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Enough with the rumors.....




There seems to be a lot of speculation and false rumors going around about why I left EPW.... mainly that I left because of the signing of Lindsay Troy. That I fear her, that I don't like her... etc. Rather than continue with rumors and assumptions, I'd like to set the record straight right now. First off, this has absolutely nothing to do with Lindsay Troy herself joining EPW. I have nothing against her, and hold her in the highest regards..... and I understand she is one helluva rper. What this has to do with is a sudden change of EPW policy.

Before I joined EPW, as I do with any league I join, I asked questions regarding how the league would operate..... rules and such. I don't know about anyone else, but there are certain types of leagues that I'm not interested in joining..... such as NON-generated leagues, strictly ANGLE-based leagues and leagues which promote "mixed-gender" matches. I don't see anything wrong with them at all, more power to them, it's simply a matter of preference, and my preferences lie elsewhere. Before I signed with Empire Pro, it was indicated to me that those issues would not be a problem. Hence I signed.

Last night it came to my attention that the EPW policy on "mixed gender matches" had changed. Efforts were made at arriving towards solutions that would be agreeable to both EPW and myself but none were reached, so I asked to be released NOT because of Lindsay Troy's involvement in the league, but because of the sudden change in EPW policy which happen to conflict with my preferences. Like I stated before, I have nothing at all against Lindsay, I've heard only great things about her and hold her in the highest of regards.

Now with that being said, I'd like to take this moment to apologize for any hardships, inconveniences or difficulties I may have subjected Lindsay Troy, EPW or any of its staff and members to. It was not my intention to cause such a big deal, however miscommunications always have a way of eventually creating havoc.

I wish only continued success and luck for the EPW and all of its members. It was a pleasure being here and interacting with everyone, and despite the fact that I would like nothing more than to remain here in EPW, it's current direction conflicts with my agenda and preferences.

-Joe Lebron
Rper for Maelstrom
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Thanks Jeff, your wishes are very much appreciated.....



Jan 1, 2000
Joe, I had a hell of a time roleplaying with you. I'm very disappointed to see you go, but hey, we all gotta do our own thing, and you're simply doing yours. So I respect that. Good luck to you, wherever you go.



I had a helluva time rping against you as well Ryan, and I appreciate your saying that. I'm just sorry that things turned out the way they did, particularly since it affected Daymon's path more than anything else.....


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