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Diabolic Forces vs The Moundfields vs Ray & TTT

The Moundfields

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Sep 4, 2004
Manchester, England
The scene opens in a gymnasium. Many people, men and women, partake in a number of activities; weights, treadmills, aerobics, rowing machines, boxing etc. The camera pans around a bit before focusing up on the cafe area above the gym. In the cafe sit Jaz and Daryl Moundfield. The camera fades for a few seconds, before returning in the cafe, positioned for Jaz and Daryl to speak.

Jaz: Ok Daryl, Blood Bath wasn't exactly our most successful nights work was it?

Daryl: Not exactly.

Jaz: We didn't get the Tag Team titles like we wanted, but we do have another chance.

Daryl: The Main Frame tag team title shot?!

Jaz: Erm no, that went to Angel of Death and Texas Lightning. No we have the opportunity to win the Superiority II tag team title shot and finally get our tag team gold, the belts that have eluded us for oh so long.

Daryl: Brilliant, who do we face?

Jaz: Well it's a triple threat match against two former tag team champions. The Diabolic Forces and The Salvation.

Daryl: The Salvation?

Jaz: You know, Triple T and Ray Santana. Former world champions, two time tag champions...

Daryl: The old guys who last a combined total of about 30 seconds in the Blood Bath match?

Jaz: Yeah those two. Look I know it's getting very "HICAL and Fred Rogers" but these guys mean business and they'll be looking to prove that they can still cut it in EUWC. They've not held the tag team titles in 5 years, but you've not held the tag titles in 30 odd years of life, so don't underestimate them.

Daryl: What about The Diabolic Forces? We've never beaten them.

Jaz: That may be the case but that doesn't mean we can't do it at Main Frame. To be brutally honest I'm sick of those Diabolic Morons constantly getting one up on us and we'll change that at Main Frame. We deserve the opportunity to prove why we can be the best tag team in the EUWC. Back in 2003 I won the tag team titles in my second professional match, now you can't emulate that success, but you can come to Main Frame and get success of your own.

Daryl: I intend to Jaz.

Jaz: Good lad. So its decided, at Main Frame, Jaz and Daryl step out of the shadows and uncertainty, stop lingering around the middle of the tag team division and push ourselves above the riffraff. It's time that the EUWC realises, The Moundfields are not here to make up the numbers, we will be tag team champions at Superiority and whether The Salvation or The Diabolic Forces try to stop it is irrelevant. Enough talk, enough waiting, now is the time for action!

Daryl: Very moving.

Jaz: Thanks, I'm sure I could get a career as an after-dinner speaker...

The cameras leave the Moundfields talking and fade to black.
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