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Nov 20, 2015
Hello FW, my name's Kristian, been out of the game for a few years now, actually closer to five I think, but that's besides the point. The mixture of nostalgia and unspent creativity that sent me pouring through old e-fed archives for my 'highlights' also brought me here.

I'm not exactly new to FW but damned if I can remember my old login, or even the old e-mail it was attached to. I've been at e-wrestling since the late 90's but I didn't become serious until around 2003 in a fed called 3WA where Bobby Idol evolved into the much more fleshed out Johnny Lexicon.

When 3WA closed I migrated to the PTC community hub where I did time across a few different feds, many of my 3WA friends ended up in GCW (Jordan White, Johnny Borealis, Trey Tremendous, and Lestatt Knight.) but I didn't find my groove there. I competed in the last two GTT tournaments and did a couple stints with Hyde in his Atlantic Wrestling thing. There were a few other feds throughout but their acronyms escape me.

The last time I actually wrote an rp though was for Zodiac, an old friends character that I adopted when she stopped playing. I think it was here several years ago I won a belt uncontested with her but then failed to defend it, but I might be remembering the community hub wrong so don't hold me to that claim.

That's about the long and short of it, a silly hobby I found myself playing at 16 because I liked wrestling became a silly hobby I enjoyed in my twenties because I discovered I love to write. Now I'm in my thirties and seriously thinking about doing it all again and glad that a place like this is still around so that I might actually be able to.

So that's that, I look forward to wasting some time with you all.


Jan 1, 2000
The Johnny Lexicon name is kinda-sorta familiar but that's all I'm able to remember. In any case, welcome to FW Central. There aren't any active RP feds here at the moment but both DEFIANCE and LoC are angle-based if that's a style you're interested in.

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