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el Problemo, No el Promo.


League Member
Jul 1, 2005
Long Island, NY
Hey, what's up, cool! I read the results to Superiority, it was super, "ridiculously entertaining" raves entertainment weekly, "Eating the top of the food chain" says Rolling Stone Magazine... Oh, actually those were all me, but one problem. What?

I read... a see but one promo... and I tell you something eh... that promo.... tis not mine.... it is someone elses.... though I sent one in.... Silly isn't it

Anyway, I was just checking to see if you got that promo I sent for Superiority, cause it was a bit important for my umm... whole character.... kinda.... sets the entire Jay Smash...... thing..... Well, since it was not put on Superiority, I'll have to fix it up to make sense now, and hopefully you can add it to the next MainFrame....

That promo included a new entrance and theme music just so you know... That's why it was awkward for me to read my surprise matches. Heh, me, the mystery opponent, who knew.... Seriously..... who knew?

Now that I have wrote this.... I just want to say..... New York times calls it "Electrifying", critics give it an all around "****", "If I wasn't so tired, I would have watched the whole thing" whispers Mike, some guy from Seattle. "It's bark and bite were certainly a teriffic pair at this one" anonimous man chants.

"If you have seen the first one, you'll certainly enjoy the second. Superiority II, on PPV... check your local listings for time and channel. Brought to you by Angry Farmer, his cows are going mad."


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