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Derrick Allen


New member
Mar 6, 2012
South Carolina
Handler Name: Joey Gray

Handler's e-mail address: jogray44@ymail.com

Character's in ring name: Derrick Allen

Character's Real Name: Derrick Allen

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 237

Hometown: South Park area of Seattle, Washington

Moveset(Please include at least 15 moves.):
Northern lights suplex
Drop toe hold into half crab
head butt off top rope
springboard leg drop
German suplex
Standing side kick
Monkey flip
High flipping dropkick
springboard/top rope hurricanrana
Elbow drop off second rope
Arm drag
Crossface armbar
Double hunderhook power bomb
Running bulldog

Finisher: Fremont Plunge (shooting star press)

Apperance: Derrick's hair is a dark brown in color with a high temple fade haircut. At different periods is hair grows out a little in which case he spikes his hair. His skin is fair in tone since he was born in raised in seattle and his skin rarely sees any rays from the sun. his face is a little weathered from a somewhat stressful life so far. he keeps his facial hair trimmed down to only a "pharo" shaped goatee. his build is more athletic than muscular but nonetheless he is a solid two hundred and thirty seven pounds. his right eyebrow is pierced with a small, silver in color, hoop. In the ring he usually wears short styled tights that come down halfway to his knee. his right side is solid black with the left side solid red. Depending on the situation the color red may change to white or a navy blue. He always has his wrists taped up when wrestling. Derrick wears usually red wrestling shoes when in the ring with a solid black "sleeve" on his left leg the covers from mid shin to just above the knee. eyes are hazel in color with somewhat bushy eyebrows that are a deep brown color that almost appears black. Derrick has one tattoo that wraps around his neck that reads "INTRYPIDE" (the french word for fearless) in a ole english font.

Theme Music/Entrance:CUE UP: "sail" by AWOLNATION. Derrick steps out from behind the curtain and stands in the entrance way. Derrick is singing along with the song in an effort to psych himself up for what is about to come. As the song goes into the chorus Derrick breaks for the ring in full sprint. He slides in under the bottom rope and quickly snaps to his feet. He jumps onto the second buckle of the nearest corner and raises his right fist in the air (enter fan pop wether face or heel).

Gimmick/Other notes about your character: Derrick was born and raised in the Seattle area. Growing up Derrick had only one true friend in "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas. They came up together, got into wrestling together, trained together, pretty much they were "brothers". when Douglas left town for Texas and later Mexico he never said anything to Derrick nor his sister Courtney whom Scott was in a relationship with. Derrick felt somewhat slighted by this and felt Scott abandoned him. Derrick and Scott made a vow to always work together in getting to the top. If one would get a break the other would get the same. Derrick's sister "checked out" when Scott left to a life of Drugs and partying. Derrick was left by Scott and he felt abandoned by the only family he had in his sister courtney. Derrick left for Canada in a attempt to find work in the numerous "territory" based promotions. Derrick bounced from promotion to promotion never really finding a place that he fit in and could call home. No one even knew Derrick was gone and he blames Scott for everything. One night Derrick was reading the local paper and when he came across the back of the sports section he couldnt believe what he read. Scott was back in Seattle wrestling for a start up Indy fed by the name of IWF. To make things worse he read about how his sister was back in Scott's corner, in and out of the ring. Derrick left the same night to go back home and confront the guy he once called brother that left him alone without even saying a single word.

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