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[E-Wrestling Insider] Monthly Rankings - Official Announcement

David T

Aug 14, 2004
Orlando, Fl

The E-Wrestling Insider will be compiling rankings for a number of e-wrestling promotions at the end of each month. These rankings will include both League Rankings and the official EWI Rankings.

Additionally, if you would like your e-federation rankings included in a future EWI Rankings edition please direct your correspondence here. These rankings will be appearing not only prominently on the E-Wrestling Insider, but as part of the E-Wrestling Magazine, and shared with a number of other e-wrestling community sites.

For more details on how rankings will be decided and a listing of which e-federations will be initially included, keep checking the E-Wrestling Insider for more information in the coming weeks. If you're looking for more exposure for your e-federation or e-wrestler, we definitely want to talk to you.

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