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Defiance Wrestling: Accepting Applications


Staff member
Jun 26, 2009
You heard me, I said Defiance is now accepting applications.

We work together to produce the best possible e-wrestling experience for our dedicated handlers, and strive to create and maintain the best possible product at any given time.

Defiance is what I call (re: stole from NFW) a freeform federation.

Yes, roleplays are mandatory.

No, they don't have to be novels. In fact, if you can't get to the point in five pages, you're wasting your time, my time, and everyone else's time.

Yes, we book angles in advance.

No, that doesn't mean that every match, or even a majority of the matches are predetermined. As a booker, I try to book for every possible outcome, thus leaving myself and my handlers in a position to rock and roll with the ebb and flow of roleplays, angles, real life, and rage-quits.

Yes, we like interesting and and informative characters and handlers.

No, we don't like dicks. Well, maybe Blue or Renee likes dicks, but the rest of us like vaginas. What I'm getting at is don't be a mother****er, or expect to be treated as such.

Defiance has a three-headed dragon of a staff who makes it their business to make things easy and fun for everyone involved, we just need a few fresh faces to keep things hot! Let's face it, after three seasons and 20+ shows, it's time to see some new matches.

So, if I've piqued your interest even a little bit, come on by, check out the site, check out the forums, and put an application up on the Employment Forum. Worst case scenario, you waste ten minutes. Best case scenario, you find the greatest efed in the History of Ever.


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