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DEFIANCE ROAD 2019 Feedback Thread!

VJ Valentine

Nov 26, 2007
Hey guys, gonna try to do feedback a little differently this arc and see if I can establish doing it in a way I enjoy. The retail life sucks, and I struggle enough just to get around to the shows and get all my own writing done, so hopefully this will be something I can continue. I'm trying to develop an in-character HITS AND MISSES show that'll kinda just recap the action and sometimes point out specific slightly behind-the-scenes things that I've noticed. It's a format that I'm still trying out and playing around with myself, so I'm sure it'll change and evolve as I get refamiliar with an old character of mine. She'll have her own quirks and favorites, and this one is actually slightly longer than what I'd like it to be in the future to try and familiarize both myself and everyone else with the format. Enjoy!



Konichi wa, Faithful!

My name is Ayake Sonoda, and I will be your new host for Hits & Misses here starting with DEFtv 125. As Ascension has come and passed, we've taken our entrance ramp onto DEFIANCE Road and it certainly was... something. As a current talent scout for DEFIANCE and former promoter for DEFIANCE friendly Japanese organization SHOGUN, I've been tasked with bringing you three of the biggest wins and losses for members of DEFIANCE after every show. While I'll do my best to be impartial, just like all of you Faithful out there, I'm prone to want to root for my favorites and sometimes I get just a little invested! Well, here goes nothing, let's start with a HIT!


I know, I know... I said I'd do my best to remain impartial, but how can you not just root for Kerry Kuroyama and Scott Douglas? I'll be upfront and say I grew up in a wrestling world dominated by the Kuroyama family, and I've followed his path as a young lion all the way to DEFIANCE. That being said, the presence of Kuroyama brings an injection of hope for future prosperity that you just can't help but root for!

That being said the future is NOW with a HUGE Ace In The Hole announcement that I was very surprised not to see Kerry in-action directly... we'll get to that later, but Scott Douglas was with a giant victory over Scott Stevens! I love this concept of getting a shot at the FIST anytime and anyplace, the winner will have to go through hell to get there. I can't wait to see what else this tournament has in store!


I told you I'd get to it later, and that time is now as Reinhardt Hoffman has another PRIME opportunity to get his main-roster DEFIANCE career really started after some stops and starts but again fails to put The D away in a qualifier match. Sure, Kerry Kuroyama came down and ended up getting the big German disqualified, but Hoffman certainly has the tools that shouldn't have even made this close in the first place!

This is starting to become a thing here for Hoffman, and one has to wonder if maybe the DEFIANCE stage is just too big for The Gentleman German? Just... please don't tell him I said that. Not going to lie, he's slightly terrifying.


Mikey Unlikely has done almost everything in DEFIANCE! He's won big matches. He's almost closed the entire organization through a UTA invasion. He's had both the hearts and the ire of the Faithful, but I almost forgot that he has NEVER won the FIST of DEFIANCE. That was until tonight, when he came out and called upon Oscar Burns to defend his title to mark the very last thing off of his bucket list. Well, as I'll get to in a bit, things can't ever go uninterrupted here in DEFIANCE.

After a big win over Scott Stevens, Mikey Unlikely checks all the boxes in my opinion to be the next big threat to Oscar Burns and has a legitimate shot! I'll be candid and admit I prefer the traditional grappling acumen of Twist And Turns, Mikey has enough swagger to seemingly pull through in any situation. A clash of styles for sure, and one that I hope we get to see a lot of heading into DEFIANCE Road!


Not so fast, we didn't forget that things don't go interrupted around here in DEFIANCE! The Family Keeling had a few words to say about their failure to capture just about anything at Ascension, and made it very clear that they didn't think Burns had done enough to be done with them yet... or Elise Ares for that matter! Their brash behavior landed Uriel Cortez and Andy Sharp into a main event match against Unlikely and Burns where they... came up short once again.

Seriously? A month ago we thought for SURE Family Keeling would be walking out of Ascension with every title in DEFIANCE and on DEFtv 125 they go out on their back once again! Angus was quick to point out that there wasn't any family drama going on... but watching the match again I'm not so sure. It looks to me like this family might be going from one of the most dominate units in DEFIANCE to another broken home.


It's no secret the tag scene in DEFIANCE has been a revolving door of talent coming and going, and in today's wrestling enviornment that's not a surprise. In DEFIANCE the Faithful has seemingly always gravitated towards singles stars and one on one contests. Tag Team wrestling is a bit of a lost artform. Tonight though, I'll be honest and say I'm starting to see the foundation of what can be a great division. Stevens Family. WrestleFriends. No Justice No Peace. FUSE Brothers. STP. Viking War Cult. All of them showed up tonight and you couldn't help but notice the Faithful getting just as invested as I am!

I'm especially excited for STP. Did you see that tossed into a spear? HOLY SHIT indeed, Faithful! I'm excited to see how all of this shakes out, and you never know when a couple of singles could throw their hat into the ring and join the fray! Maybe even a conspicuously missing Jack Harmen? You never know.


This isn't always going to be a recap, sometimes I'll just have something I really want to get off my chest... like my happiness to see Kerry is going to back in action, and my frustration with TWO PARTIES ON THE SAME FRIGGIN SHOW?! SERIOUSLY?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? DEFIANCE, you have to have more foresight than this. Maybe you should've had Elise and Klein fight the Stevens Family for party rights? SOMETHING. KUYASHII!!!

Although, as we stated earlier, no interaction must go uninterrupted. So honorable mention HIT goes out to Gage Blackwood who along with Shooter Landell and Gunther Addler has just been on fire lately, as much as I can't stand their asses. Interrupting what has to be Elise Ares' 100th DEFIANCE Party in the most dramatic way possible, he's made a HUGE statement in the beatdown he gave to Klein and the Queen of Sports Entertainment Style, who is obviously no stranger to having her parties interrupted. She's been on just as big of a roll as Gage, and might have just as big of a claim for a FIST chance as Mikey if she decides to go the route. Nothing like throwing the two fastest cars in DEFIANCE at each other to see how big of a crash it makes!

MY OPINION: DEFtv 125 was a pretty good show, although I'll admit the Segment -> Interruption -> Beatdown/Match formula got a little predictable at times. But that's wrestling, right? Scott Stevens was all over this show, and maybe a little less from him and a little more from the likes of the FUSE Brothers or Jack Harmen... or maybe even some fresh BRAZEN talent would've made this a little less Stevens heavy? That's just one girl's opinion, maybe you see it another way?

That's it for me today, until next time DEFIANCE... sayonara!


Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
Billy, this beef is amazing. appreciate the kind words, and LOVE the IC feedback from someone else, feels like a "Aftershow" or review show. Loved this. Thanks man


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
My feedback for 125 can be found here: http://defgradio.com/wp/2019/11/12/episode-3-im-an-oil-man/ or anywhere podcasts are found.

Here are my notes. Excuse the spelling errors and bad grammar. They were intended to guide the episode more so than be read.

Blood Runs Cold Open
Wrote it.

Wrote it.

May The Best Sports Enter-Wrestler Win
Wrot -- wait.

Mikey promo time. Fresh off of retaining that number one contendership. Something that rarely gets baned in DEF without an immediate feud with the Champ. So kudos for the past two arcs. Letters from Lost Bruvs?? This needs to be an ongoing UNCUT segment!!! Mikey has dreams. Goals. Asperations. Burns music. Time for the nice off. Scott “Bloody Shitbag” Stevens … has a nice ring to it. Although the use of Bloody is the NZ/Queens English kind … its hard not to read it like There is a shitbag … right there and that bag of shit … it’s also bloody.

Paragraph break. Let that last thought sink in. You’re welcome.

It’s pro-wrestling so obviously, we had the niceties had to be interrupted by a heel at some point. That heel is, of course, the entire Family Keeling! Darren drops a nice reminder of Mikey shelving Andy Sharp a few years back.

Douchecanoe. The Andy Sharp Story.

Wank Brigade. The Family Keeling Anthology.

Mr. Burns, although technically not an insult … still funny.

Jr has a bit to say but Andy has a hard-on for bitching and moaning.

“HE CAN BE TRUSTED ABOUT AS FAR AS A QUADRIPLEGIC COULD THROW HIM! WHICH ISN’T AT ALL!” I like this line, especially for a heel. Nothing makes a joke shittier than stepping on your own punchline with an explanation.

Mikey diverts Oscar’s dog-like attention in giving out title shots to a different shiny thing, a tag match. Oscar cannot turn down and match so just keep suggesting them (other than the title match that wouldn’t get in the way of your shot until he bites. Dog pun) And just like that, we gotta tag match!

Coming back from commercial we have some velvet ropes being put up and some issues about admittance to the ring that I suppose now is a very exclusive club. Reading this I immediately thought of Private Party in AEW, although at the time I had not seen them do anything like this - it just felt like their kind of vibe. After reading this, I did see them do this so I don’t know which came first. Either way, I didn’t love it but Justin never shys away from trying something new and there is nothing wrong with that.

We get Cary on the mic here and heels gonna heel. Cary is riling up the Faithful and good use of Angus and Darren hear. DDK: Is Cary trying to start a rot? Angus: I hope so, I’d love to see these morons get trampled.

Cary, if he didn’t have heat already compares himself to Hurrican Katrina and in LA - there might not be anything more cutting to draw a comparison to. Obviously, Bo and George are the Tag Team champion of DEFIANCE currently as well as two of the three Trio’s champions as they snagged those up on a BRAZEN show.

Lorelei Albrecht interrupts, who we’ve come to know as a second to Petiro Geist. Someone didn’t make the list and although Lorelei wants to go to the party and Security Team Member Lawrence isn’t having it… yes, he has a name.

Lorelie smacks the taste out of Lawerance’s mouth and is on her way to the ring. So next time you need to get into that super elusive club .. there is your in.

The phonetic German is a tough read for the first few lines, each time I see it but I think as you continue reading it becomes more clear.

Eventually in this segment, we get the surprise debut of Mack Brody. Angus is all over the Nazi jokes but also still extremely against the Stevens … now that is Angus, folks. A conundrum. Mack and Giest give the Stevens Dynasty the what for and send the doubly crowned champions staggering up the rampway. It looks like the now, long-running Tag Champs have a serious challenge on their hands.
Here we get rare on-screen appearance from Kelly Evans and she is none to happy with STP or the fact that Capital Punishment (the person not the penalty of death) for bringing them in. So Evans’ sets the next match STP v. all the members of the Viking War Cult. Cut to destruction.

The Viking War Cult gets another run at the main roster and seemingly this should be easy win for the four of them, former Trio’s champs themselves. I’m not going to spend too much time on this match, it was well written and a good read but what is most important here is that if STP wasn’t a formidable foe for the Steven’s already, they just managed to take down all four of the VWC on DEFtv. That sends a message to the Texas team and we’ve got a serious feud here.

Also quick note this fued is in some part still playing off of the previous ASCENSION arc when Geist tagged up with Jack Harmon and the Stevens Dynasty crossed the line … so long-form storytelling, check. Some surprises and quick-fire on the first show, check … and a dominate showing to make it feel like the Steven’s may have trouble on their hands, also check.

Good stuff. As I mentioned at the top of the show, Duane who is handling STP was recently featured as the first guest on Mikey’s E-Fed Podcast, so if you haven’t already, be sure to go check that out. EFedpostcast.com

Also on that episode some shilling for both DEFIANCE and the Atomic Dropcast so this is basically promotional inception at this points.

Ace In The Hole
Wrote it with Justin.

We get the announcement of the Ace in the Hole concept which is the brainchild of Tom and hopefully sometime during this arc or maybe on the arc wrap up show we’ll get Tom on and discuss it a little more. That being said, Lance does the honors of trying to let us know what is going on here and Scott Stevens, eager to get a shot at the FIST, having just lost that opportunity to Mikey Unlikely demands he be included only to find out he is and his match is next …

I’m not a big fan of “and your match is next …” but this seemed to fit here. Obviously that’s twice in a row, on the same show .. which is an oversight on my part. But let’s not dwell on my failings … moving on!

Douglas v. Stevens
Wrote it with Justin

Not going to spend a lot of time on this either, but basically, Scott Douglas after losing a lot finally wins one and this time it really matters, he gets himself into the ACE and Scott Stevens petulant piss pants attitude just led him into a qualifier completely unprepared and he payed the price. A shot at the FIST has been dashed once again…

Back to the Grindstone
RASSSLEFRIENDS! Unites! Literally. We get a segment here with Jack and Ryan reminding us of their singles runs of recent, including a BRAZEN title for Jack Mace and some high profile shots at title for Ryan .. but now it’s back to business. Full-time Tag Team action!

The tag div, being a microcosm of real-life wrestling has always suffered a bit here and I’d imagine across Fantasy wrestling but personally, I’m a big fan and I’m hoping moving forward we can do some big things with that division.

And … when you are talking division, and terrible segways -- No Justice No Peace pop up. And we have a match! I think if I was watching this on TV to see WF breake into BY OUR WRESTLEPOWERS COMBINED… WE ARE THE WRESTLEFRIENDS!

I’d find it annoying and corny but maybe not because reading here I popped for it.

The D v. Hoffman
Wrote it with Tom.

The D normally wouldn’t have a chance up against the incredibly angry German but he wins his qualifier via DQ when Kerry comes down and eventually returns the chair shot favor… leaving The D in a punch drunk Rocky-Esque stuper … but he still qualifies.

I’m noticing now we had a slight formatting error at the end there, everything in italics. We must have missed closing a bracket. We try to lead by example so apologies for that.

The Party That Never Stops
And this segment has the same issue. I’m going to have to look into that. Maybe it’s something to do with the compiler…

But none the less, we have more PARTY … and this one folk doesn’t not stop or so I’ve read.

Having be en to sport clips once or twice I found the opening humorous. And I’m with Angus on this one … why are certain and very specific states excluded from that sweet sweet neck and shoulder treatment?

So we are introduced to the year of Elise and apparently Schreech by his given name AND … Paul Rubens by his stage name … and some kid from something but not Hunger Games, that part lost me.

Either way, Elise is boozing and cruising (Atomicdropcast.com) and she is in full victory mode. She tells us that it’s nearly been a year since she was crowned the Southern Heritage Champion and she is truly the Leading Lady of DEFIANCE. When I first came to DEF those in the upper echelon always had these DEFIANCE specific monikers and I always dug that, Elise has certainly earned hers over this past year as well as one that is incredibly fitting.

And of course, Gage - the perennial party pooper, poops on Elise’s party … also she’s one more Lake Placid sequel away from starring in a movie of that aforementioned premise.

Gage has some words but Elise instructs and has some her self. Solid back and forth until suddenly, Gunther Adler dewigs himself after smashing Klein over the head with a bottle. Then Plaxico Buresss shots himself? I like that gag but in the sense of pro wrestling, how does that work? You let off a shot in a crowded arena? Even just a blank … it’d clear the arena. Charges filed etc… or worse, it’s a sound effect? I don’t like that.

In the chaos, Blackwood gets to Elise and gives her the what for and lays out his plan like all good villains. Nice nod to the previous arc with Andy Sharp as well.

Gage is the new number one contender to the SoHer and Elise has some trouble on her hands

This is all Seth here and fun fact we may rename DEF to SETH.

Again the italics issue continues and I’m thinking this is a compiler issue for sure now. Especially considering Tom, myself and DEFSeth attempt to check all formatting before shows go out. What is commonly called proofreading but not to be misconstrued with actual proofreading … We don’t always get to read the entire show until its up … to keep up with deadlines. Annnd that is why it is super important to get your stuff in on time… gives us more time to read things.

Solid match here and as I mentioned before we try to keep from relocating tag matches to the top of the card only and here is a great example of just that.

Wrestlefriedns, as we saw earlier, have reunited, and it feels so good … They take on the BRAZEN powerhouses of NJNP and pull out a win only to be blindsided and overtaken by the numbers game.

The Fuse Bros or as Angus calls them Gamer Nerds come to the rescue and obviously this is not the last we have seen of this.

Burns/Mikey v. Cortez/Sharp
Main Event time! As set up in the post run down opening, the Unlikley tag team of Burns and Mikey square off against The Family Keeling contingent of Andy Sharp and Uriel Cortez.

The italics issue continues so those keeping track at home .. definitely a compiler issue. Another mystery solved. Atomicdropcast.com

We get a solid tag match here but in the end Mikey does what Mikey would do and tosses Bruns from the ring and makes the pin. The pair go over but obviously the way in which it went down … there is some heat between the FIST and his number contender…

We get the copyright and THIS IS DEFIANCE…

Good shit. Solid card.

VJ Valentine

Nov 26, 2007

Konichi wa, Faithful!

Ayake Sonada roaring back with another episode of Hits And Misses documenting DEFtv 126! The road to er... DEFIANCE Road is already underway and some of DEFIANCE's biggest starts have already started to rise above their peers. Let's take a look... shall we?

HIT: Uriel Cortez is LEGIT Scary

I think the first thing people are going to tell you about what happened at DEFtv is just how DOMINATE Uriel Cortez looked and has continued to look in the past weeks! Sure, he had a slip up against Oscar Burns and didn't capitalize on his opportunity, but ever since then all he's done is just dominate against the rest of the DEFIANCE roster. He made Levi Cole look like a crusierweight in there. Luckily after the match, security separated legitimate crazy man Jack Harmen from what could've been career suicide. I love you Jack but how can this man NOT win Ace In The Hole with everything we've seen tonight? He's just unreal!

MISS: The Rest of the Ace In The Hole Qualifiers

Speaking of Ace In The Hole... what the hell DEFIANCE?! Kerry Kuroyama is sent home with a suspension, and then Matt LaCroix legitimately screwed out of his chance to get back onto the DEFIANCE roster by Scott Stevens?! Are you TRYING to break my heart? I don't know how much more of this I can take. I can only take solace in the fact that eventually Scott Stevens is going to have to face Uriel Cortez in what could be a legitimate suspendable act! A girl can dream anyway.

HIT: STP, NJNP Rise From the Pack

Uriel Cortez isn't the only scary display of dominance we saw tonight though, because how can you not love the wanton carnage that the Sexual Tyr... aaah, STP displayed tonight! Brutal Attack Force never saw it coming, and those DEFIANCE/BRAZEN veterans aren't your run of the mill job squad. Speaking of BRAZEN veterans, No Justice No Peace has stated their claim for the DEFIANCE Tag Team Championships and are beginning to also separate from the pack! Laying out every tag team in their path, maybe they also deserve a shot.

MISS: Fuse Bros and Other Tag Team Woes

There were other tag teams on the opposite end of that beating, and let me tell you all... I haven't seen a team have as bad of a night in a LOOOONG time as the Fuse Bros did. Things looked to be going well against the Gulf Coast Connection before No Justice No Peace got involved and gave the GCC a second win against the former Tag Champs. Then a NJNP beatdown rescued by the WrestleFriends... and then ALL THREE TEAMS are just destroyed backstage by NJNP AGAIN. Ay! I'm a fan, so I really hope Conor and Tyler can get back up from this one.

HIT: Oscar Burns Walks The Walk

The showing from Cortez tonight just makes you realize how great Oscar Burns has been since coming to DEFIANCE. He's the only person who has made Uriel look beatable, and tonight he and new #1 Contender Mikey Unlikely had a few things to say. While Mikey can talk with the best of them, Oscar Burns continues to walk like the best of them by setting out an open challenge accepted by Keeling Family member Andy Sharp. While the stupid-fast aerial ace tried to win early, the war of attrition favored the FIST who came up victorious. Mikey had no choice but to salute the champion before Uriel Cortez ended his former Keeling Family partner for his failures.

MISS: Gage Blackwood's Fire May Be Burning Out

After we left Ascension, one could say Gage Blackwood was the hottest wrestler on the roster. Two episodes of DEFtv later, and we barely see him at all. When we do, it's him reassuring Elise Ares (and possibly himself) that she will eventually be defeated no matter how impressive she looks. Gage Blackwood picked a huge fight against the Southern Heritage Champion last episode, but looks like he might've ran into a brighter burning flame as Elise looks unstoppable in a win against Shooter Landell. Shooter even had his own problems earlier in the night, meeting newcomer Dex Joy and making quick enemies. I may not big the biggest fan of "Sports Entertainment", but maybe this is the party that never stops?

MY OPINION: DEFtv 126 had some high highs and some low lows, but people don't seem to be meddling in the middle. You're either hot or you're not. It was nice to see Jack Harmen and the FUSE Bros back around again, but Gage Blackwood and Scott Douglas were sorely missed here. We had a whole lot of STP and sometimes their mic time can be a little hard to follow. I think Uriel Cortez seemed to have more screen time but did something so dramatic with it each time that it didn't feel as overbearing to me. It's hard for me to say this was a good show when you take two of my boys from me... but it was certainly a good show for some members of our roster. Chin up though, Faithful, I'm sure we will prevail!

That's it for me today, until next time DEFIANCE... sayonara!

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