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DONE! BATTLEMANIA Roleplay Period(s) Are CLOSED!

Jorden Snow

New member
Oct 22, 2014
Robinson, Illinois
That's right, you read it in the title- the roleplay periods for BATTLEMANIA are officially closed. Done. -Fin. All that good stuff. As judges and organizers of the event, myself and Ernie (El Gringo Loco) made an executive decision the night of the original applicant deadline that Lord Raab's RP would not count, because it was posted 1 minute past the deadline. That said, we also decided that we'd give the original sign-ups for the alternate spots 72 hours to get their roleplays up. I personally contacted each person who had signed up as an alternate. If those original signups did not post a roleplay within the 72 hours, we decided that we'd then allow Lord Raab's roleplay to count. As of 1am EST this morning, Lord Raab's roleplay became an official entrant and the final roleplay into the event.

Thus we now have 30. Judging is already taking place and some of the 1-30 lists are even completed already. We will use these next few days to finish up the judging, and then get the results in order. The deadline we set for the event, is the deadline we will hold ourselves too.

Stay tuned.. your hard work has not gone without notice.


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