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Jun 1, 2007

[We’re backstage, in the area in the bowels of the United Center set aside for medical treatment. There’s various people floating around the area, trying like hell to treat the injured, but for now they've left one man alone.]

[As “Da Man” Xavier Langston leans forward and holds a towel over his forehead with his right hand to contain the bleeding from the barbed-wire-assisted-sleeper-hold-turned-headlock-driver, he looks upward at the fourth wall, his left hand resting on his left leg as he speaks.]

Dere’s some people dat think I had myself a dissapointin’ outing, an I ain’t gon’ lie, I thought that myself for a sec. I ain’t come up in dis piece to take fifth place, I came ta Chicago ta walk out da numba one contender to the top prize in da New Frontier.


After havin’ a moment ta sit back an’ let the adrenaline rush die down, I gotta say I ain’t mad about how it all turned out. On da way into da match, I got ta pick up Peter Windham’s punk card an’ shove it through his chest wit’ my boot, puttin’ him back on’ da ground where he belongs. II got to stand tall an’ mix it up wit’ da bes’ wrestlers in dis New Frontier. An’ fo’ forty-plus minutes, da second-longest time o’ any of the competitors in dis here Rumble...guess what?

Not only did I show I belonged in dat ring...I showed I could whoop dat ass all night long.

[A smile from Da Man before he continues.]


I’d say dis was a big night for Da Man here in da New Frontier.

I’d say da sky’s da limit goin' forward, an’ whether it’s Petey Dubs and his cronies, or Legion an’ his goth squad, or even Jack Harman and his li’l sick [BLEEP] partner, ya best believe da BIG NIGHTS is gonna continue, an’ I’mma keep smokin’ fools like it’s four twenty until I get my hands on da gold, ya feel me?

Oh, an’ speakin’ o’ da new crazy up in dis house...

I don’t care if ya name’s Stryfe with a Y, Pat Black, or Pat McCrotch, you gas-mask wearin’ barb-wire lovin’ [BLEEP] for brains bastard...

[It’s here that Langston removes the towel from his forehead, exposing the bloody carnage that Pat Black left. The bleeding has mostly stopped, but there's still several large red cuts all along his forehead. There’s tons of dried blood all over his forehead and eyebrows, and there’s still a trickle of blood oozing out of one of the cuts above his right eye, causing blood to trickle down the right side of his face past the right corner of his eye and down his cheek.]

...you made the first cut, no doubt. Happy birthday, ya got one over on me tonight. But ya left me breathin’, sucka, an' wit' dat new lease on life I’mma make damn sure I have my final cut someday real soon.

An' it's gon' cut you outta da New Frontier like an' oncologis' cuttin' a tumor.

Because I AM DA MAN




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