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[Dragons] Victory


League Member
Jun 1, 2007
[Backstage after Reloaded 21.]

[The Chromatic Dragons have taken over a corner of the medical area. In the center of the shot, all smiles, is ANCALAGON, holding onto one of the two EMT memorial title belts. To his left, on a gurney, sits BLACK ZACK DRAGON, head down as an Emergency Medical Technician tends to the cut on his forehead. ZACK's hair has some streaks of crimson in it from the blood flow, and from the corner of his mouth we can see a small corner of green liquid, a leftover of the ACID BREATH spit during the match. Finally, standing to the right of ANCALAGON is OMEGA ZERO. He has visible bruising on his torso, and he has spots of blood in his white chest hair, but he has donned his sunglasses again and seems otherwise unfazed.]

ANCALAGON: We have done it.

We have prevailed in caged combat, and in doing so taken the EMT tag team titles into our treasure horde.

Believe me, we will celebrate this night.

But tomorrow it is back to work, for this is only the first step in our journey.

Our journey to become the dominant tag team force in the New Frontier.

To do that, we must work harder than ever, for now we are the ones with the target on our backs. Now we are the hunted.

Now it is time for us to show our true worth.

[The camera pans over to Black Zack Dragon, who holds up his hand to the EMT treating his cut. The EMT steps back, allowing Zack to turn to the camera and speak.]

BLACK ZACK DRAGON: Legion, Graverobbers...a little birdie backstage tells me that you plan on exercising your rematch clause for these titles.

I have bled buckets and taken the beating of my life to sink my claws into the leather straps of these golden titles. And I will bleed buckets more before I allow you to take these from my grasp.

We do not fear the death and the chaos you espouse.

And when the rematch happens, we will do what must be done to defeat you once more and retain these titles.

[With a wave, the Black Dragon calls the EMT over to him again to help finish sealing the wound. The camera pans to the standing Omega Zero, the EMT strap slung over his left shoulder and gripped by his left hand.]

OMEGA ZERO: To all the other tag teams of the New Frontier who wish to climb the mountain of success and retrieve these golden prizes...you have seen what we are capable of. You have seen our rise to prominence.

Ask yourselves if you are brave enough to climb the mountains and challenge the Dragons in mortal combat.

We welcome all challengers. We will not hide from our duty as fighting champions.

But if you are not prepared...you may find yourselves a trophy upon our walls, frozen for all eternity.

[Back to The Father of Dragons to close this one out.]

ANCALAGON: Welcome, New Frontier, to the Dragon Age of Tag Team Wrestling.


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