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DVD MATCH Nominations

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May 2, 2007
Re: DVD Nominations

Aggression 35 JA vs. Kin Hiroshi vs. Rocko Daymon for the rights of being the #1 contender.

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Sean Stevens Vs Marcus Westscott roofed cage for EPW World Title

Layne Winters Vs Copycat Ladder Match for EPW World TV Title


Jan 1, 2000
Christian Sands vs. Beast - Black Dawn I

"Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown - Black Dawn I

Beast vs. Christian Sands (Steel Cage) - Unleashed I

The Cameron Cruise Project vs. Blitz - Unleashed I

Dis vs. Beast - Russian Roulette I

"Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. "The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy vs. Joey Melton - Russian Roulette II

JA vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens - Aggression 38

Fusenshoff vs. Stalker - Unleashed III


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Main event from Wrestleverse III- JA vs. Rocko vs. Triple X

Ladder Match from Russian Roulette III- Copycat vs. Layne Winters (Don't mean to be a self-shill, but that could be my favorite match Straw's ever written)


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Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
A couple of (long) lists based on the match writing.

From PPVs:
Cameron Cruise vs. Clapper vs. Troy Douglas vs. "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx - Black Dawn 2004
Christian Sands vs. Beast - Black Dawn 2004
John Doe vs. "The New Icon" Bryan Storms (I Quit match) - Unleashed 2004
Blitz vs. Golem & X-Ecutioner vs. Cameron Cruise Project - Unleashed 2004
Adam Benjamin (c) vs. "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx - Unleashed 2004
Christian Sands (c) vs. Beast - Unleashed 2004
Karl "The Dragon" Brown vs. John Doe - Wrestleverse 1
Cameron Cruise Project (c) vs. Christian Sands and Lindsay Troy - Wrestleverse 1
JA (c) vs. Sebastian Dodd vs. "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx - Wrestleverse 1
Beast (c) vs. Adam Benjamin vs. Boogie Smallz - Wrestleverse 1
Karl "The Dragon" Brown vs. Eric "The Dragon" Davis - Russian Roulette 2005
Issac Byrne vs. Troy Douglas (Inferno Match) - Russian Roulette 2005
Steve Savoy vs. Cross - Russian Roulette 2005
"Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy/Christian Sands (c) vs. The Cameron Cruise Project vs. Priest/Eisenkreuz vs. Blitz – Russian Roulette 2005
Beast (c) vs. Dis – Russian Roulette 2005
Cameron Cruise vs. Joey Melton (Cage match) – Black Dawn 2005
JA vs. Karl “The Dragon” Brown – Black Dawn 2005
Foxx vs. Adam Benjamin – Black Dawn 2005
Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Cross – Black Dawn 2005
“Phenomenal” Frankie Scott vs. The Sergeant – Unleashed 2006
Foxx vs. Cameron Cruise – Unleashed 2006
JA vs. Shawn Hart – Unleashed 2006
Blitz (c) and Leonard Johnson vs. Highland Park Social Club – Unleashed 2006
Adam Benjamin (c) vs. “Da Bomb” Mike Evers – Unleashed 2006
"The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Beast vs. Kin Hiroshi vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. Joey Melton vs. Karl "the Dragon" Brown (c) – Unleashed 2006
“Phenomenal” Frankie Scott vs. “The Dark Phenom” Nakita Dahaka (Leather strap match) – Wrestleverse II
Bloodhunt vs. “Triple X” Sean Stevens – Wrestleverse II
Karl “The Dragon” Brown (c) vs. “Sensational” Steven Shane – Wrestleverse II
Dan Ryan vs. IrishRed (Street Fight) – Wrestleverse II
Cameron Cruise Project vs. Highland Park Social Club (c) – Wrestleverse II
Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Troy Windham (Ladder match, Divorce or Marriage) – Wrestleverse II
Stalker vs. Kin Hiroshi – EPW/NEW Wrestlestock
Karl “The Dragon” Brown vs. Foxx – Russian Roulette II
JA vs. Rocko Daymon vs. Kin Hiroshi (#1 Contender’s match) – Russian Roulette II
James Irish (c) vs. Shawn Hart vs. Cameron Cruise vs. Fusenhoff – Black Dawn 2008
Troy Douglas vs. The Sergeant (c) – Black Dawn 2008
JA (c) vs. “Triple X” Sean Stevens (Cage Match) – Unleashed 2008
Cameron Cruise (c) vs. First – Wrestleverse III
Anthology vs. Dan Ryan and Big Dog – Russian Roulette III
Layne Winters (c) vs. Copycat (Ladder Match) – Russian Roulette III
“Triple X” Sean Stevens (c) vs. Marcus Westcott (Cage Match) – Russian Roulette III

From Aggression:
"Mr Main Event" Rob Sampson vs. "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx - Aggression 1
Rocko Daymon vs. Maelstrom - Aggression 3
Karl "The Dragon" Brown vs. Christian Sands - Aggression 3
Beast vs. Suicide vs. Christian Sands - Aggression 4
"Gentleman" Jonathan Marx vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown vs. Tyrone Walker - Aggression 6
Christian Sands vs. Troy Douglas - Aggression 7
Karl "The Dragon" Brown vs. X (chain match) - Aggression 8
Beast, Joey Melton, Cameron Cruise, & Adam Benjamin vs. Troy Douglas, Lindsay Troy, Christian Sands, & Jonathan Marx - Aggression 9
"Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin vs. Beast - Aggression 10
Boogie Smallz vs. Lindsay Troy - Aggression 11
Troy Douglas vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown - Aggression 12
JA (c) vs. Adam Benjamin - Aggression 13
Christian Sands vs. Cameron Cruise (Street fight) - Aggression 13
Lindsay Troy and Christian Sands (c) vs. Second Coming - Aggression 14
Troy Douglas vs. Clapper - Aggression 15
Beast (c) vs. Joey Melton - Aggression 16
Cross vs. Dis II – Aggression 17
Beast vs. Adam Benjamin – Aggression 18
Blitz (c) vs. Priest/Damian Stone vs. Steve Savoy/X-Ecutioner vs. "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin/"The Dog of War" Jason Payne – Aggression19
Foxx vs. Karla Starr – Aggression 19
"Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy (c)/Cross/"Sensational" Steven Shane vs. AJ Cirrus/Ken Cloverleaf – Aggression 19
“Phenomenal” Frankie Scott vs. The Sergeant – Aggression 21
Karl “The Dragon” Brown (c) vs. Cameron Cruise – Aggression 21
Adam Benjamin (c) vs. Karla Starr – Aggression 22
“The Epitome” Troy Windham vs. JA – Aggression 22
“The Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Karl “The Dragon” Brown (c) – Aggression 22
Foxx vs. Cameron Cruise – Aggression 23
“The Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy, Joey Melton, and Karl “The Dragon” Brown vs. Troy Windham and his Entourage – Aggression 23
Battle Royal – Aggression 24
Karl “The Dragon” Brown (c) vs. “Sensational” Steven Shane – Aggression 25
Highland Park Social Club (c) vs. The Entourage – Aggression 26
Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Kin Hiroshi – Aggression 26
“Ninja K” Kenshiro Inogami vs. Foxx vs. Troy Douglas – Aggression 27
“Da Bomb” Mike Evers (c) vs. Shawn Hart – Aggression 27
Sean Stevens vs. JA – Aggression 27
Lindsay Troy (c) and the Cameron Cruise Project vs. Highland Park Social Club – Aggression 27
“Phenomenal” Frankie Scott vs. “The Dark Phenom” Nakita Dahaka – Aggression 28
Damian Stone vs. Rocko Daymon – Aggression 28
IrishRed vs. Steven Shane – Aggression 29
JA vs. Steven Shane (Cage match) – Aggression 30
Shawn Hart (c) vs. Foxx – Aggression 30
Rocko Daymon vs. Sean Stevens (Cage match) – Aggression 31
Karl “The Dragon” Brown (c) vs. Troy Douglas vs. The Sergeant – Aggression 32
Shawn Hart vs. Troy Douglas – Aggression 34
First vs. JA – Aggression 34
Shawn Hart vs. Fusenhoff – Aggression 35
Rocko Daymon vs. Kin Hiroshi vs. JA (#1 Contender’s Match) – Aggression 35
Nakita Dahka vs. Simply Beautiful – Aggression 36
Fusenhoff (c) vs. Beast – Aggression 36
Stalker vs. Troy Douglas – Aggression 36
Forsaken (c) vs. Troy Douglas (c) and Larry Tact – Aggression 37
Frankie Scott vs. Omega – Aggression 39
Jared Wells vs. Felix Red (Hardcore Rules match) – Aggression 40
Marcus Westcott vs. Felix Red vs. Anarky – Aggression 42
Troy Douglas (c) vs. Cameron Cruise – Aggression 42
“Triple X” Sean Stevens (c) vs. First – Aggression 42
Fusenhoff (c) vs. Frankie Scott – Aggression 44
“Triple X” Sean Stevens (c) and First vs. Cameron Cruise (c) and Copycat – Aggression 44
Fusenhoff (c) vs. Layne Winters – Aggression 45
Marcus Westcott vs. Jared Wells (c) – Aggression 46
Stalker vs. Erik Black (Stalker’s Rules) – Aggression 47
The First and Fusenhoff vs. Sean Edmunds and Larry Tact (c) – Aggression 48

Though if you want me to cut the lists down I will :p
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Alright - next step.

Let's narrow this list down to about 25 matches.

I'll be compiling this "DVD" between Aggression 49 and 50 as part of the lead up to the joint show.

Ken Ken

League Member
Dec 20, 2009
Killeen, TX
I know I haven't even been here as long as you guys have but I've been reading some of the old matches and was wondering if I can give my two cents on the matches.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Absolutely - BUT...

I'm about to close this one and create a new thread to narrow stuff down. Post it there.
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