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Eli Xero needs a home.

J The Ripper

FWrestling's Reckoning
Jul 16, 2011
So I'm looking for a fed for my character "Project 13" Eli Xero. I'd like to do an rp fed with a relaxed rp schedule limit since I don't have a LOT of time. Below I'll post his stats and all that good stuff.

Nicknames "Project 13"
Real Name Eli Xero
Height 6'6"
Weight 280 lbs.
Date of Birth 10-1-1984
Home Town Unknown
Theme "Meet the Monster" - Five Finger Death Punch
More Details
"Project 13" is the definition of man with boulder size muscles. Four years ago he applied for an experimental protein that not only increased his size but his stamina, agility, and testosterone without the use of steroids. He's covered in tattoos, and he has a metal inplant in the back of his neck of the number "13".

As far as a general look please see the following: http://legacy.ewrestler.net/img/posers/bodyshot/elixero.jpg

Ring Attire
When he wrestles he usually has his hands taped to mid forearm with either black or red tape to match his trunks. His trunks are mid thigh (think Goldberg in the WWE). One side of the trunks are black the other is red with a 13 on the bottom. Reguluar boots.

Unforgiving, ruthless, aggressive, and extreme.


Alignment Face
Manager John Burns

Other Awards

Style Athletic Freak - All Around

The Cry of Aries: Project 13 will lift an opponent up on the top turnbuckle. He will then climb to the second turnbuckle, lift the opponent onto his shoulders and deliever a sit down muscle buster.

Skilled in:

Technical, power, and even some high risk.

Finisher The Omega Complex
Finisher Description
Vertical Suplex Piledriver (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kppGpbm8EHk) *Known also as the Steiner Screwdriver, he uses only one arm when holding the opponent up to display his power.*

Win/Loss Record Starting Record:
Current Record: W: 2 / L: 0 / D: 0


Sample RP 1:

It’s in every humans DNA to evolve and progress, this is a process that can take thousands or millions of years. Some would say we have reached the peak of human evolution while others would disagree citing that there are still so many unlocked mysteries of the human being. Some feel that with the right course of action the progress of human evolution could be sped up, bringing out all the best attributes of man. Some say it’s playing God while others applaud but no matter how you view it you’ll never stop evolution.

Stan Keller will never stop evolution.


What a shitty day it had been thus far. A private limousine pulled past a large wrought iron gate. As it made its way down the drive way a giant building with military grade security sat at the apex of it all. It was a behemoth of a building with a shade of gray that almost made it blend into the despondent matching sky. As the limousine finally came to a halt the driver side door opened and a man with sharp facial features, a wiry yet muscular frame, and a bit above average height stepped out in a very fine personal tailored suit. If you looked close enough there were two distinguishing protrusions near his rib cage; obviously he was wearing a gun holster underneath and it wasn’t empty.

He opened the back door and out stepped a small crew of Legacy Pro Wrestling camera men and interviewers. Each one stared up at the building in amazement noting one distinct feature – the building itself only had windows on the ground floor where the lobby would be. One camera man looked down from the structure only to find the driver staring at him with a stone hard gaze from smoky gray eyes.

“If you’ll follow me,” The driver broke the silence with a very bland tone but there was an underlying edge to his voice. He shifted his body and began leading to the team toward the building that seemed to cast a looming shadow over them as they stepped up solid marble stairs only to be met by John Burns and his assistants.

He clasped his hands together and firmly planted a toothy grin on his face. Each tooth perfectly aligned like small close tombstones together. His eyes scanned the team, cold, calculating, but he kept up the cheery exterior.

“Friends! Welcome. I know you’ve all been wondering about the enigma that is Project 13 – I mean Eli Xero,” He waved a hand, like he was trying to swat away his mistake, as he gave a short chuckle. “I know he was a very impressive sight when everyone first saw him in your very superior corporation. That’s something your corporation and ours share; superiority!” He clasped his hands in excitement again, his grin widening. “I will have to ask that you each take a badge when we enter and no one is to leave the group. I believe you were all made aware of this by your superiors before coming today and it’s simply a formality with cameras, you see, because there are plenty of our competitors that would love to get one look at some of the things we’re working on to perfect the human race and unlock all that lost potential.”

The small group nodded and with that Mr. Burns had them follow him into the main lobby. The interior was a sight to behold. As soon as the Legacy crew entered the door a large statue stood in the center of a fountain. Engraved on marble was the name “APEX” and underneath the slogan “Leaders of Evolution”. The crew looked up and could see all the way up to the ceiling which was quite a site. A mural had been painted on top of the evolution of man.

“I’m getting vertigo just staring up that high,” One of the interviewers muttered. She looked down to find John Burns staring at her with a smile. “Yes, quite a site isn’t it?” he turned to a beautiful woman sitting at a reception desk to the side. “Angela, would you please hand out the visitor badges and let the staff know that our honored guest from Legacy are here for the tour and to meet Eli,” He smiled. Without saying a word Angela began handing out badges to everyone.

“Now, if you’ll follow me.” John Burns smiled again and beckoned the group to follow. He pulled out a keycard and swiped it on panel next to the elevator. The elevator chimed and an automated voice responded “Recognized. Welcome Mr. Burns.” The group piled into the elevator and began to ascend up many flights.

“Our goal has always been to make the human species better. My great grandfather started this company with a loan from the bank and a dream. That dream was simple – advance human kind for the best. Explore and unlock all the lost potential that we all hold instead of waiting hundreds of thousands or even millions of years for humans to evolve to that point. With the way of the world, who knows if we’ll survive that long to see that evolution ever come to pass?” John Burns spoke; hands behind his back, as he watched the electronic number on the elevator go up.

“So, why is Eli known as Project 13?” One of the reporters blurted out before thinking. Burns turned his gaze to the reporter who felt like she had just swallowed a bag of rocks, and gazed at her for a moment.

“Eli was a part of an experimental new protein. Each person that joined the study was assigned a number. Eli was number 13. So far, he’s shown the most potential. He’s gone above and beyond anything we ever dreamed. I believe you’ve seen what kind of specimen he is and I assure you Stan Keller will understand what kind of specimen he truly is.” John Burns smiled that tombstone smile once again.

“Yes, he was very impressive. What happens to the ones that don’t make it?” It must have been sheer journalistic inquiry for the reporter to ask such questions. John Burns leveled her with a stare that could almost kill a man.

“What are you implying, madam?” He asked, his gaze never shifting.

“I simply wondered what happened to people that didn’t progress like Eli. I’m sorry if it came across as an insult Mr. Burns.” She lowered her gaze from his for a moment. Burns put his smile back on and lightly touched her shoulder.

“You’re a very good reporter and I take no offense. Those that aren’t…compatible are checked thoroughly to make sure they’re in good health and then paid handsomely for their time and are sent back home. It’s a very simple process. The ones that respond well to our tests are housed here for study and to make sure their all in good health. You must understand, as I said before, we do have enemies so letting our top study subjects roam completely free could end up in valuable information stolen,” Burns stopped as the elevator finally stopped.

The doors opened to a large hallway lined by long panels of glass. Florescent lights lined the ceiling which required everyone in the elevator, sans Burns and his crew, a moment to adjust their sight to the bright light. Burns lead the group down the hall. Some of the windows were covered and muffled sounds could be heard from behind them but the glass was too thick to make it distinct.

“This place is kind of creepy,” One of the male cameramen leaned over to the female reporter. Burns stopped and turned.

“Is there a question?” He asked staring at the camera man. The camera man stammered a moment and the female reporter nudged him bringing him back to reality.

“Oh I was just asking if we brought enough film,” The cameraman laughed sheepishly. Burns stared at him for a moment, studying him, before smiling again. “Very good, then shall we proceed?”

Everyone nodded and continued down the hallway. They passed a room with hospital beds, some men and women laid quietly while doctors and nurses looked over them.

“Mr. Burns, I have to ask, what’s wrong with these individuals? Is this side effect from some of your work?” The female reporter from earlier let her journalistic sides fully take over, no longer fearing the man in front of her. Burns turned to the reporter; hands clasped behind his back, and then gazed at the patients in the other room.

“These particular individuals are being treated for pneumonia, the cold, the flu, and other viruses. This room is simply for general health care,” He smiled, but there was a certain malice hidden behind his smile. Burns turned and continued down the hall to another door with a card reader. He swiped it and two giant metal doors opened. The Legacy Pro crew jumped a little when they slammed close behind them.

“We’ve prepared quite the treat for you today. Not only will you meet Eli, see his workout, but you’ll also get to see him in a ring we’ve constructed as a demonstration of his abilities.” Burns said walking forward. This hallway was lined with mirrors but it sent chills up the crew’s spines. They could feel eyes watching them from the other side. At the end of the hall Burns swiped his card again and what appeared to be a wall peeled back to reveal another room the size of a large warehouse. Inside the room was a lot of work out equipment, a ring, and various other training facilities.

“So, why wrestling if Eli is such a specimen?” The reporter asked taking in the large warehouse like room.

Burns turned to her and leaned casually against the metal rail that lead down the set of stairs to the floor. “Each participant is allowed to choose where they would want to display their skills if the protein was a success. Mr. Xero chose wrestling and we honored his wishes. You should understand that many organizations wanted Mr. Xero and his talents but ultimately it was your superior corporation that won out.” Burns extended his hand, leading the Legacy Pro staff down the stairs. They stood on the complex’s ground, even more impressive on the ground floor, and stood nervously as two double doors slid open on the other end.

Through that door stepped the behemoth himself, Project 13, Eli Xero. Eli walked into the room flanked by scientist as Burns greeted him. Eli didn’t say a word as he stared at the Legacy Pro crew. They all felt intimidation in the air as they looked at what possibly could be THE perfect specimen of man. Burns lead the way as Eli followed behind.

“Ladies and gentleman, I present to you our shining jewel. OUR Apex, Project 13, Eli Xero. Please, don’t take it as an offense if Mr. Xero doesn’t speak. He’s not much of a talker and usually speaks with his actions.” One of the camera men extended his hand and Eli just stared at him. Burns looked at Eli and nodded as Eli took him by the hand. The poor man cringed as it felt like a Volvo had just fallen on his hand. He let go and rubbed at his hand for a moment as Burns just smiled.

“You’ll have to forgive Eli; he literally doesn’t know his own strength. Shall we?” Everyone nodded and the camera rolled as Eli ran the gauntlet of a work out. He bench pressed 300 lbs over 50 times without breaking a sweat. He leg pressed over a thousand pounds. He did box jumps to show his agility. Every workout was more and more impressive. Meanwhile, Burns asked questions to Eli.

“Eli, what is your purpose.”

“To destroy all that stand in my way.”

To remember who I am.

“Eli, Stan Keller is your enemy?”

“Anyone who stands in the way of the perfection of evolution is my enemy.”

Enemy? I don’t even know the poor soul I'm being sent to destroy.

“Eli, what is your goal in Legacy Pro?

“To prove the superiority of myself, of APEX, and to be the representative of evolution.”

To do what I always loved.

Burns turned back to the Legacy Pro crew and smiled again.

“As you can see Eli is set, his mind is perfection. He can calculate an opponent in tenths of a second. He can access pure rage at any moment to increase strength and ferocity. He is the perfect specimen and –insert opponent- is the unfortunate first step toward Eli and APEX’s legacy.” Burns addressed the camera. “Mr Keller, we understand you want greatness as well and you may achieve your own greatness but as long as Mr. Xero stands in your way your own greatness will be delayed. I, personally, promise that Mr. Xero will only put you through enough suffering to win. Our goal isn’t to end your career and we regret that you are the first of many stepping stones. In a way, it’s an honor, because when Eli stands on top of this federation you can take pride in knowing you were the first step which is the greatest step. To show you we hide nothing and that we are confident, Eli will now demonstrate his in ring skill for you to study but remember, he can adapt, and change to his environment and opponent as needed.” Burns bowed his head as another door opened.

A man quite a bit smaller than Eli came in. He wore nothing but trunks as he walked in and stepped into the ring, almost like a zombie, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know this man was outmatched by Xero. Burns turned to Eli, yanking him down to eye level.

“Eli, please show Stan Keller and the rest of Legacy Pro a taste of your greatness. I want you to take Mr. Hallow out. Remember, do not injure him, do not kill him, but do not hold back. Do you understand?” Burns eyes flicked with malice.

“Yes.” Eli responded as he went to the ring and jumped over the top rope. Burns looked over his shoulder at the Legacy Pro crew. “You’re in for quite a treat.”

A bell sounded and both men exploded at each other. Eli locked up with Hallow and threw stiff knees into the ribs. Hallow released the hold and found himself getting turned inside out with a close line. Eli backed up and waited again and exploded forward with another close line that sent Hallow flipping through the air.

The Legacy Pro people even cringed at the way Hallow landed on his neck. Burns just stood with a look of pleasure as Eli jumped to the top turnbuckle with relative ease. Hallow stumbled to his feet only to be met with 280 lbs of shoulder as Xero nailed Hallow with a flying shoulder block from the top turnbuckle. Burns looked on as Xero picked Hallow up with one arm into a power bomb throwing him into the turnbuckle and followed it up with a drop kick.

“Finish it,” Burns yelled.

Xero picked Hallow up and sat him on the top turnbuckle. He picked him up and drove him to the mat with a sit-down muscle buster.

“That move is called The Cry of Aries,” Burns told the crew looking over his shoulder.

Xero picked Hallow up with one arm holding him in the air before driving him down with a pile driver. Everyone cringed again as Xero pinned for the three count. He kicked Hallow out of the ring and jumped over the top rope landing behind Burns.

“He calls that The Omega Complex,” Burns smiled. “So as you can see, just like that it can be over. Mr. Keller should take note that at any time Project 13 can end a match and put someone out. He is the perfection of man. He is all that APEX represents.” Burns addressed the crew.

“Can we speak to Mr. Xero?” The reporter asked.

“Mr. Xero is needed back down in the lab for tests to make sure everything is at the right level. I’m sorry but there will be no speaking to Mr. Xero but you’ll all be seeing him at Action Packed along with the rest of the world. Especially Mr. Keller. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a lot of work to do with Mr. Xero, you’ll be escorted out of the building by Mr. Cane,” Burns nodded behind the group. They almost jumped out of their skin as the “limo driver” stood behind them staring them down.

With a nod Burns walked off with Project 13. The metal 13 on the back of his neck could be seen as he stalked away. Cane beckoned to the crew to follow him and slowly they followed, still in shock from what they had seen, and in an instant Legacy Pro and the world might have seen the future of Legacy Pro Wrestling.



Sometimes when someone is desperate enough to push the boundaries of evolution they create something so advanced they think they can control but in the end they die a slow miserable death. Some men become crazed with a God Complex, much like John Burns, and think not even a man such as Eli Xero could stop him. Evolution is Evolution though and you can’t stop what’s more evolved than yourself.

Psycho Sam, thank you, you're but another step toward perfect evolution, part of me being free, through your blood I will take you with me to salvation; this I swear.



“Sandy, bring me Project 13.” John Burns sat behind a giant mahogany desk littered with hefty stacks of paper. He sat in a suit with a white lab coat and a name badge attached to it. He leaned back in the giant leather chair that creaked as he put his feet up on the desk and began thumbing through his phone. Moments later the door opened and “Project 13” Eli Xero stood behind two assistance, towering, a hulking mammoth of a man.

“Here he is sir.” One assistant announced almost more afraid of Burns than the behemoth that lurked behind him.
“Leave us.” They instantly moved aside to let Eli in and hurried out, closing the door behind them as they went.
Burns turned his icy gaze toward Eli, putting his phone down, and picking up a folder thumbing through it. Burns studied the paper as Eli just stood perfectly statuesque, veins popping on every inch of him, and an unquenchable thirst for destruction burning behind his eyes. Burns finally looked up from the folder to Eli.

“So it seems your latest test results are off the charts. You, Eli, are progressing even more. It seems you’re evolving more and more. It leads me to believe that the protein supplements being injected rather than ingested are pushing you further. Plus it seems the more you destroy in the ring of Legacy Pro, the more your testosterone levels rise. We’ve also noticed an increase in brain activity.” Burns eyed Eli for a moment.

“Is there something on your mind Eli? Something that would make your neurological scans increase?” Burns asked, staring down the monster, still unafraid of the man that could easily rip him in half and not think twice in doing so. Instead Eli stood just staring at Burns without any expression.

“Eli, if there’s something wrong you know you’re bound by contract to express that to us. We need to know if this protein has any adverse mental effects because if it does the FDA will want to know. If we don’t inform them, we don’t get approval, and all this work is for nothing. You won’t be the face of evolution because at that point, Eli, you’ll be nothing more than a failed experiment. Do you understand?” Burns stared daggers at Eli.

One day I’ll kill you…slowly.

Eli didn’t say it, he thought it, and instead he just nodded.
“Good because I think it’s time you knew what happened to failed experiments. Follow me.” Burns commanded as he stood walking toward a different door. He swiped his card and Eli followed behind as they went down a dimly lit hallway. It was eerie, black windows, very little light, and totally void of sound. Another swipe of the card and another door opened. This time it was into a room with a bit more light.

Gurneys with various men and women lined the far wall. They had tubes running out of every visible orifice. Most were a shade of ghost white and seemed far from lucid. One looked right at Eli, his eyes were almost dead and made of glass. He stretched a weak hand out and pointed at Eli before his hand collapsed.

“You see Eli, this is what happens to those that the protein rejects. They become hollow and virtually dead. Eventually they do die, Eli, and we autopsy them to find out what went wrong. You see, in front of the cameras we care but honestly? You’re nothing but numbers to us. You’re nothing but the number thirteen. You aren’t Eli Xero, hell, you’re not even human. So don’t fuck up because you’ll be one of these men. You have another match in Legacy Pro against Psycho Sam . You are to destroy him, if I had my way, you would destroy him all the way down to a cellular level but we know they won’t allow that.” Burns walked around the room, hands clasped behind his back as Eli clinched his fists by his side.

“If you fail Eli, if you let some nobody beat you, there will be repercussions. I know you don’t remember but you have a sister, Eli, and she’s very sick. We’ve been paying for her hospital treatments but if you don’t do anything less than rip Psycho Same apart? Well, I’m sure poor Emily won’t make it.” Burns turned staring at Eli. He was such a sick, disgusting man. Eli was lost in his own head as the name echoed.


My…sister. I can see her face. Yes. I took care of her. I loved her. I protected her.

Eli put a hand on his head as a sharp pain shot through his skull. Burns just watched, smiling, as Eli dropped to one knee. Burns stepped forward and put a hand on Eli’s massive shoulder squeezing a bit.

“That’s right my pet. You’re remembering your sister. In a way, I’m your God because I created you and know all about you where as you know only what I tell you. Betray me Eli and, well, allow me to just show you.” Burns beckoned to another door. It lead to a secure area at the back of the facility.

It was bright out. It was the perfect temperature. All in all it was a beautiful day but it was soiled by the sight of gravestones lining the back. Each one was nameless, just a number, and there had to be every bit of fifty of them. Burns turned toward Eli and smiled demonically.

“Destroy Psycho Sam and everyone else. Do as I say, do not make me or this company look weak, and you and your family won’t find yourself buried together in an unnamed grave. I have eyes on every member of your family and I will have you all killed and dropped in a ditch with a marker that simply reads…13. Are we clear? Make me and this company look strong and everyone stays happy and safe.” Burns rubbed one of the older markers with the number 1 on it. It was older and weathered; chips of stone were missing from the headstone.

Eli saw a chunk of granite and thought for a moment about just bashing Burns’ skull in and then killing everyone in the facility but he knew that if the contacts didn’t hear from Burns those he loved, that he couldn’t remember, would die by their hand.

I’ll save them and kill you, I swear.

“I will destroy as commanded.” Eli said instead. Burns turned to him and smiled.

“Good. Destroy Psycho Sam and anyone else you get the chance to and life will go on. You’re dismissed.” Burns turned back to the gravestone staring at it. Eli stared at him for a moment before turning and walking away.

He’d figure it out. He had too. When he did he’d kill Burns and burn the entire APEX building to the grab.

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