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DEFIANCE: Changes, New Stuff, and Returns...

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Jan 11, 2013
The Land of Cheese
Is DEF's new "secondary" show that will be entirely segment driven and take place on the off weeks in between episodes of DEFtv. The idea behind this is to provide handlers with another "official" space where they can write extra content without the restrictions of DEFtv's more focused approach when it comes to segments. The format will remain the same in terms of writing and presentation as it is on DEFtv or PPVs (read: on camera), but the content itself will afford handlers more freedom to write what they need and/or want.

Official Purposes:
Need an extra segment that serves your existing program, but it doesn't fit on DEFtv (for whatever reason)? Or you just want to do something extra that isn't planned, like an "instant reaction" spot for the same official reasons, because you're inspired to do so? Say you want to get a match officially made for the next DEFtv or even the PPV, but unsure of how to work it into the next episode of DEftv? This is where you can easily do all of that without restriction.

World Building:
Say you want to begin setting up a program that won't begin to play out in the immediate future (relatively speaking). Or maybe you just want to get your character mixed in with other characters that they're not currently associated with. As most everyone knows by now, I truly believe that just getting our characters to interact is a great way to set things up. That includes establishing two or more characters as allies and/or building upon something that already exists.

Fun Extras:
This might be the most important one, because I can think of two examples right off the top for how Uncut will be useful. The first being the amusing reads that are more "out there" Henry Keyes segments that don't always fit with the general flow of DEFtv. I'm sure Bobby will be into bringing his "Shit Talk" segments to DEFIANCE with various handlers, Uncut would be a good place for them. There are a number of people who I'm positive could have equally random ideas, now everyone has a place (and a reason?) to write them.

Aside from everything said above as a means of providing another venue for producing content, I also figure that if it's presented as an official show, it will give everyone a reason to pay attention and read it. I say it like that because roleplays are completely optional both to write them and to read them, thus why Uncut is going to be treated as an actual show. Granted, there's no matches on Uncut, but like I said, it's an actual show, and thus, should be considered an extension of DEFtv that will add to what is happening and will happen.

2. DEFIANCE Tag Team Titles

We will be officially bringing back the tag team division with a tournament that will take place during the DEFCON arc, with the finals taking place on the season ending blow off event. At present we have a handful of regular teams, including a number of BRAZEN teams who will be used to fill out the division, as well as a few partnerships that could easily be put into this tournament.

So while regular tag teams are preferred, this does NOT mean that an irregular pairing (say Lindsay Troy & Harmony) would not get a run in the division, even if one or more are currently holding another title. Granted, this won't be the norm, but it does add variety and gives handlers a reason to form up as a team even on a semi-regular basis. It will also provide an easy way to intertwine multiple programs into handy dandy tag team matches on DEFtv, for example: Troy & Harmony vs Bronson Box & Jake Donovan. Which also targets the objective of giving characters a reason to interact.

Also. I will be creating a tag team doc for everyone who is involved and anybody who may want to be involved in the division. This will hopefully help us build up the division and keep it rolling with consistent activity.

Disclaimer: Something I want to be completely upfront about is that I will be co-handling at least one tag team (potentially as many as three) to help support this division. So, if a team I am co-handling wins the titles (ex: Super Muscle Bros with Seth), I super duper pinky swear that I am not pulling rank, I'm simply trying to help give the division the best shot possible of succeeding long term.

3. DEFIANCE Onslaught Championship
With the sudden influx of new and returning handlers and some who are transferring more characters to our roster, I feel like it's time to add a third title. However, rather than just add some kind of TV, Hardcore, Cruiserweight, whatever title, I wanted to come up with something that actually fits DEFIANCE and a large section of it's roster, namely characters who just like to fight. I also didn't want it to just be the new third tier, new guy, stepping stone, or title for people who haven't found their flow within DEFIANCE. Ideally, I figure the D.O.C. title could be traded between characters of higher and lower level and vice versa, making it a very interesting concept because almost anyone could beat anyone for the title.

So what's the in character gimmick of this title? I envision the D.O.C. title being fought in matches that get to the point much quicker by being purposely shorter, grittier, faster paced, harder hitting, and defended on EVERY single DEFIANCE show. Hopefully that explains how the title not only can and will pass between two characters who would seemingly be mismatched in a "normal" match, but also, how I see this title bouncing around more often than the FIST or the SOHER titles. That said, I'm not trying to imply a champion can't emerge who holds it for multiple arcs, or saying that rivalries can't be formed around this title.

4. DEFIANCE Booking Procedure

Last, but not least, and certainly the most important aspect of DEFIANCE that I discussed last night is how I intend to change the booking process. As it currently stands and has been going since the group went angled in 2013, we have run on what I have termed "headless chicken booking." For a while, even before this arc, I felt like how things were done were inefficient and could be better, including when it goes pretty good (last arc). So what's the plan going forward?

Step One... Once everyone has a plan for what they're doing on the upcoming arc (ppv opponent), handlers will be given a deadline to do the following two things;

1. Submitting SPECIFIC MATCH REQUESTS (with the show they are meant to be placed on), regardless if they are entirely program related or not. Please note that this is NOT necessary, you don't have to do this unless you simply wish to ensure that specific matches get booked.

2. The other issue at hand is to tell the staff which episodes of DEFtv you wish to have your character booked on, regardless of what type of match or opponent. For the record, between this and specific match requests, I would still prefer that individual characters not have matches on every show.

Step Two... Once the deadline for step one has come and gone, the staff (mainly myself and Brunk) will then put together the four lineups for DEFtv using all of the information provided to us. Keep in mind as a warning however, if you don't provide any of the above info, we'll simply book your character as we see fit.

One other thing to note. There will be matches where we have to dictate who wins the match or have specific directives, but those rulings will usually be for title matches, matches meant to setup a contender, or for other big picture booking purposes. That said, most of the matches will be completely wide open for handler interpretation on how they play out. So, be willing to work together, you never know, you might have a match where you need to compromise on a decision and come up with something for down the road.

Step Three... With the lineups done and posted, handlers are now free to start planning their segments around the lineups by requesting the specific location on the show where you want them to be situated. I'm thinking all four shows will be given their own thread and I will keep those threads up to date with the segments as they get plotted.

Ideally, I would love if DEFtv went MATCH-SEGMENT-MATCH, however, I understand that is NOT always going to work (except for PPV where it's mandated). With that in mind, DEFtv will usually always have matches buffered by two segments or MATCH-SEGMENT-SEGMENT-MATCH. So that's anywhere from 10 to 14 segments on a 5 to 7 match lineup. If that's not enough space, that's what DEFIANCE UNCUT is for.

So, that's that, If you have anything you want to discuss with me about the above, as always, feel free to hit me up on Skype and I'll go over it with you. End of the day, these new elements are meant to be entirely for the betterment of DEFIANCE, especially the UNCUT show and the new Booking Procedures. I will also be sure to put the new booking procedure in the This Is DEFIANCE Wrestling info doc or give it it's own doc entirely.
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