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Jan 1, 1970
Handler Name: WESTPrez

Handler's e-mail address: new_frontier_wrestling@yahoo.com

Character's in ring name: DUSTY RODGERS
Accompanied Nicknames: 'BIG DADDY', 'I AINTCHA DADDY', 'THE BIG NAITCH', and many, MANY more to come.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 266

Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Current Residence: East Harlem, NY

Moveset(Please include at least 15 moves.): Overhand (Dusty) Elbow Strikes, Reverse Knife Edge Chop (will "WOO!" for himself on each one), Atomic Drop Variations (Inverted included), Flapjack, Running/Jumping Elbow Drop, Punching and Jiving, Kicks, Shoulderblock, Running Cross Body Block, Lou Thesz Press, Kneebreaker, Top Rope Bodypress, Top Rope Splash

Finisher: Figure 4 or Stump-Puller Piledriver

Appearance: Pretend in the 1980's that Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair donated their frozen DNA and Kei$ha in-vitroed.

Theme Music/Entrance: 'I GET THE JOB DONE' -- BIG DADDY KANE

Gimmick/Other notes about your character: Just another West Texan tryin' to get by in East Harlem.

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