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Dec 16, 2003
Azusa, California
There is a somber glow in the dusk that has arrived to Sierra Vista, Arizona. In a small cemetery on the outskirts of town, practically in the middle of nowhere, another somber scene is developing. A lone man in a sleeveless black leather trenchcoat stairs down at a grave marker marked:

Xandor Alvarez
Beloved Husband, Uncle, and Salt of the Earth

The stoic look on the man can’t be hidden by his wind whipped long black hair. His eyes deceive him to the unknown world that surrounds him. Behind the hard exterior flows river of molten emotion ready to erupt.

I promised myself I wouldn’t return without a World Heavyweight Championship belt over my shoulder or around my waist. But here I stand before you, Uncle, with nothing but the man you left behind. I don’t know if God lets you see what’s happening here on Earth, but things have dramatically changed in your beloved sport.

This isn’t the sport you loved and fought for. It’s become all about the money and prestige in the secular world and less about being the best and knowing because you truly earned it with blood, sweat, and tears. This is why I left A1E. After having my knee injured, I realized the road A1E had chosen to take wasn’t worth it. I let my contract expire without even attempting to renegotiate. I am solely devoted to Empire Pro; especially now.

It seems the cancer that encouraged my departure from A1E has begun to show his face around EPW. I won’t stand by any longer and let money, movie deals, and any other kind of material wealth stain the honor you and so many others fought and died to achieve in our sport.

But I have bittersweet news amidst all this.

Lindsay…your precious Lindsay…has accomplished what you always told her she would if she only had patience and took advantage of openings.

She’s the EPW World Champion. She wears that belt proudly like we all knew she would. She beat a great competitor in Beast despite their ongoing hatred. Some are pissing their pants at the thought of a female World Champion, but you and I both knew it was coming.

Cross pauses to take a deep breath of the cooling Arizona air. The hard exterior begins to show cracks as Cross returns this gaze to his uncle’s grave.

I’M the #1 Contender to Lindsay’s title. In some ways I am reliving the Scaffold Match from A1E. I hesitated then as I do now to destroy her dreams since she is like family to us. I know she is willing to throw away bonds to keep the EPW Championship. As of right now, I can’t. She’s the closest thing to family I have now since you left.

I am conflicted, Uncle.

I want the World Championship. I am willing to die and kill for it.

But I don’t know if I can bring myself to shatter Lindsay’s dream. She’s worked too damn hard for this as I have to get to this spot.

I am physically and mentally capable, but my emotions betray me.

I need your guidance, Uncle. She is your loved one too…

(To be continued…)


New member
Dec 16, 2003
Azusa, California

Jeremiah 9:4-5 - "Beware of your friends; do not trust your brothers. For every brother is a deceiver, and every friend a slanderer. Friend deceives friend, and no one speaks the truth. They have taught their tongues to lie; they weary themselves with sinning."

Uncle Xandor was blind.

All he could see in Lindsay was the daughter he and my aunt could never have. I thought him wiser. He reached out to her in love and compasion and she played him like a spanish guitar.

She's always been this way.

She's always had a way with men. Believe me, I know. I fell for the Aphrodite exterior and soon learned of the Medusa within.

How many more men will fall before her lethal beauty? The line of men she has already destroyed resemble the cross laden roads of Rome.


Uncle Xandor...

Shawn Hart...

Dark Angel...

Yes, Dark Angel. The one man who was actually smart enough to flee Medusa like the god-forsaken plague. Oh, how she cried his departure. But I wonder if her tears were those of missed opportunity instead of those tears of heartbreak.

I don't think she cares now? She has the EPW World Heavyweight Championship around her waist.

She has her two boytoys in Christian Sands and Joey Melton.

One door shuts, she pries 3 more open.

I should have known.

You're probably wondering why I would say these things about my "close" friend Lindsay Troy.

The moment she superkicked me was the moment the rosy colored lenses my uncle put on me were removed from my eyes.

I knew she was capable of turning on me, but for my uncle's sake, and my forgiving care for her, I ignored my instincts.

As I held Cloverleaf so she could punish him, I saw the Medusa within lick her fangs. It's the same look she had when we were a top the scaffold in A1E. No hesitation. No consideration of what was given to her by me or my family. Only her title and her own self mattered to her.

It's worse now than it was back then.

She relishes in the fact that she fooled the entire company, especially Beast, in winning the EPW Title as Dis.

When EPW searched for the identity of Dis, I knew, without anyone telling me, that Lindsay was Dis. I know her too well. If anyone knows her thoughts or mannerisms, it's me.

That superkick was a message. It was her way of telling me: "Xandor, you're too close. Get back. This is MY time. This is MY title."

She knows I have that inner knowledge of her that gives me the advantage of taking the EPW World Title from her.

She knows I will battle the Medusa within her. I'm the only one who she has poisoned with her fangs and still returned to face her once more.

I loved you, Lindsay.

Hell, I still do.

But I'm not going to step back from winning the EPW World Heavyweight Championship. No matter the cost

But...Damn! I knew better!

This deceit won't go unpunished.

Psalm 55:23 - "But you, O God, will bring down the wicked in the pit of corruption; bloodthirsty and deceitful people will not live out half their days."

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