored yet! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA This is an amazing segment all the “on the nose” It's CLEARLY not you because you’re not the same person, but they can use all your stuff while you go missing for a bit. This is FANTASTIC. Loved this. Missed PCP in my absence. Flex might be the real MVP now of the group though. The dynamic is terrific.

Adams Ribs
Good Scott Douglas face seg. The man is hurt but he’s still going to facre Crimson Lord tonight, against doctors advice, but not orders. This is a seg that says a lot without saying much. Like this review of it.

Harvey vs Flex
Prior to his entrance, and his match Jay Harvey is on the attack. Classic! Wow this was over quick and was all for Storyline purposes. Flex looked a bit abysmal but Harvey looks gold. Harvey puts Flex in a precarious position but PCP make the save just in time.

Christian Caballero was supposed to be the next big star of DEF, unfortunately MUSHI beat him in his debut, this is a long time coming retribution. That’s a nice angle, very different than normal. Good explanation and good character building with him playing a kind of paranoid heel. At least that’s how I read it.

Jack Harmon vs Jack Harmon JR
Match begins with a little back and forth action and…. Before anything significant happens between the two we lose the lights. When they come back on…

Dan Ryan is here bay bay! Super Awesome Bomb to the outside. (I just imagine masato tanaka folding in half) Liked this. Excited to see whats going on here.

Crossed the Wrong Woman
Win and Gin fight into Kelly Evans office, and turn it into a ring fite (listen to the podcast). I didn’t like this one. I see it’s a way to get to the match at DEFCON and it’s a good way to do the “don’t touch” gimmick, but actual wrestling moves have no place in a backyard brawl. Powerslam my ass. I’m dropping you on your fucking neck if you’re attacking me backstage.

Crimson Lord vs Scott Douglas

Pink Eye! I like that. Really good match here, match of the night so far no doubt. Good pacing and action. Couple of spelling errors in there, but this was very solid. Angus was a little cornier than normal. Loved this finish. Double DQ. Crimson Lord and Scott Douglas both banged up pretty good in this one, makes the feud feel more “War-y” Really good close. The show seems to build to this. Douglas’s ribs, Crimsons leg, This is unprecidented! AMBULANCE MATCH!

Kendrix vs Oscar Burns.
Good prematch hype! Kendrix and Burns feels like a really good matchup on paper. Kendrix and Oscar with some good chain wrestling, would like to see kendrix get a bit more frustrated when Oscar gets the best him of him as opposed to just “reactive” Really good stuff both inside and outside the ring. Back to back matches with “dramatic” nine counts. This is an efed trope we should get away from. Bellend into an armbar is a good reversal Burns is a fun technician. “Hate him obvs!” - good line from Angus. Oscar locks in his move as Stevens shows up! Stevens trying to keep Kendrix out of the main at Defcon with his interference. (classic) Kendrix uses the distraction to pick up the win! KENDRIX IS GOING TO DEFCON! Great closing for the show.

This show was really good 2 in a row now. Builds from beginning to end. The two final matches here could have been PPV. Good work guys! Im loving what I’m reading keep it urp!
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Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
Good intro, fun signs, more than usual. I want a refund! Loved the lead in to the first segment with Angus’ Sense. And enjoyed how Angus “Can’t Even.”

Lite Entertainment
JFK is soooo good love his open ended statements that he circles back to to piss you off. “The greatest technical wrestler in def today…. Oh and Oscar Burns.” JFK doesn’t just tear down Burns, but Stevens as well and his attempt to take him out last week. Kendrix starts talking about the “McFuckass Lite” Stuff. JFK says everyone lost out and was short sighted as Mikey was just trying to make this a better place. Dynasty wink and nod, nice touch. LOVED The ending of this promo. Keep on looking past JFK, and he’s going to make you pay.

I, Elise
Elise Ares has been attacked! This is well done, love the crocodile tears stuff, and how she needs the camera angle just right for her fake crying. This is tremendous. FLEX! HAHAHA! SEG was great, but this is the best version of PCP.

Fuse vs Blackwood
This one had some good action, but I felt like the distractions were too much. It read longer than it actually was (if that makes sense) and while I enjoyed it overall, It felt like you were forcing a seg around a match. At the end of the day Conor just can’t get over the coin no matter how much he fights it. Good finish for sure. Shooter Landell shows up again. Spoiler: he’s deaf….

Breaking Newtz
Jack Mace is being interviewed when he’s blindsided by the Stevens Die-Nasty. Good seg. Solid. Short.

The Odds:
It appears the odds just got longer for our New Zealand Trio, as they now become a duo. The main event is now 2 on 3 as far as we know. Good Segment, Good Story telling.

Joe Wolfe vs Butcher Victorious
Commentary is great in this one. They are on point and telling us all the things we don’t know about these two since we don’t see them on a weekly basis. Really solid match, a fun read and good character building for the BRAZEN guys. My only gripe is 7 pin attempts in a TV match. Seems very excessive. Implant DDT into Tiger Driver seems cool and very Japanese. Good Finish.

Red Queen vs Queen Bee
Not a fan of this one. No offense to Scott, or whomever wrote it, this feels like a personal conversation between the two girls not something that should be done in an interview. This almost feels more like Total Divas then a wrestling show. “You should have been my friend, Biatch!” “Oh no you didn’t!” Storyline progression is fine, just felt a little dramatic.

Elise Ares & Levi Cole vs Reinhardt Hoffman and THE Jay Harvey
My god that was some long entrance folks. I wish Angus would emphasis every THE in his commentary that’s a good gimmick. Amethysta and Elise Ares sure do act alike…. Jokes, but seriously this ia great fucking gimmick. The “Obvious” Masked wonder is a great bit, and totally works. I don’t know what the end game is for this but it’s one of my favorite angles right now in DEF easily. Harvey finally unmasks amethysta in the ring, and it’s Elise! JAY HARVEY VS ELISE IN A CAGE! I LIKE IT!

We are Brazen
Dunson clan promo for DEFCON Brazen show, good little promo, Love that we breathe a major life into Brazen stuff.

Open Eyes
Crimson Lord doing a little different deal here, and that’s all fine and dandy. My god is this long winded however. Crimson Lord is trying to give us a parable, but it’s like he’s reading the entire book of life. C’mon man less is more. You don’t need a huge in ring display with visual aids on every show. Scott Douglas breaks this up inbetween but here’s a statistic for you.

597- The number of words Crimson Lord SAYS before Scott Douglas even shows up. No description, Not commentary, ONLY CRIMSON. That’s crazy…. Only halfway through the segment. Sorry Scott, hate to tear something like this down, but this one bored me. (For proof I actually counted, see attached list of 597 words:

Rejoice my children your Beacon of Light, was not snuffed out two weeks ago by the treacherous Mr. Douglas. I have come out here to talk to you my children. I have a story to tell you, and don’t worry for those of you with a attention span of a nat I brought visuals for you to look at.There once was a Great Spider. We shall call this spider Murray. You see Murray was deadliest of the spiders. The Evil Ones under him ran around and spinned their cobwebs of deceit throughout DEFIANCE. Murray commanded order amongst these Evil Ones. He ruled the web for over a year, until finally one eager Evil One chose to challenge the Great Spider to a fight for the web.It was a long hard fight but this Evil One we shall call Burns. He overcame Murray, Burns had done what none of the prey trapped in Murray’s web could do for over a year and defeat him. Burns became THEE Spider. So he began to spin his webs of lies, until one night Burns came across a prey blessed by The Light. A prey named Stevens… Stevens stepped out of being labeled the prey and became The Warrior of The Light you my children should stand on your feet and cheer. He took out THEE Spider and since then has made it his mission to burn the web of lies Burns spread throughout DEFIANCE. Lets wind this story back a few months. At DEFIANCE Road a Spider who kept to himself and waited for his moment to be the King of the web so he could spin his threads of deceit and corruption. We shall call this Spider….. Douglas! Now Douglas has been in the background observing and taking notes from the previous kings of the web. Learning and honing his craft, so much so that he has made himself probably the deadliest of all the spiders in the vast web of DEFIANCE. Douglas was a special spider, just as old as the Great Spider Murray. Just a few short months ago, The Light imposed itself upon DEFIANCE. Lead by a Warrior of The Light Mikey Unlikely! These soldiers of The Light, myself included were on a mission to eradicate The Spider infested DEFIANCE. To start to break the walls of webs these spiders spun. It wasn’t until one man… Douglas who started to finally weave his web of treacherous lies, he took the many prey wandering aimlessly in the web of DEFIANCE. His webs encompassed his prey and the Evil Ones, but instead of draining them he injected his special venom. A venom that forced his entrapped victim to see what they were doing was not for the good of the world but was hurting the world. With each victim he would direct them to his way of living. His webs til this day have spread throughout DEFIANCE! These webs have quickly made this entity a cesspool of Evil Ones! However, as The Light was pushed back by Mr. Douglas and his Zombified Spiders now on his side. You can never defeat The Light, we eventually emerged once more. DEFIANCE continues to be infested by these Spiders, and all the Evil Ones behind them. The Light however will not yield, The Light shall purge DEFIANCE of all the bile and evil that has plagued it. I shall eliminate this venomous creature and The Light shall continue to grow stronger and stronger until WE have purified all of you, and eradicated The Spiders and the Evil Ones who follow their ways!)

Otherwise good story development, Just WAY TO HEAVY for me.

One Big Happy:
The Keelings are back! Man I know the name but I don’t. If i remember right, then this was a big gimmick right when I first got here, about 2 years ago, which is awesome! Stoked to see people come back, interested what happens here. Another hostile takeover! Should be good! Interested to see where the angle goes.

PCP vs Holmstroms
The match never happens because before it can No Justice, No Peace is out here and they are attacking PCP from behind, It doesn’t take long before we get the Viking War Cult out here too and everything goes to shit! Klein's box catches fire! Holy hell! This is nuts and fun! Looking forward to War games.

Requiem for a Lunatic
Jack harmen is thinking about the end, and he may be a little drunk too. NOPE! He’s out here to fool Dan Ryan into taking him ligthly. Whiskey bottle attack followed by the Ol Locomotive. Dan Ryan does a quick comeback, nice action to prep DEFCON. Dan Ryans comeback looms as a big angle.

Stevens Dynasty vs GrappleFriends.
3 on 2 set up here tonight, but now JFK is commentary on top of that! Crazy. Well until Stoovins Dynasty takes out JFK from behind leaving him incapacitated for the match. Really liked this match, commentary was fucking great! Selling the shit out of the PPV. Jack mace ends up returning against doctor orders (HAD TO!) Stevens ends up winning by submission here and not releasing. Classic heel moves. Closing the show to the image of Stoovins on top.

Good Show bois.


Crimson Lord ALWAYS Wins
Jul 12, 2017
Chicago, Illinios

This arc for me I have been in and out of with personal stuff concerning my father and his countless hospital visits. Right of the bat again I want to thank Roland for taking the ToyBox story off my back after 109 it's all his work.


Toybox Segments - Like I said above this show was written by me for them. So hopefully they were a delight to read

WynLyn / Quell Story - This story I mentally was out of and I felt it was a real lackluster performance by myself. I think a lot of the issue here was picking a character from Brazen that really has not been used at all, well for as long as I have been in DEFIANCE. So trying to create her overall character was nerve-racking, which took a lot away from how I perceive WynLyn.

Crimson Lord / Douglas Story - I felt all of my creative influence went into developing Lord’s new gimmick, which again Roland help tremendously on here allowing me to fully hash out a baseline for the gimmick by taking The ToyBox off my hands for this arc. Quite a bit of the dialog in a lot of the segments Brain weaved his cryptic messages in which I liked a lot. It helped enhance the point I was trying to make. Which in the end I hope it came across understandable with his airbag lectures.

Now that all of my stuff is out of the way for the arc onto the meat and potatoes

109 was more or less just an ending and closing of stories, not a whole lot to really say about it. Some things that stood out though

Oscar Burns / Scott Stevens - The opening segment seemed a bit long, but it was a nice setup for the inevitable events to come. Especially getting the match announcement out of the way here was nice. Now all they have to do is build for the entivable event without just making it official the go home show.

THE Jay Harvey - The champ laying down the law, and sets up a rumble. Which was interesting especially with Jay’s commentating. Now I could have sworn Jay sat with Darren who sits at ringside. If that's the case did he have a headset on so he could communicate with DDK and Angus who are stationed at the entranceway to do play by play? The ending however I felt seemed to be way too quick, Amenystal (I know I screwed the spelling up) Harvey already knowing who she is just by getting close to her? Felt the mystery behind the character could have been prolonged further in the arc. Which I am almost positive I know who SHE is just by that interaction between the two at the end.

Wrestlefriends / Stevens Dynasty - Another match with guest commentators, this was first but two in one night, I think a bit too much. Other than that nitpick it sets up a matchup between the two did what it had to do.

Jack Harmen - Sensing a lot of babyface syndrome here, if it is a great nice slow burn. Plus I liked Jack better as a babyface :). Having a soda machine dropped on top of you IDK about that I don’t think he is conscious with something that heavy being dumped on top of you. I do like how it left with who exactly did this to good old Jackie….Stevens?...or possibly someone working for Stevens? A mystery I like.

Gage / Shooter - Again a lot of starting up of new feuds and what not this being one. It seemed to end abruptly here. Maybe have Shooter do the whole walk fake out to the ring line in there would have helped enhance it a bit here. But will see how the build goes as the weeks go on

There were some nice not too long just small tidbit segments in the show which really gave it a more realistic feel to it. Although minor it was a nice enhancement for the show

Burns Vs Lord for the 5863896 time - What am I watching RAW here ;) One tidbit here at the end and at the time of the writing I never really establish a set path for Lord yet, but in the future Lord always wants the villain to win. He really would have no beef with Stevens which Lord was not too happy for his interference. His whole mission is to make sure a Heel has every DEFIANCE Championship

And that's it...



The show started hot but seem to slow down for the middle portion of it before picking back up

JFK / Stevens & Co / Burns & Co - I thoroughly enjoyed everything both Stevens Family and Burns and the Wrestlefriends did this show. Plus we got another edition of The Bruv Show loved it. But a quick twist added to the main event picture which surprised me JFK...turning face??? I doubt that I think it was just greed that little prick lol

Amethysta / PCP / Harvey - Well, they took my suspicions and put them out there. I still think its Elise, but now it starting to seem too obvious. But if this turns into a twist at the PPV it would be the ultimate mind game to take Harvey off his game during the match and shock me as well.

Fuse Bros / ToyBox - I recall doing Jestal and Dani dialog but that was it here from me. The Fuse Bros looking to beat the game again this year. But it appears there is a slight problem this time around an injury. Which adds a bit of excitement to the build, if it indeed is a major injury from Conor could mean trouble for the Fuse Bros at DEFCON

Mushighara / Caballero - Looks like the beginnings of a new feud here. Cristiano made a statement and put the monster down. Look forward to seeing how this develops.

Burns / Cole Segment - Wasn’t a big fan of this one. I kind of expect Levi to have some sort of confidence in himself and not have Burns get him a match for him from Kelly.

Another thing I notice and it seemed the Staff maybe missed it but Amethysta Vs Titus was written like it was the opening match, which clearly it was not as Blackwood and Kruger opened up the show

Shooter / Gage - This has been nothing but a bunch of staring, there hasn’t been anything so far that's exciting me for this matchup whenever it happens.

Finally Jack Harmen - just a simple segment here, but it assured me that babyface turn if it even happens is not happening anytime soon. But it kept the mystery going which I like. Who attacked Jack Harmen? Jack knows but he is too much of an asshole to let the world know. Saw a bit of respect out of Jack toward his mystery attacker. Makes you wonder if its someone really close to him.

111 Coming Soon
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Feb 29, 2016
Defcon Arc Quick Feedback

Firstly, Merry Christmas all (yes, that's right, i've had enough of the family this year that I've decided to post my first feedback since returning to the game).

Secondly...general feedback

This was one hell of an arc to come back to. I've been out of the game for almost a year and I truly thought it would take me a while to not only get back into the swing of things on my side but also to get back into reading everyone else's stories and get a feeling for new characters who I wasn't familiar with...none of this happened!

Seriously, some cracking feuds going on. Enjoyed it all. Stand out highlights for me were Elise v Harvey, great storytelling and for me it was the match of Defcon 2. As an SEG 4 lifer...it's awesome to see the development in Elise from a year or so ago to SOHER champ. Harvey is still a piece of shit, love it as always, Will.

Ryan v Harmen was brutal and beautifully written. I can see this one going another arc...especially with Harmen's son HF IV getting destroyed by Ryan.

Liked that Douglas v Lord was done in an empty arena, I've never read this before during my Efedding "career". Looks like Duglas is going to be out some time according to the latest news on the site (glad to see this is being used accordingly, nice touches on the site...including the use of DefonDemand. Not sure how long this has been going on for but good to see Def is with the times!).

Really down with FuseBros and ToyBox as well, new characters for me personally. Really enjoy both gimmicks going on there.

As for me, I'd like to thank the awesome lads for helping me out with the Stevens, Burns and Kendrix arc. I hope you all enjoyed. I'm super chuffed for Kendrix to have been put over. I'll be working extra hard during the next arc so hope you will enjoy what's next in store for the bellend ;)

Enjoy the holidays and Happy 2019



May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
My feedback is short but I felt I should say a few words.

It was a great show. I like the outcome of the main event. At first, I wasn't that thrilled with a triple threat match ending the "Wrestlemania" show. I believe it was also a triple threat last DEFCON, too. I'm of the belief the last match should be one-on-one and this would have seen Oscar Burns winning. JFK taking the championship could have came the arc directly after. However, I'm a fan of who has the title so I don't mind that and keeping Burns chasing is a good thing.

More people needed live intros. ;)

WrestleFriends and The Stevens Dynasty going first was a great pick because the tag division is my fav right now and it's good to see tag team wrestling isn't dead because to open the show, that's legit.

Douglas and Blackwood dying on the same night is heavy and on my end it could have been coordinated differently but it's tough to see (in a good way) what happened to Douglas.

As for me, Gage Blackwood has definitely been my most bland and "lowest-tier" character I've ever written but I wanted to try something new and regardless, I'm excited for what the future brings.

As Conor Fuse would say... GAME ON.


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