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Aug 19, 2006
- Handler Name: Josh
- Contact Info: (Can be Private Messaged to me) Forum PM
- Current EFed (if any): LoC
- Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? *shrug*

Character Name:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 237
Hometown: Stuart, FL
Theme Song: "Charisma" by WASP
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style: All Arounder / Technician
10 Favorite Move(s): Russian Leg Sweep, Pendulum Backbreaker, Half Nelson Backbreaker, Spinebuster, Knife Edge Chop, Left and Right Combination Punches, DDT, Elbow Drop, Leg Lariat, Dragon Suplex
5 Signature Move(s): F3 (Vertical Suplex, Snap Suplex, Split-Legged Gordbuster in Succession), Vortex Powerbomb (Spiral Bomb), Vortex DDT (Cliffhanger DDT), Shining Wizard, Frog Splash
Set-up Move: None
Finishing Move: A Forever Reminder / Show Stealer / Legends Get Forgotten
Finishing Maneuver Description: Emerald Flowsion / 3/4 Distance Top Rope Leg Drop / Half Nelson Suplex w/ Leg Hooked (Regal Plex)
Character Details: (Gimmick, History, Look)

Born Jason Roberts in 1981, Derecho's story isn't unique. Nor is it one of those "I was picked on by kids and became a wrestler" stories. His was plain and simple. Grew up as a wrestling fan and knew that's what he wanted to do. He was trained by his father Raul. His father was a professional wrestler, but he never made it to the big time and was mainly a hometown hero to say the least. Jason followed in his footsteps, going under his father's wing and learning the moves that his dad used. Jason also added his own moves and became well rounded, albeit, still green.

He struggled at first, but then began to dominate in his hometown area, becoming a bigger name than his father ever was in Chicopee, Massachusettes. This elevated Jason's ego quite a bit, but it wasn't until he got his big break on the indy circuit that he realized, he wasn't as good as he thought he was. Derecho started out as a rookie in the World Wrestling Alliance (hereafter WWA) with hardly any knowledge of wrestling in the indy circuit except that if you want to make it, this is where you need to start. He was used to hometown shows in bingo halls, wresting in front of a crowd of anywhere between 30 to 50 people. Derecho's first match was against Ray Williams, aka The Executioner. Ray defeated Derecho, but was given a break when the stable he was a part of, named Factor Xtreme (FX) recruited him. Derecho and Ray formed and alliance and were called The FX Outlaws. Not getting much success, Executioner and Derecho decided that they should split from FX and go their separate ways from the group.

At the time, a lower mid-carder, or possibly still a rookie, El Fantasmo and Jullian Corteia aka Melee joined up with the Outlaws to form a new stable, The Matrix, stabbing FX in the back. The Matrix looked promising, as four young talents tried to play with the big boys. Derecho's brother, Steve Roberts, known as Sky Razor (and later Mattock), entered and tried to destroy the Outlaws. Sky Razor soon left the federation, after his demented mind wouldn't be tolerated any longer. Behind the scenes, things didn't work out between the office and the Outlaws. Derecho and Executioner left the WWA on bad terms.

Derecho then headed over to a new federation called the Sean World Order (hereafter swo). In the swo, Derecho was picked up immediately. He feuded with Tom Hart and defeated him on numerous occasions. Derecho then won a three way dance to become the number one contender to the world title. He then joined up with a group of guys named The Firing Squad. Despite his success, they never recognized him, so Derecho left and joined The War Ensemble. That alliance didn't last long, either. Sky Razor entered the fed soon after and the two tagged together as Derecho waited for the champion to show his face. Derecho finally put out a challenge, and the champion finally accepted. Derecho pinned the champ to become the new swo world champion. The fed soon closed its doors and left Derecho as the final sWo world champion.

Derecho then moved to the matt world order (hereafter mwo). Matt was overzealous when he heard that a former world champ had made his way to the federation. It was there he met a wrestler by the name of Konvict. The mwo closed it's doors and Derecho followed Konvict to the vwo (Vadims World Order). There is where he met The Blazer, a man who would go on to become Derecho's greatest rival and also his greatest ally, and Charm. At the time, the three of them were a stable known as The Alliance. Derecho joined them and became the fourth member. While there, Derecho became the vWo intercontinental champion, but like all of the other federations Derecho was in before, the vWo closed it doors as well.

Derecho then moved to a fed called the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. (FWA). There, the Alliance resurfaced, and Derecho captured the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles with his partner, The Blazer. A man named Jaebomb then joined the Alliance, but he soon left the group. Charm had left as well, leaving the Alliance down to three members, Derecho, Blazer, and Konvict. The Alliance recruited Kid Twizted as part of the group, but he didn't stay long and the FWA closed it's doors. During his stay at the FWA, Derecho moonlighted at another fed called the NWA, National Wrestling Association. In what he considered his greatest career battle at this point in time, he defeated Matt 3:16 in the world title tournament and became the ONLY NWA World Champion. The fed soon closed after that, and so Derecho was left once again out in the cold.

Derecho went to a federation called Steel Cage Wrestling (SCW). There, he mounted an undefeated streak and became the U.S. Champion. Differences between the President and Derecho surfaced, and Derecho vacated the title and left the fed, remaining undefeated a 8-0. Derecho found a new home at the Future Wrestling Federation (FWF). He became the TV Champion by defeating Jason Corteia. The fed soon closed afterwards. The WWA had re-opened it's doors and Derecho made a return, but one week later, the federation folded over and closed for the final time. Derecho was once again jobless as this seemed to be the life of an indy wrestler striving to make it in the early days of their career.

This became very depressing for Jason as it seemed every federation he stepped into, closed. Derecho then stumbled upon a federation known as Ring Rage Wrestling (RRW). He decided to give it one more shot. Little did he know that RRW wasn't just some indy federation, but one of the big league circuits run by wrestler superstar "New Blood" Shawn Simon. Derecho was recognized for some his talents, but he had a long way to go, but he improved and overcame the odds, becoming the second RRW World Heavyweight Champion, defeating Ben Tuckwell. It was later that he lost the belt to Cornelius Corteia, aka Carnage.

Derecho moonlighted at many other federations, and he did get some gold, but not much. It wasn't until RRW closed it's doors that Derecho got the biggest break of them all. Tornado Wrestling had re-opened, and the talent scouts picked him up as the first official newcomer of TW2K. Derecho went on and joined Chris Register and Chris Titan to re-form the Digital Underground. The group broke up and reformed as an elaborate part to screw Derecho. Derecho then rebounded and defeated newest D.U. member and returning wrestler, Jason Metcalfe, winning the International Title in the process. TW closed for good and Derecho remained International champion after closing.

Revolution Wrestling re-opened and Derecho along with his brother, Sky Razor joined. They were both released from their contracts due to inactivity within the federation as they were not pleased with it's ownership. Derecho then considered retirement, and even announced it, but as semi-retired in 1999. Derecho lent his services to the new uWa federation, which is the new farm league for the federation he owns... the XWF, but Derecho never went into retirement. Since then uWa closed and the farm league was over, but Derecho mainly stayed out of federations and focused on running his XWF promotion which he took to new heights, no longer being labeled as an indy promotion, but a major league federation, harnessing tremendous talents such as Natural Born Killas, Silence, Grendel, Synn, Greg Davis, "Impulse" Brian James, West Texas Outlaws, Sean Cylear, Carnage, Melee, Jason Corteia, and many many more recognized names.

However, Derecho did finally retire, at least for the first time. It was in his "final" battle with long time friend, The Blazer, who he had been feuding with for close to two years, but it wasn't until Derecho captured the XWF World Championship, screwing his own promotion in the back, making him the most hated man in the XWF. Derecho showed his true evil as he went to great lengths to destroy blazer and keep his career, but Blazer beat him and his wrestling career was over. It's been close to six months since he retired when Derecho came out of retirement once to answer a special challenge handed to him by his own superstar, Nuclear. Not being in a ring for such a long time prompted a loss, but that triggered something in Derecho's mind, that he has something to prove.

With this new passion, Derecho returned to the wrestling scene with 21st Century Wrestling. Here he ended up working with a wrestler named Tyke, would go on to become one of Derecho's 3 greatest feud partners, the other being Ninja K, who was also in 21w at the time. Derecho became the first man in 21w to hold the Millennium and Hardcore Championships at the same time as well as the first man to have held the United, Hardcore, and Millennium championships all within a single stay with the promotion.

When 21w closed down its doors, Derecho was picked up by Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, but Derecho's time there was pretty short. It was then Derecho decided to step into retirement once again, but that Terry Funk syndrome kicked in and Derecho realized that he wasn't ready for retirement and just needed a break to recharge his batteries.

When Derecho returned he entered Legacy of Champions. Here, he continued his feuds with Ninja K and Tyke, further cementing their legacies. Derecho even went on to defeat Sylo and dethrone him as the Legacy Champion until he lost the belt to Alias in the 6 Man LoCDown match. Derecho then departed LoC and headed to uW where he found little success. Derecho took more time off, doing odd appearances here and there, including a match against Spike Saunders in NBW.

Derecho just passed the time away until he got an unexpected phone call from the fWo, one of the longest running and most recognized promotions. Derecho accepted their offer and only ended up having one match, a return match against Spike Saunders where he lost, putting them at 1-1. Soon after, fWo closed its doors for good and Derecho, again, was left without a home.. a story not that unfamiliar to Derecho during his career.

Derecho then saw that LoC was re-opening once again and became part of its roster. He re-debuted the same way he went out... in a LoCDown match for the Legacy Championship. Although he lost, Derecho went on to win the Or Die Trying tournament to capture the Relentless Championship, which he cashed in to defeat Suicide in the same night becoming the Underground Championship and the only man to hold the Legacy, Underground, and Relentless titles in the history of LoC.

No matter where Derecho had gone, success always followed him. He has been a champion in every company he has stepped foot in and he takes great pride in that. When Legacy of Champions was purchased by jOlt Wrestling, Derecho entered the company as the LoC Underground Champion. He then took jOlt's Xtreme division by storm and reformed it into the jOlt Underground. He proclaimed himself as the King of the Underground.

As more people stepped up and as more people fell at his feet, Derecho's psychotic demeanor grew. He felt that the Underground was too light-hearted for his tastes and decided to proclaim the Underground as Hell itself and naming himself as its king. The self-proclaimed King of Hell has carved a path of destruction second to none and while some have come close, no one has been able to dethrone him.

They say that no king rules forever... Derecho begs to differ.

Look: http://loc.ewarena.com/poser/bionav/derecho.png

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