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DEFINFO - New Handler Guide


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Jan 31, 2004
So, you've got the votes and you are in.

Things you?ll need;

Google Docs Account
Everything from ARC Docs to shared match writing goes on in Google Docs. It?s a free service and operates much like word.

This is not the only way to get in contact with other handlers but arguably the best. DEF Utilizes Two Skype Group Chats.

1. DEFIANCE Announcements
Just like it says, this is a DO NOT REPLY chat meant to make sure no one misses any announcement of Deadlines, Card Posting, etc.​
2. DEFChat
This is the main group chat and is mainly for banter purposes. Although most announcements will be copy and pasted over to this chat - things tend to get lost in the shuffle here.​

Once you have skype, add @kaegiacona or [MENTION=736]Ford[/MENTION]ianslip and one of us will add you to the group chats.

Things you?ll need;

- Choose a Username and Password. (The Backstage script prefers all lower case.)
- Let a member of staff know via PM or Skype. (Ford or Brian)
- You'll be notified when you and your characters are set up backstage and you can fill out your bio to appear
on the web page.

- Read over the very extensive set of information in, DEFIANCE RESOURCES.

- Micro?s by Chris King
- Copy/Paste the template, and fill it out for Chris to work on. Be as descriptive as possible, please.
- Also, be patient.

- If you haven?t read any past show I urge you to do so and familiarize yourself with Angus and how he will view and speak about your character. This thread can be helpful as well.

- Depending on where we are in the ARC at you time of joining you have server options.


- If there is a segment slot available, you can debut your character against Brazen talent, interview segments, vignettes, etc.

- This is a clip show and almost anything goes and helps keep DEFtv from being so overloaded with segments. So, same as DEFtv without any format restraints.

- Via the backstage script you can post segments or interviews that stand alone from the DEFtv and UNCUT shows. These appear in the upper right hand side of the the DEFIANCEWrestling.com website.

- Check with staff before going this route.
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